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Top 6 videos on EOS R with combined 2 million views and not a single mention of the rolling shutter in 4K

Andrew Reid

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I don't think it's because they were wined and dined but rather a lack of a thorough review. (Some reviewers even state that their review is preliminary.)

I think most of us have been around the block enough times that we take these reviews with a grain of salt. One of my personal favorite reviewers is Gordon Laing of Camera Labs. He does thorough reviews and just published his review of the EOS R and does mention the extremely bad rolling shutter.

Even without reviewers mentioning the bad rolling shutter, It is quite noticeable in sample clips. It is really bad.

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Wow that is bad. And, here I thought you guys are probably blowing it out of proportion, but you aren't even panning that fast or pausing to show the skew.

Its weird, is it the same in the 5D mark iv? Just asking cause of their similarities...


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Go to 5:52.

Richard Butler literally does a jello hand-sweep in the background whilst Rishi contradicts him saying that the rolling shutter is improved. Then he says it might still be problematic for "some" people. Then they move on. That doesn't even count as a proper mention to me. It's just a weird aside in amidst a ton of positives. They keep highlighting positive after positive and Richard is relegated to the status of mime artist.

They should have let Richard speak. He knows his stuff technically.

Yes it is around 30ms. The GH5 and X-T3 are in the region of 14ms.

So it is double the distortion you'll see. DOUBLE! Not 10%, not 20%, not slightly improved, but 100% more slant.

Actually what 5.52 shows is that Chris and Jordan were aware of the rolling shutter problem BEFORE they did the full review video, yet chose not to mention it in the full review.... Why?

They should literally do a follow-up video about the limitations to balance things out.

Fro's video breaks the FTC rules on full disclosure. He doesn't even disclose that Canon paid for his travel and accommodation in Hawaii. He just vaguely puts it out there that he's talking from a Canon press event with palm trees in the background. "They invited a bunch of us out here".


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1 hour ago, Drew Allegre said:

It doesn't sound so terrible on paper (on par with many other FFs) until you remember it's a 1.7x crop.  


Yeah but let's not forget the a6300 which is way worse. Im not saying that makes it right, it doesn't. But we shouldn't let the others of the hook just because we found a fresher fish.

EDIT: forgot about the NX1 (easily done these days :) ), equally bad or even worse.

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