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  1. The S1H committed the unforgivable sins of poor AF and cropped 4K60p. Otherwise, it's a nice camera.
  2. I just want three things on the x-t4: 1) Better battery/battery life 2) Ibis 3) better CAF (ideally a touch-to-track option)
  3. I have heard enough. Shut up and take my money already, Fuji!
  4. I wonder how it compares to the BMPCC6K - not so much for RAW (which I think the BMPCC would win given the compression advantage) - but just for 4K IQ. The BMPCC6K uses EF glass and comes it at almost 1/3 the cost. Really curious to see how it compares in dynamic range and the texture and depth of the image. I've been pretty impressed by the 6K thus far, it's limitations and inconvenience notwithstanding.
  5. Sony A7sIII will be the true wildcard. Could eclipse the 1DX on the video specs at half the price.
  6. Durability though. Tough to beat with any other form factor. I lament most the fixed screen...
  7. Thanks. I didn't see it listed on Andrew's chart. Any idea how much recording time we have in 4k 1.3x crop DCI dpaf in 60fps on a 64gb or 128gb card?
  8. My understanding was that the there was a cropped 4K mode where you could record 60fps with DPAF? Is that not the case? Is there no codec or mode you can record 60fps along with DPAF? Also, C-Log is restricted to H.265 only, correct?
  9. The US is in cultural collapse. To understand that you have study the rise and fall of empires (I can suggest some authors). We are clearly in the decadent phase of our arc. The decline is real and irreversible.
  10. Me too. I want an uncropped, full frame 4K60p 10bit tool. I can look past the lack of IBIS and ND filtration, but if I'm paying $6,000 i don't want any crop. Otherwise, I can just stick with an APSC Pocket 6K and have 10bit RAW 6K at 50fps. Yes there are some ergonomic and battery issues, but nothing that can't be addressed with < $500 extra.
  11. Agreed. Crop in 60p was a real bummer for me. Would have also like to see higher bit rates/pro res.
  12. Yes, queue up Mattias to remind us of the color science and that specs don't matter...
  13. Appears they did the same thing with the 90D as well. Clowns.
  14. ...and bring a gopro and one wheel along with you
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