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  1. Thanks. How difficult is to get the ring on the body given how thin it is? Is there any play between lens and body?
  2. How about the IBIS? Does it work well with the Sony lenses? Would be intrigued by a Z6 + Tamron 28-75 FE combo but need reassurance that the CAF is decent and that IBIS would function properly.
  3. I too am impressed with the Z6. Ticks off a lot of boxes in a very small and light form factor. I'm a former Canon, Sony and Panasonic user. I also have an XT3 which I love and recently got the Z6. The Z6 is blowing me away across the board. Really, the only thing it's lacking is 4k60p and a robust native lens lineup (for now). The IBIS is better than I expected, 120fps is excellent, weather sealed, awesome low light capability, touch interface, good battery life and eye-AF and ProRes Raw on the way! Very happy so far.
  4. It is refreshing however, to see a one of these YT celebrities recommend restraint. Too many have become product peddlers.
  5. Hilarious! Only Canon can find a way to give us and then proceed to cripple USB-C... I have to hand it to them, at least they have a good sense of humour over there.
  6. Fair enough. But look at how small the Z6 is. Granted, it doesn't do 4k60p, but it handles FF 4k, 10bit out and Ibis is quite good in a very small body.
  7. Not a fan of Tony Northrop. But... Huge body. Insanely expensive lenses. Cropped 4K60p. Dubious AF performance. Image still has the veneer of video (imho). Not a dud but far from the perfect camera.
  8. A laughable amount of crippling, even for Clownon's standards...
  9. Thanks. I wonder what the video performance will be on that battery, especially at 4k, with the screen on. It would surprise me if you could get longer than an hour on those battery specs.
  10. That's a controlled demolition. I have some experience filming these and working with construction crews over the years. That's a textbook demo (when building falls straight into its footprint like that). Looks like professional execution in a dense urban environment. EOS-RP apparently coming in at $1,299. That's some aggressive pricing from the old farts over at Canon. Cue up the resident Canon YT fanboys to gush all over this thing (McKinnon, etc)...
  11. The fine gentlemen over at Cinema5D are reporting that 4K60p can only be captured externally. Is this true? Andrew can you confirm? I understand the APS-C crop, but can you record 4k60p internally on the S1?
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