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Fuji X-H1. IBIS, Phase Detect 4K beast?

Dave Maze

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7 hours ago, Andrew Reid said:

In theory the NX1 is the best here

H.265 is double the efficiency of H.264 and it cranks to 160Mbit reliably with the hack.

That is equivalent to 320Mbit/s IPB H.264.

It's a very stable image.

I actually pull down a very stable 180Mbit and 200Mbit (HEVC) if I turn off other in-cam features. 

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@Trek of Joy Great post Chris! : ) Glad Jon's post gave you the chance for. I am a sincere admirer of his insights for their uniqueness. @UncleBobsPhotography's point on bit rate already spoken earlier here is also part of the equation. Andrew has also recalled the grace of H.265 and its efficiency, positively confirmed by Matthew just now. Hadn't had time yet to read all of you. Don's highlight on a sorta affordable 1DC is a very pertinent scope FTW.

Filmmaking is a combo. Certain variables are much relevant than other ones, for sure. As Jon wrote using other words, no camera justifies other priorities as far as gear concerns. As much as shooters vary in degree and shooting circumstances or workflow or as you Chris wrote even time for in their needs.

Fuji's color science coupled to a much better bit rate and codec gives us something more. Horses for courses. Let's forget slow motion with them as Andrew's comment finely confirms in a line. This can't serve as excuse to start selling some other tool completely misplaced; maybe not, time but room here.



22 hours ago, anonim said:

I'm not optimist...

You're right on this one :X I wouldn't either if I would misquote someone only to diminish the man because of the point I am not agreeing with. Don't kill the messenger, dude, Hit The Road Jack! ; ) Why the hell someone needs to praise someone else's Lord in another church?! This is a Fuji camera's topic last time I checked. Guess what? Doing the same in one of the countless GH5 or GH5S' threads *rolleyes* Don't let my triumphant usual mode, you say, to become foolish on your system (adjectives are a bitch! NaN) nor fool you : ) I am a truly optimistic good fella :-D Just know my dear colleagues of this thread know am still one of the usual posters there as GH5 series supporter too ;-)

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I don't know... with NAB 2018 around the corner...

We are already beginning to see Canon's crappy cards. May be they might pull a wildcard? C100 mark 3? Better than the C100 mark 2, but worse than the C200?

This camera (xh-1) too is like Goldilock's camera - not the best... not the worst... just right? 

We will see with the reviews....

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Just now, jonpais said:

@mkabi Aren’t Canon’s cinema cameras targeted at an entirely different filmmaker? Fuji aren’t going up against Canon, but against Sony and Panasonic, aren’t they?

Good question, and I don't have the correct answer to it.

Here is my half-assed answer, if you'd like to hear it.

I feel that in the name of good video vs. cinematic video, that they are 2 different things.... and if you can manipulate the image enough, then you can manipulate the video to either side. The real question is... how much time do you want to spend and which side is good enough for you?

Now, I also feel that all of them (Canon, Panasonic, Sony and Fuji, although Fuji just started) are trying to get the whole range: consumer, prosumer, hobbyist, enthusiast, independent filmaker, low-to-high end professionals. Cost and image is also a factor in this, but going back to "how much time do you want to spend and which side is good enough for you?" 

Do you really think a consumer, prosumer and may be even hobbyists, even care to spend time that much time? Then again, Canon has the best images straight out of camera (auto-everything right?).

Now, the real questions - enthusiasts, filmmakers and the peeps above should be asking is whats good enough for the majority so that when they look at it, they will say "wow" now thats a good movie. Did anyone see 15:17 to Paris??? Its a Clint Eastwood movie... The contest/story was there, but he had to use the real peeps (bad actors) and who the hell was the DP? Who greenlighted it to be in theatres? This is one of those cases...

Now back to your specific questions, I don't know who Fuji's target audience is with this camera... nor do I know Panasonic's or Sony's...

But, ask yourself this... what spurred Canon's cinema line in the first place? It all started with the 5D mark 2 - instead of fueling that fire.... they threw water on it and said lookey over here... cinema line! XLR, built-in ND and everything video! Meanwhile.... Panasonic saw that and said.... holy shit!!! build that GH1 quick and push those video features. 

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@mkabi Am I wrong if it seems as recognition of convergencе? With fast tempo all of them are closer and closer in the field that we are interested, so... [...out of theme... I'm little bit worried what will be next to fuel selling-show that must go on? I'm afraid - further changing men's mind and taste to а plasticity of easy modeling consument state... further brainwashing of senses, thoughts and perception, aimed to further decline art as experience of initiation.]

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2 hours ago, anonim said:

@mkabi Am I wrong if it seems as recognition of convergencе? With fast tempo all of them are closer and closer in the field that we are interested, so... [...out of theme... I'm little bit worried what will be next to fuel selling-show that must go on? I'm afraid - further changing men's mind and taste to а plasticity of easy modeling consument state... further brainwashing of senses, thoughts and perception, aimed to further decline art as experience of initiation.]


I think I know what you are alluding to.... Art over tech? The constant evolution of technology, and this incessant need to attain the best that is offered in terms of technology meanwhile sacrificing art in the process. I guess so... I also think that you can't wait for that "unicorn" of a camera... Just use what you have to capture that idea in your head.


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I woke this morning with the realization that we fanboy over these cameras because they (as in all) are exactly underwhelming and unremarkable. We are such pain and frustration (sounds overly dramatic, but follow along) that we cling to the insidiously incremental differences between brands as a claim to somekind of superiority. 

In short, we as the consumer are being played. Our phycology is being manipulated because we allow that psychology to exist with in us. 

We all desire the "perfect camera", and we are frustrated, annoyed, pissed off and hurt that it doesn't exist and likely never will.  

I've taken part in these "my camera is better than yours debates" (because that's the root of what's happening here) and in other places. My psychosis ends here today. I no longer "care" what camera you choose to use nor which one you choose to reject.

You do you boo. It's all good. 

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I've found my perfect camera. It took me ten long years of searching but I finally found the one. She may not be perfect to others but she is perfect for me. 

So don't give up hope she is out there for you!

By the by I really like the raw grittiness of the image coming out of the Fuji - see the video I posted above. I think it is unique in this respect. 

For some reason Im interested in seeing what photographers and nonpros can get out of the camera. There is something natural and organic to the shooting style that suits the camera. It isn't suited to a more commercial polished looks like the gh5 series. Fuji cameras have personality that's why I like them. That's saying something for a mass produced product. 

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that feeling when a new camera [ and u really up to it ]  is out and u should go through mass of lame videos which was recorded by people [ trying hard to pretend to know something ] to get a pinch of info u really liked to know )


and Fuji service in Russia is really sucks [ actually there's none official service) ]

and I fuckin hate [ as a x-t2 owner I'm feeling kinda fucked when to get internal FLOG and new film profile u should pay for new model and in a new model there's even no such thing as 200Mbit 1080p60 ] Fuji developer team for staying with previous processor and battery [ seriously, they promise to develop internal flog in fw "if someone interested" and now just releasing internal flog... in a new model ]


fuckin hate them for adding so much fun features so there's no way I'm staying with no IBIS when I can get IBIS and a Fuji distribution of color data [ where Fuji have like a century of improvements) ]

and of course fuckin love Fuji for wonderful tools they developing as a happy x-t2 owner [ even if its monitor breaking on shoots after a half a year and I need to shoot through EVF like a loser and them go to awful service where my sensor was "cleaned" like it was wiped by a finger. and sony a7s [ which was claimed by many as a "poorly manufactured"] worked for 3 years of stressful conditions ]

DISCLAIMER for sensitive persons [ I'm caring about thos kind of people! ] : there was no offensive words used in this text. if u are thinkin there is - no, there wasn,t - maybe it was coincidence. I hope I'm not gonna banned here for this. in this temple of independence.


and if someone still reading - my point is: there always some positive and negative sides, just chose what u're like better/ what's suits your needs better [ and please don't talk about other models in a topic dedicated to a certain model - it's really not making searching a useful info easier ) ]

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10 minutes ago, webrunner5 said:

So my Take is you were a F word Fuji lover, OR you are No Longer a F word Fuji lover LoL. :blush:

I'm a hybrid artist. none of mentioned options) one of a time i was d3s lover but that was... different age, none of love is left in current specs days, y'know pal. still loved every camera I had but that's not a feeling of a lover, just a user who's distantly looking at naked digital data. And i was looking for gh5s with high interrest: almost ff proper anamorphic mode, 240 fps, so juicy. But after its showed up I was like "eh, I can live with x-t2's 100Mb 8bit and fuji color (and a nice codec; I'm really liked the way it work), I don't want to use recorder to really get some advantage of 10bit and spend tremendous amount of money  for new body,  overpriced average ois lenses, speedbooster and super speedy fancy sd cards [ when I don't want recorder at all]" GUYS PLZ DONT THINK I WANT TO DISCUSS SOMETHING ABOUT GH5/S)). I don't)

Oh , and Fuji is always looking awesome: solid retro without any soap-look. 

Oh, did I mentioned I'm a hybrid artist [ and a Panasonic is no competitor here at all ] ? [ this is a $10 handmade lens on x-t2 ]5.thumb.jpg.b38c90448e89d96f376d5693024e3c93.jpg

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It kind of looks like a 10 dollar lens in a good way but maybe only because of the content of the shot! :blush: I bet it would have looked better on a Arri Alexa, so no good option.

I say if you stick to one camera brand and I think you get better at it's good points, and weakness, the end result is a better output with a lot less hassle.  There is Way too much temptation anymore LoL.

But like Panasonic or not, there is one hell of a lot of video stuff shot on them. Best buy for the money for what you get in my opinion..

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