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Panasonic seems to be announcing something "BIG" on December 15


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an FT5 (high probability) rumor on 43rumors seems to point at a "BIG" product announcement from Panasonic :


I told you yesterday that Panasonic will announce “something big”. The new info I got is that there is an event on December 15. So we should expect tos see this new product around that day (+/- 1 day depending on your time zone).

I still don’t know for sure what this might be. But definitely it’s something related to Micro Four Thirds and to something BIG. Which means we will not just get a new lens or entry-level camera. But something more High End!

Now, I hope, that BIG refers to BIG Pixels, as in Quad Bayer HDR coding of the successor sensor of the GH5. There's some pointers a new high sensitivity camera out in the wild...

Some of my musings on that topic here

Frankly, i cannot wait for December 15 :grimace:

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Panasonic was going to release the GH5s yesterday but after reading this thread they realised it would never live up to expectations and cancelled the whole project.

AF is not that bad at all though I don't use it....I did however play with it to see...the real problem IMO is people want to bypass the skills to operate a camera this complex and essentially want a

I did a lot of crazy things back them. I was the first person in Ohio to ever own a IBM XT computer around 1982. It had a 4mb, yeah mb hard drive in it and 64k, yeah k of memory. I paid over 7,000 buc

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3 hours ago, Don Kotlos said:

After GH5 and EVA-1 I can't see Panasonic releasing another videocentric camera this year. 

There also was the Panasonic G9. Not super video related, but for the average person probably better way to go than the GH5.

Yeah that would seem to me also like a heck of a lot of cameras in one year to still add another..

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23 hours ago, JordanWright said:

Panasonic or Leica prosumer Anamorphic lenses is on my wish list

A GH5s would be cool but I don't think it would draw me away from my GH5

Well they support anamorphic formats but produce no anamorphic lenses. I would love to see an anamorphic lineup from Panasonic/Leica.

A raw output option for the GH5 would also be welcomed. 

Or perhaps a lowlight GH5 variant?

Just read about the organic sensor that Panasonic has been developing for the past several years. 100x wider DR and also another that can capture color in just 0.01 lux of light. We can only hope!

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30 minutes ago, jonpais said:

Have you got any idea how much a PanLeica anamorphic would cost? 

Yes, but if it even more bettered selling of their topline m43 cameras - fulfilling most demanded dreams of indie filmmakers - wouldn't be that step not so out of logic from commercial/branding point of view? I don't know, but isn't it also obvious that markup margin for Panasonic is greatly higher than for small company lens makers? So, if Panaleica 42.5 has production cost of, say, 500 $, maybe some similar anamorphic lens wouldn't be more than 1000$? Or I'm too naive...

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