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Panasonic seems to be announcing something "BIG" on December 15


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Panasonic was going to release the GH5s yesterday but after reading this thread they realised it would never live up to expectations and cancelled the whole project.

AF is not that bad at all though I don't use it....I did however play with it to see...the real problem IMO is people want to bypass the skills to operate a camera this complex and essentially want a

I did a lot of crazy things back them. I was the first person in Ohio to ever own a IBM XT computer around 1982. It had a 4mb, yeah mb hard drive in it and 64k, yeah k of memory. I paid over 7,000 buc

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1 hour ago, IronFilm said:

I think their G9 is meant to be targeted as photographers, while GH series is for filmmakers. Thus I doubt G9 will have a 10 megapixel sensor. 


But hey... while they're at diversifying they might as well release a GH5V for the vlogging community with Canon's licenced DualPixel AF & the G9's 6.5 stops of stabilization. :sweat_smile:

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So is it official that there is no increase in Dynamic Range in video mode compared to the GH5?

I usually shoot whole days at 4k 50fps so 10-bit and thus HLG is still a no go for me with the GH5s. Can anyone confirm that there is or isn't an increase in DR when shooting 8-bit 4k?

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On 11/26/2017 at 5:38 AM, DBounce said:

Yes, few customers with GH5 only are considering $7k and up lenses. So there is a market for reasonably priced anamorphics. For the record SLR Magic are not Leica quality. And further more neither are Veydra mini primes. I have them all, so I know first hand. Additionally, I am invited to demo the Atlas Orion series and hope to take them up on the offer sometime in the next few months. I will share what I learn. Near as I can tell, the Orion is the best bang for buck. The SLR Magic’s are ok for fooling around though.


Any word on the Orions yet?

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