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Panasonic seems to be announcing something "BIG" on December 15


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19 minutes ago, IronFilm said:

Or just get a T0.95 lens!

Like duh ! Lmao 

And they’ll still say it’s not cinematic enough even though thats a f1.8 ff equivalent lens. They’ll go full frame and buy a 50mm f1.8 and claim how much more cinematic it is when its the same exact focal length equivalency ??‍♂️?? 

there should be more emphasis on technique these days, it will save people a lot of time & $ 

all this new tech is great but without technique these cameras will perform below user expectations

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Panasonic was going to release the GH5s yesterday but after reading this thread they realised it would never live up to expectations and cancelled the whole project.

AF is not that bad at all though I don't use it....I did however play with it to see...the real problem IMO is people want to bypass the skills to operate a camera this complex and essentially want a

I did a lot of crazy things back them. I was the first person in Ohio to ever own a IBM XT computer around 1982. It had a 4mb, yeah mb hard drive in it and 64k, yeah k of memory. I paid over 7,000 buc

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I would argue that Casey Neistat is one of the Most talented videographers and Editors on You Tube hands down. He is a wiz at what he does, and I don't care what you try to do video wise, it in a sense is copying something he has already done as a YouTuber. He ain't a multi millionaire for no reason!

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In one sense, yes who cares what camera Casey Neistat uses, camera choice comes down to preference based on a multitude of variables. If he ditched the GH5, he did it for his reasons, it doesn’t make the GH5 any less of a camera and it doesn’t make him wrong for ditching it... everybody has different needs... and if AF and an easy color solution is high on that list, Casey made a smart move going back to Canon... for his needs. Honestly, the GH5 was a weird choice of camera for him to begin with.

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I didn't mention Casey changing system (again) because he's a YT-er or whatever (I already mentioned that the YT crowd has their reasons to stick to Canon). The bit that's interesting is rumor sites keep using that one screenshot of him supposedly using the new GH variation, but that apparently using the new camera swung him back to Canon rather than being more excited about what Panasonic is doing in this space. Can we use this to tell us something about the new camera? One of the more interesting things is the fact he mentions DR being one of the reasons (which I was under the impression was greatly improved now on that new camera). So either... the new GH variation is more hardcore than expected, like a true cinema camera, with a more demanding post-processing workflow, or he just found it underwhelming in general? It's all just a bit off. Maybe it's just a play. Maybe the DR and depth of field will be great and then he'll reveal he's been shooting on the GH5s all along. xD

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Sorry to go back on topic here...Panasonic's big announcement is not another version of the GH5, and if it has something to do with the GH5, at all, it's probably a version of Vlog closer to the Varicam and EVA but of course, to match the DR of the GH5..and to those worried about whether the GH5 can deliver cinematic footage (is this even fucking English), do not buy a GH5...it is a complicated camera and in spite of the price, a professional tool...you will not be happy with it! 

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21 hours ago, PannySVHS said:

Hey Oliver, color and lighting ist top quality. Video looks great. Music is a matter of taste though, your work isn´t, it´s exellent. I must confess, I would´nt be able to tell the cameras apart. Impressive!

Cheers - I do put a lot of effort into the "look", whether that's grading, lighting, composition. 

The cameras were tough to match, and to my eye are still not spot on. GH5 favours green whereas the A7SII is yellow, and the A6500 blue. They behave so differently, with each camera at a different white balance to compensate for their differences. 

20 hours ago, IronFilm said:

Why do you have a mix of cameras there, did you have a B cam op shooting at the same time?

Smart! I wanted to take that approach and resist buying any more cameras.... instead focusing on lighting! :glasses:

Well, we had the astonishing feat of filming TWO performance videos with this band in a different location in just 7 hours. So I had to ask both the behind the scenes shooter and photographer to shoot both a B and C cam! Worked out. 

Honestly, I don't think there's an excuse now for ignoring your lighting gear when you have companies like Aputure and Blind Spot Gear knocking down walls. 99% of cameras will now do the job - keep your bodies and invest in the paint instead. :grin:

12 hours ago, jonpais said:

I don't really care what Casey Neistat shoots with, his videos are ugly. Oliver Daniel's work with the GH5 is exceptional, the music is pretty awesome too. I love my GH5, wish I had Oliver's talent to go with it.

I've not really followed Casey, however I can already see a lot of people outside of EOSHD forums basing their camera decisions around his. I don't think it matters too - a camera is there to be an extension of your own creativity. Everyone's purpose is different. 

Also thanks for the kind words - I honestly think I can do a lot better and kick myself for it often. I might even V-log myself this next year, taking viewers through a fun ride of the general day and force myself to be thinking beyond my own creative plateau. 

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1 hour ago, Oliver Daniel said:

Honestly, I don't think there's an excuse now for ignoring your lighting gear when you have companies like Aputure and Blind Spot Gear knocking down walls. 99% of cameras will now do the job - keep your bodies and invest in the paint instead. :grin:

I have a few redheads, a PAR light, a bunch of teeny LED lights, C stand, reflectors/diffusers, blackwrap, and just yesterday I ordered a much bigger LED panel from B&H on sale. 

But also I failed at my goal not to buy more cameras :(:cold_sweat: And purchased the Z Cam E1 on sale for US$199. Oh well, oops!

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