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  1. Camera announced. 1.25x crop, SD card recording is 4:2:0 8-bit. V-LogL is installed. Everything else looks really nice though. Only 1 card slot. US$1200 with the 12-60/3.5-5.6. Oh and for stills, there seems to be Live View Composite now?
  2. That'll put it too close and in some cases above the G9. Not going to happen.
  3. Alright, time to sell the GH3 and have this be the backup!
  4. Any dedicated camera is not going big; standalone sales number at 30m per year and are going down; smartphones sell 300m in a QUARTER alone. That's consumer numbers.
  5. It's a strange realm to fight though; you'd think they'd do something more consumer focused.
  6. Hey, don't underestimate what good makeup can do. Not true, there's definitely room to grow. 36mp on f/4 at m4/3 just about hits the diffraction limit, for example. That's a good question. I personally think it might be one step too far, but that's what many said of 4K vs 1080p Full HD, so who knows? Prognostication of this level is difficult, so I'm not going to attempt it. 😛
  7. Oh gods I think I have found a new series of shitposts. xD
  8. People, Fujifilm moved production to China and this is a camera that's barely a month old; if you want a better chance at solid reliable cameras never buy them in the first production run or two, let alone coming from an all-new production line.
  9. @kye, in your case, it's because for UHS-I cards, Panasonic did not implement SDR104 bus speeds in the GH5, which limits UHS-I cards to the slower SD50 implementation which gives, as you can guess, 50 MB/s. As transfer rates are never 100% efficient my guess that even in the high 40s it eventually catches up and stops recording. More here: https://www.sdcard.org/developers/overview/bus_speed/
  10. Oh, you got it? How is it with the new firmware? Is AF finally usable for stills?
  11. I'm looking to upgrade to the G9, a camera that's 3/4 the price of the A7III new. So the answer to that is yes. The spec sheet doesn't tell you everything; the system and how well I like using my tools matter.
  12. Yea, that is true, they announced that some time back that it'll be a yearly show in May. Congrats on the new content. Looks like you had a good time.
  13. My sense of fun differs; as you said, it's a novelty. Try imagine using that for work.
  14. On a simpler level, I actually learnt how to use a typewriter at an early age. What a pain that was compared to using a word processor on a computer.
  15. As for the why, go to any photography forum and you can find that 80% of the old men (it's almost always old men) hate the swivel screen.
  16. leeys

    iPhone XR, XS

    Too soon, man, too soon. I was looking forward to that one so much.
  17. Hope you've had a good drink by now! Looking forward to your next articles.
  18. According to him, this is from the first batch of shipments that just went on sale in China.
  19. Late to this, but to answer the topic, I do think it's a lot of Sony fanboys trying to defend their "territory". The Z cameras are competent and with Nikon's ergonomics might be something I get if I have too much money to burn, which is probably never. I get paid work for stills work with a GH3, so ultimately it's about client expectation management, as well as how comfortable you are with working with your tools.
  20. My question is actually off-topic, because I'm asking on the behalf of friends outside of Asia who want to shop on Taobao for other things, not necessarily the Z camera accessories.
  21. How do you guys ship stuff from Taobao outside of Asia?
  22. $1295 with a full copy of Resolve Studio. This is incredible pricing. If they can deliver, it's going to be a really neat camera.
  23. Did you compare using the same lens with and without the speedbooster? If so then the DoF will be the same.
  24. No DPAF in 4K too. The only good feature not working with the feature that many people want!
  25. In this case, Canon gave him money and the camera. I'm just curious how you managed to miss so many shots; my experience for situations using AF-S is that the Panasonics are very good. I used a GH3 for a couple of events (not my type of photography even) and it acquitted itself very well.
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