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  1. Late to this, but to answer the topic, I do think it's a lot of Sony fanboys trying to defend their "territory". The Z cameras are competent and with Nikon's ergonomics might be something I get if I have too much money to burn, which is probably never. I get paid work for stills work with a GH3, so ultimately it's about client expectation management, as well as how comfortable you are with working with your tools.
  2. My question is actually off-topic, because I'm asking on the behalf of friends outside of Asia who want to shop on Taobao for other things, not necessarily the Z camera accessories.
  3. How do you guys ship stuff from Taobao outside of Asia?
  4. $1295 with a full copy of Resolve Studio. This is incredible pricing. If they can deliver, it's going to be a really neat camera.
  5. Did you compare using the same lens with and without the speedbooster? If so then the DoF will be the same.
  6. No DPAF in 4K too. The only good feature not working with the feature that many people want!
  7. In this case, Canon gave him money and the camera. I'm just curious how you managed to miss so many shots; my experience for situations using AF-S is that the Panasonics are very good. I used a GH3 for a couple of events (not my type of photography even) and it acquitted itself very well.
  8. Bleah, I take back what I said earlier. Looks like Panasonic have no idea what they're doing with their product nomenclature.
  9. Can't help you there, but do be careful as Nikon is transitioning to E-type lenses, so make sure those are supported!
  10. Ooo, a reasonable discussion of this over here. It's hard to find one that doesn't involve mindless critic and studio bashing. Personally I was looking forward to watching it since fantasy cyberpunk is a genre very close to my heart. Some good comments in here and maybe I should watch it after all, even if it's not so good.
  11. For every blogger like you Andrew, there're 10 sponsored by Canon. Who's going to be louder? As I've said before (and you know too) Canon only works with those who're positive about them as much as possible. Here's a new example: In a completely unrelated site, someone was saying that the best camera for vlogging is a Canon 6D because some YouTuber recommended it. Turns out Canon has been sending 6Ds to high-profile YouTube vloggers to push the camera for that purpose. You can't deny marketing like that is effective.
  12. No stills camera does 15 stops, asking the GH6 to do that is a bit much. Book your clients for you. If you're referencing photo stills, the benchmark really is Nikon for sports AF. I haven't tried a D5, but the D500 is really amazing.
  13. If you look at Nikon's history, they don't have a mentality like it. NIH is very very strong with them.
  14. Need to rant. Found out the G9 uses the outdated and unpopular USB 3.0 Micro-B port. WTF? The GH5 has a USB C port and somehow Panasonic thought it was a good idea to take a step backwards? Freaking boggles my mind, these Japanese companies.
  15. Find that hard to believe, it's like Zeiss asking Leica to do lenses for them. Nikon's conservative NIH culture won't let them do that. Nikon IS a lens company, they're not going to share their lunch with Sigma. Nope, pretty sure that's not going to happen either.
  16. Guess they are killing the mid-market line then. It probably is, but doesn't mean that they have to fill up the product matrix. That provides for 12 cameras but in this market we're going to see 4-5 at most. As it is we have the GH5, G9, G80, GX80 and GX900. That's five cameras, six if they do a GX9, which may not happen. I do mostly stills, the only real benefit would've been a nicer EVF. The few times I've done video the GH3's 1080p has managed to acquit itself fine. Any shortcomings were mostly down to me. It does? I think it's quite clear. What's not clear is how Panasonic will fill the gaps. As I said it's not a great market so lines will come and go. I suspect they won't do a GX9 for example.
  17. This is never going to happen. Nikon are an optics company at heart and they'll fold before letting their cameras officially use non-Nikon glass. Errr, sensor stabilsation doesn't depend on the lack of a mirror. Pentax and Minolta both did it in the DSLRs. This one I'm not sure. Nikon can be really conservative at times, but hopefully they'll see the usefulness of it, for both photographers and videographers, as well as a marketing point.
  18. I really don't think it is, but we'll see. I'm thinking it's a split to another tier. So basically: GH-series: Hybrid line G-series: SLR-style line GX-series: Soapbar-style line Then you get the number of digits 1 digit: Top tier 2 digits: Middle tier 3 digits: Low-end tier
  19. Don't really have confidence; I shot with Nikon for 15 years, so I've had first-hand frustration with lenses. Having tried the first GH1 and liking it I eventually made the move to Panasonic.
  20. I meant product launches, not necessarily system launches. Traditionally Nikon does what, 4-6 lenses a year? For a line that needs a mix of lenses I doubt Nikon will be able to launch the kind of line-up needed to keep both consumers and pros interested. We're looking at a kit zoom, a telephoto zoom and no more than 2 primes. To really get off the ground running they need a trifecta of primes (20/50/105 for me, others have a different trio in mind) along with at least two pro grade zooms with the promise of a third. Along with said consumer zoom. Also look at both the Nikon 1 and DX line, they've been awful in filling gaps for both of them, especially so considering DX should be their main moneymaker but they keep on expecting people to trade up to FX. That's also a good start, but I don't quite have the confidence in Nikon that they'll be able to pull this off. DX languished for so long even before FX came, and this was during a crucial period of time when Canon were fighting to take back their market share from Nikon.
  21. Won't count on it, look at Nikon's traditional launches.
  22. That's like saying a Nikon D850 is much nicer than a Sony RX100V; totally different areas of the market!
  23. Correct me if I'm wrong, but ultimately this is in a processed format where the gamma and tone curve has already been applied right? Even in raw stills a modern m4/3 sensor does what, ~13 stops of usable DR at most. You can bring up the shadows even more I suppose to get 16 stops but it's going to be all noise.
  24. I think once you're set in a system it's not so bad; I've been on the GH3 for over 4 years now and I'm just looking at the G9, which will be something that'll stay with me for another 4-5 years. Once you know what works for you, the sickness tends to fade away while you concentrate on getting the best from what you have. It takes time to learn your tools, so working on that instead of changing gear every 12 months is definitely better for you in the long run. I'd say it took me about 3-4 months to get a certain level of understanding of the raw files from the GH3, and that's nowhere near mastery levels, I feel.
  25. It's been said in quite a few places. I'll need to take a look. This really isn't the G80's successor, as the number of digits implies. That'll be the G90. Since I still do mostly stills this might be a good idea for me. Hopefully the viewfinder isn't that bad; I've lived with the GH3's viewfinder for years now so this will be an upgrade regardless!
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