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  1. YesYes - might need to stack in your caseNopeNopeTry another CPL that doesn't give a tint, or save a custom WB when you use the CPL
  2. Can't tell - you need to shoot with it. By right there won't be any issues, but if an element has come loose and is misaligned, you can't tell by eyeballing the exterior.
  3. ​Yes, I'm an idiot. Dispensed with the aperture LEVER is what I wanted to say. The 300/4 PF having it is a bit of a nasty surprise for those looking to adapt, since it's going to be a popular lens. Ok, back to the OP: The difference between EF and F is about a few mm, so the adapter must be absolutely precise. At 18mm a small error will produce issues. Normally when it comes to adapting I prefer to go with longer glass just to be safe, and use native for shorter lengths.
  4. ​For now - there are lenses that have dispensed with the aperture. So far they've mostly been exotics (the PC lenses, the 800/5.6), but the 300/4 PF is a more mainstream lens that has removed it.
  5. I really can't tell if the latter's tips will work with the Fotga's DMW-DCC8 knockoff. If they don't the most universal solution is to get a battery with an AC inverter.
  6. leeys

    GH4 LUT

    Hmm, ok, because it's looking a bit like a recent Hollywood film here (teal+orange), which I'm sure it's not what you had in mind. >.>
  7. leeys

    GH4 LUT

    I can't comment, because I suspect you did not embed colourspace info in your JPEG - my wide gamut monitor is not liking the output.
  8. Would love a OLED monitor myself, but I think a 40" 4K OLED monitor is just going to be out of my reach.
  9. Shoot, US$1300 is cheaper than what I paid for my 30" Dell 1600p display! The 4K options are starting to increase, and they've all been priced pretty well.
  10. I love how all the newbies are rushing here to defend Canon.
  11. Wonder why these threads tend to descend into wishlists.
  12. H suffix is to denote the bundled lens of 14-140. GH4 and GH3 kits with the 12-35 are denoted as GH4A and GH3A respectively. Whether or not there is anything new is another thing (likely firmware upgrades) but the GH4H itself is not a new camera.
  13. In other words, this will be based mostly on the strength of Canon's corporate sales team selling these to broadcasters then? I think you oversell it somewhat if you expect bloggers and YouTubers to get this - they're already doing well with other cameras, and I know for some of the things you mentioned the other cameras do just as well. US$2,500 gets a lot of camera otherwise. The advantage is definitely in the codec but I'm not sure how big it is until the samples come out.
  14. ​Because it says "Canon"? I've been trying to find out what's the USP of this for it to cost $2500, and I'm not getting much beyond the codec.
  15. Doesn't the Panasonic use the more efficient IPB compression method?
  16. Despite Barney's protests, I'm certain there's some kind of pressure somewhere. Either that or the Canon name has a lot more cachet than I thought!
  17. ​Are we still beating this dead horse? It's the 21st century, no need to stick with 19th century methods of doing things.
  18. Beyond the codec, what does this offer that the FZ1000 doesn't have?
  19. So it's official now, as the Canon XC10. 305Mbps bit rate in All-I, it seems. 4K only with expensive CFast cards. Somewhat underwhelming on the specsheet, and at US$2.5k!
  20. The NX1 has always been ~US$1250 since its launch here, so perhaps this is more about dropping the US and EU prices to Asian pricing.
  21. leeys

    Nikon 1 J5

    As I mentioned elsewhere, they should've just left the 4K mode out. Nikon needs to not make more jokes out of the Nikon 1 line.
  22. ​Can't explain it. I just don't like using Canons in general. However you are right; Sony has taken place overall as the brand I get the most frustrated at. Not sure how that happened, I used to love using Minolta cameras!
  23. ​Given that I tear my hair out when using a Canon I'd think this is mostly subjective.
  24. Will you be using this lens in AF for stills? If so beware, it has issues with AF that make it unworkable for pro work. I eventually sold mine. ​
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