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  1. ​Nope, I did a few years back. Sold my Nikon DSLR setup for a GH3 setup.
  2. I just tried the NX1 with this lens, and pulling focus in AF with this combination is so much fun. Truly versatile for one-person run-and-gun setups.
  3. leeys

    Nikon 1 J5

    Yea, RAM isn't too expensive. As I've said before, a V2 with a 2GB buffer would've given it a 160 frame raw buffer.
  4. Interesting to note that both Canon and Nikon are diversifying into medical businesses. Sign of the times?
  5. leeys

    Nikon 1 J5

    ​That's true, but that also means it makes such an adapter incredibly niche.
  6. leeys

    Nikon 1 J5

    Didn't I answer this question somewhere? No, because there's no demand and how are you going to adapt electronically controlled lenses? Easier to wait for the next GM to have 4K.
  7. I second the recommendation for the Samsung; alignment is a pain, and separation is likely to be too large.
  8. ​Isn't this the Bluetooth set that both Canon and Sony already sell? I'm not confident of Bluetooth as a hi-fidelity wireless solution.
  9. Yes, it's true. There's no more multi-aspect sensor since the GH3 so anything other than 4:3 involves a crop.
  10. D5300 will not have that option - it lacks the mechanical feeler to do that.
  11. leeys

    Adapting Lenses

    The main issue is that m43 lenses are all electronic, so there's no point in adapting them to E mount, hence I haven't seen any adapters for that purpose. The most versatile mount to get is the Nikon F mount version. Just in case Nikon makes something you want.
  12. Yup, you got that right! 28mm AIS sounds really good, those were fantastic lenses, especially the CRC ones.
  13. I'm all for equality, and parts of this thread strikes to being very disconcerting. Transparency is good, being "politically correct" isn't all that bad either. Being creative doesn't mean you lose respect towards others.
  14. ​No more than I wanted a 8x10 for landscape work! Which is, awesome to have, but not likely to happen.
  15. It sounds like it barely can do 1kg then? I was thinking of getting something like this for my GH3 and 12-35.
  16. ​I shoot stills, and m4/3 is fine if you don't take it beyond its performance envelope, which is actually fairly large. I think being a snob on FF for stills is no different being a snob on LF back in the days when Oskar Barnack came up with the Leica I in the 1920s. I remember reading about how people would disparage Barnack's idea in similar terms people harp on companies not using "full-frame" sensors in all their cameras because they "too small" for serious work.
  17. You have to use MF lenses - the CPU contacts on the Tamron means the D5300 will give an error message when you move away from the smallest aperture.
  18. Li-po and Li-ion are very similar - they only blow up when they overcharge, which is why regardless they should have safety circuits somewhere in the pack. The downside with the cheap Chinese packs are usually with battery quality itself. They don't seem to last as long as the good ones. And if you're not careful, they can and will omit a cell or two...
  19. Hey Maxotics, been following your posts on DVX, so thanks for the great summary. How is the GH4 too bulky? Physical size makes it hard to balance?
  20. What's wrong with the GH3?
  21. I only had a quick look, but isn't this basically just a timelapse? Any camera can do this with the right gear, so you can have >4K resolution. 8K will require a 33+ megapixel camera,
  22. Well, I'd still suggest a D5300 - the articulated LCD is useful! How much more would it be for you?
  23. ​How to do CX crop calculations the easy way: multiply by 3 and take 10% off. So say you have a 200mm 200 x 3 = 600 10% of 600 is 60, so 600 - 60 = 540. Easy peasy.
  24. Disagree, Nikon AF is way better at this stage. As you said, us pro still users like it. ;)
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