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  1. I'm trying to find some DECENT remote flash triggers for the GH4 but it's not easy. Does anybody know of any good flash triggers/transmitters that are GH4 compatible? With good range and reliability? I'm using Nissin and Metz flashes.
  2. ‚ÄčI don't have access to any of those tools. I'm just working with stills and I only have Photoshop.
  3. I've been trying to figure this out for a while but I can't get the formula right in Photoshop. I'm taking portrait stills and I want to get the gorgeous color skin tones that Canon's cameras produce. Is there any Photoshop action or method I can use in post to do so?
  4. I've been hearing a lot of conflicting info about this. Is there one aspect ratio for stills that will garner the best quality/dynamic range over all others? I've been hearing 4:3 is the best aspect ratio for stills because it "uses the entire GH4 sensor". Is this true or will they all give you the exact same quality?
  5. For those who have owned both (Or even all 3), what's your experience upgrading when it comes to stills? Is there a huge jump between the two? I would imagine the GH2 to GH4 difference would be massive, but what's your experience been?
  6. Hello all! My GH4 RAW files are no longer being read in Photoshop and updating doesn't solve the problem. Could somebody please upload the .dcp file for Photoshop's GH4 profile? It's in the CameraRaw profile folder. For me it was: C:ProgramDataAdobeCameraRawCameraProfilesAdobe Standard
  7. I'm looking to Canon colors STRAIGHT OUT of my GH2 for video. Or at least, as close as possible. I know there's white balance settings and film settings you can mess around with, but I haven't been able to get the balance right. Does anybody know what settings I can use to get Canon Colors?
  8. Andy, are the lenses you mentioned above functional with autofocus on the GH2?
  9. I want an amazing M 4/3rds lens for shooting video and ONLY video. Preferably, as beautiful as possible and with great colors. Right now, I'm torn between the Leica 25mm F1.4 and the Voigtlander F0.95. Does anybody here have experience with eitheir or both of these? Also, will the GH2/GH3's focus assist (Hitting the touchscreen and having it zoom in for focusing) work the Voigtlander since it's manual? Thank you for reading.
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