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  1. Well, Andrew, yours was with their dealers. Here's mine from their PR agency (Ogilvy): I wanted to request a 70D to try out the-then new Dual Pixel AF system and write about it, but because I was not very kind towards the EOS 6D and its AF system (I called it a "castration") I was basically refused a review unit. Another one I know was about a local photographer who is a Canon user and was shut out of their product launches after calling the EOS M crap on its launch event. So essentially, if you only have people on the Internet talking positive things about Canon products, it eventually brings about that perception that Canon products are the best. Talk about shaping reality, eh?
  2. From Trend Micro: http://blog.trendmicro.com/urgent-call-action-uninstall-quicktime-windows-today/ According to the comments, the issue affects only the player, not the codecs. Would a codec pack work in that case?
  3. This is an amazing level of output considering it's purely donation-driven. Kudos.
  4. ​"LOL amateurs use 35mm, real photographers use LF Lolololol"
  5. leeys

    Google Jump

    Interesting, because GoPro also acquired Kolor recently. Seems VR is GoPro's next step.
  6. Are you looking for video use? Because all of them will flex once you start panning.
  7. ​I can't speak for this, but it should work. The image of the rear is out of focus so I can't really tell. To answer your question: The presence of the lens is trigged by a mechanical switch behind the lens mount. It's located at about 4-5 o'clock position if the lens mount is facing you.
  8. ​Don't like Macs, don't use one, so this news isn't relevant to me. Am I still a photographer/videographer?
  9. STM lenses require power to focus - they use similar stepper motors in m4/3 glass so there's no mechanical linkage to the focusing group. Therefore in this case it's the Panasonic.
  10. I've been pretty much doing that, it's cheaper and easier this way. However I use native lenses and at most only have a microphone on top, so stability issues might be different with you. ​
  11. leeys

    Why APSC is dead

    ​Hah! I know what you mean man, I know what you mean.
  12. Shoot, that is impressive. Now is there one for Nikon so I can use the 300/4 PF?
  13. leeys

    Why APSC is dead

    Guys guys. Why are you arguing with what is clearly an immature geek who just wants to wank to paper specs all day?
  14. I really should see if I can get a NX1 to review. Usable AF is not always a bad idea.
  15. Well, so now we know what live view resolution on a Nikon D5100 is! It does make me wonder why Nikon don't offer this as an option on the pro cameras then, if it's anywhere near feasible. Pros should be allowed to decide if the implementation works for them.
  16. Oh dear, if they did that, Sony's lens division will fold in a week.
  17. ​That's U3 speed, BTW. Greater than U3 even (going by the existing nomenclature that'd be U7 if it was ever defined). The Extreme Pro wasn't rated U3 on release because that spec didn't exist then. My recently-bought Extreme Pro now has a U3 logo on it. I keep on harping on forums that some older cards are capable of faster speeds even if they don't have the logo because said spec was not out when the card was released. Sometimes you just have to test first. Another good reason for not using newly bought gear the next day for a big assignment.
  18. ​Also to do with popularity - until recently not many photographers want to adapt F to EF.
  19. "​ On occasion while flying this camera when we would looks straight down the lens would slide out, and we would have to land to fix it." I guess this shows the conflict between stills and video in one way - a video-oriented powered zoom won't have that issue.
  20. F mount lenses with their design for a longer flange distance means they're pretty much adaptable to anything, including EF mount.
  21. The 15/1.7 is half the price of the 12-35, no?
  22. Chinese tolerances being what they are, it's not unexpected that some will be a little tighter.
  23. Mmm, I use Nikon CPLs in my film days (film has no WB), so you might give that a try, but try WB first.
  24. Never happened on my GH3. Does percussive maintenance while recording solve the issue temporarily?
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