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  1. I'd buy a GH5 regardless. I haven't seen much that suggests this will be so much better than the GH5 I'd rather pay the extra US$200 and get the GH5's extra video features. Of course if reviews suggest so I might be more inclined to it. Not at US$3k though, that is an insane price for a 200/2.8.
  2. leeys

    gh5 timelapse

    That's a nice video, makes me want to visit Chicago!
  3. But that requires the paid version, right?
  4. Hmm, what happened to the comparison table of features on the Resolve site? Want to take a look again at what the paid version has over the free one.
  5. It's actually the former, Nikon has had an in-house design team for a very long time; the D1x's oddball configuration was from them, and it's not always a hit either: the disaster that was the D2x's LBCAST sensor was from them too.
  6. Ah right, you were talking about the 30 FPS output in live view. I have a suspicion that will be JPEG, since sRAW goes down all the way to 11mp, not 8.6mp. Funnily, I'm still primarily a stills shooter, but I've migrated to Panasonic's GH cameras; the stills are good enough and when I do video I get great video, no matter how little I do of it.
  7. It's a great stills camera though, if I were looking at a FX camera, this would be it. Not a Sony, but this. 12 bit raw in video? Nope. 12 bit raw in stills? Definitely. In fact there should be a 14 bit option.
  8. Did they increase the difference between the free and the studio version? I thought the main difference was DCI 4K support.
  9. leeys

    Adobe Rant

    Resolve doesn't handle 10bit? I've been using it a lot lately and I'm liking it more and more. Runs great even on older hardware.
  10. Are ad hominem attacks all you can do?
  11. Most definitely. That glow in the middle is rather distracting though. Cute bowtie, is that EL wire? Nice slinging of insults. I'm just echoing what my sports shooting (the target demo) compatriots use and their experiences. If you think Sony's sensor is so superior that it'll offer a 5-stop advantage over what is that in the D5 and 1DX, you're mistaken. That'll definitely be very useful. I know of a few pros who added a Nikon 1 to their arsenal to deal with golf but there's always a lot of moaning from them about the quirks with the system. I'm sure they'll be getting this if they're still shooting golf. Edit: When was automerging of replies added? Neat feature!
  12. HK is a good idea, cheapest stuff I've seen next to Japan devauluing the Yen.
  13. Even in a UEFA Category 1 stadium ISO 3200 or 6400 is needed with a f/2.8 lens sometimes. The target group of this camera will disagree on your dismissal of super fast lenses.
  14. Olympus's dust sealing is pretty great. Um, isn't there an English option? Only Panasonic does that, I think.
  15. Also, that AF joystick is a much needed addition. I hope it filters down to the rest of Sony's lineup.
  16. Hmm, that's true, maybe it's a sign they're coming? No way will that ISO be suitable for pro work. At the end of the day even with the best Nikon/Canon a f/2.8 lens is still needed when shooting sport in a stadium at night. Sony doesn't have any superteles unlike Nikon and Canon. Full dynamic range is only with raw; all other formats have the tone curve baked in to a certain extent. That's why LOG is neat, since the there's a bit more latitude to play with when grading. Prestige? Halo product? I have no idea.
  17. Everyone, they aren't winning or anything like that. This is a very specific claim, starting with the fact it's only about FF bodies, and over a TWO MONTH period. In terms of OVERALL market share, they're still a distant third to Canon and Nikon. PR stunt this is.
  18. 10 FPS vs 8 and the 153 point AF module. Dual card slots with UHS-II slot vs single UHS-I slot. Pro level UI. Bigger VF. 10 pin legacy remote terminal (positioning far better for use in stills when using an L-bracket). Likely more durable shutter.
  19. 1080 Ti might be a bit much. Sweet spot is the 1070 for price-performance. As you said, you might want to see how Vega performs too.
  20. Hey thanks, that was useful information. The new updates from both AMD and the motherboard manufacturers appear to have given a speed boost as well. As usual I won't be using the stock cooler, will be going for something nice like a Cryoig H5, so we will see. Overclocking is not always a good thing in 30C weather, but with a 65W TDP I hope I'll have some room to do so.
  21. Thanks! Yea, was leaning towards the 1700, it looks like the best buy in the R7 lineup. Not sure about the RAM, since Ryzen doesn't officially support those speeds, and will drop speeds once you use four sticks of memory. What GPU did you say you're on?
  22. What software are you running on? Thinking of getting an upgrade this year or early next year.
  23. It's an old trick to warm up the image, done when the first digital cameras didn't have dedicated Kelvin settings.
  24. Good gods, I saw his name. Um, good luck to everyone there. Andrew, are you actually going to contact them? I'm curious to know if their PR agencies are still as hard-headed as ever...
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