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  1. Ooo, there's something about this that brings a certain nostalgia to me - I think you hit it right with the tone, voiceover and grading.
  2. They're both big lenses. I don't think one's lighter than the other, not significantly anyway. When I was referring to old, I didn't mean quality. I meant in terms of repairs, which I focused on.
  3. How is the EVF poor? It's the same XGA unit found in the E-M1 and other high-end mirrorless cameras. I used it for a bit and liked what I saw. The 5 axis stabilisation was amazing when I tried it. Maybe not the level of a 3 axis brushless gimbal but I definitely could use it handheld while moving slowly. Shame the video quality is not like its stills quality.
  4. I guess it depends? Low contrast seems to be a trend too, like any cycle in fashion. Ultimately it depends on the look; shouldn't the director or DP be working with you on this?
  5. You're coming off like one in here though. ​
  6. ​Because writing reviews takes time, and it looks like DPReview prioritised other cameras.
  7. leeys

    Fly-by-wire lenses

    I've mentioned this before on DVX; it's like mouse acceleration. You can turn it off in your OS options. Why can't we do the same in mirrorless cameras? It's all software anyway. Olympus even includes an option to change the direction of the focusing ring, but not this. Even when doing stills the behaviour annoys me.
  8. iDynamic is horrible, I never use that on my Panasonics. The first image looks terrible though. It's looking rather mushy, and the moire isn't helping! That's a good price on the D600, it'd be worth it anyway just for stills alone.
  9. ​Zach, you're one of the rare few who see it. Just ask any Canon shooters and they think their 5DIIIs and 6Ds are great. Not that they're bad, but if they did what you did, they'll probably not hold the Canons up in so high esteem, and probably not go through the nerd-rage to do things like rate this thread with a 1-star rating.
  10. Yes and yes to your final questions.
  11. Bluetooth is horrendously slow - several hundred kilobytes per second at most. The highspeed implementations of Bluetooth use... WiFi. So yes WiFi is absolutely needed if you want wireless transfer of data that doesn't take forever.
  12. Get a cheap-ish mirrorless like a GX7 (they're going to fairly cheap now), a cheap-ish lens like the Olympus 45mm f/1.8, then spend your savings on audio.
  13. Hmm. You know, I don't know about the 28-70/2.8. It's a nice lens, but it's also an old lens. And unlike the AIS lenses, old AF-S lenses are horrendous to get repaired when the SWM breaks down. If Nikon no longer has parts that's it for the lens. I helped a friend fix his 80-200 AFS and it took three weeks as Nikon specially imported the last of the SWM reserves for that lens from Japan. I suppose it might not matter much if you're solely using it manually with a follow focus.
  14. Uh, guys. Of course you can match DoF, perspective and FoV. Each format's own advantages and disadvantages comes down to size and image quality. The latter is more noticeable in stills, I feel. If you haven't seen what you can do with an 8x10 contact print, you should try it out sometime.
  15. Uh, yea, apps are the reason why smartphones are killing cameras. It's so much easier and quicker to shoot, share, and even edit right from one device.
  16. Showing an image where the weaknesses of the Sigma 20/1.8 (and it has many) are minimised isn't going to change my mind. I used the lens back in 2001 and it was awful even through a 4.0x loupe.
  17. Hmm! This is an interesting issue. I wonder what could it be. Erratic aperture controls? Something causes the lens to AF on its own suddenly? If you recreate it let us know the steps involved.
  18. ​Yea, you use a focal reducer on the 16/2.8. Tada.
  19. Hmm, could you have accidentally nudged the focus ring as you were taking a shot? If it looks fine in the viewfinder and suddenly it's not in the image something quite significant has changed.
  20. ​Because for photography, it's a freaking awful lens. The Nikon is so much better. As you can tell, I'm not really a big fan of ultra-shallow DoF. Even in stills, I stop down quite a bit; I don't like the aesthetic of having portraits with just one eye in focus.
  21. Peaking is not accurate. Check with the magnification assist instead. Exposure problems, what metering mode are you using, and what situations are you getting improper exposure? Matrix/evaluative metering is not 100%, and it can be fooled in certain situations.
  22. Organic sensor I read is far from ready.
  23. Oh hey it does raw, tracking AF, and 480 FPS high speed 4K! Oh and it also has 10 axis IBIS!
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