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  1. AF on most of these HDSLR-types won't cut it if you're going to be zooming in up close. A small sensor camera with its large DoF and faster readout for AF would be much better. Of course there'll be issues with noise at night but it's better to have a noisy image than an out of focus one.
  2. It definitely should be a smartphone first - otherwise I wouldn't carry it!
  3. Someone's a real freaking Canon fanboy here. It's amazing how easy it is to spot one.
  4. Wow, there's a fork of Magic Lantern? Interesting. I had a good chuckle at the thought of the 70D being fullframe. Unfortunately it's not. Personally at 1k I'm not sure. I'm not sure investment into Canon is any decent at this rate, but 1k doesn't seem enough for a system switch either. How about investing in some audio gear?
  5. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/search?atclk=Category_Photography&sts=ma&ci=17912&N=4196380427&Ntt=samsung+nx
  6. Oh wow, insecure much? Stop selling yourself as a camera operator. Sell yourself as a business. If you can't see the difference you'll never succeed.
  7. One thing about Japanese companies is a very strong NIH syndrome. Very rarely will they partner with external vendors, and usually when they do so their branding takes place front and centre.
  8. That's it. I'm calling it the T-rex on USA boards from now onwards. Ooo, are we playing this game? Can I play too? I think they're slowly changing that now. All the new cameras have power aperture in them. Pretty sure the low-end (D5300 and below) won't have them though. You're wrong on this one. What company is allowed to get away with 6 year old tech in their cameras? What company only allows "positive commentary" to be posted in blogs and frowns on those with "critical tone"? What company gets to sell cameras with less features at a higher price and still move them by the boat load? What company gets to do all the above and still look like a leader? It's a company with one hell of a marketing department. Global marketing department, I might add.
  9. Best bet is a Samsung. I don't know if the quality will be the best (it's certainly decent at least) but if you want accessories, you should stick to the biggest player, which ensures a wider selection of third party accessories.
  10. Android can be like an anarchist state sometimes. Everyone doing their own thing and not always working together. The sluggishness and all the bit about battery life has lead me to believe the phone is in dire need of proper optimisation. I think Panasonic are hoping the concept sells well enough that they don't need to bring the level of polish seen in other phones.
  11. Android's architecture is open, but software isn't free. The problem is finding the programmers who're going to do it. For niche programs, either you commission someone, or by chance some programmer is in the same spot as you and will do it for himself as well as the community. For the latter, this means it comes down to critical mass. I can have third party live view and remote control apps for Nikon and Canon. Panasonic and Sony? Not so much. Sad but that's how it is.
  12. Couple of thoughts: I hang around in a few high volume forums that aren't as technical as us (including a deals site and a couple of general tech forums) and the prevailing mentality is that Canon video is #1. So as long as people keep on buying their cameras in large quantities, along with pros padding the profit margins with the Cinema EOS line, Canon will say, why do we have to change anything? The other thing is that Canon, like most companies, don't like bad vibes. They won't tell you anything that makes them look bad, hence the silence.
  13. Maybe it's time to rename the site. :P
  14. Yea, on that, the phone really could do with Lollipop and its raw support. Volta might even help with the CM1's relatively tiny battery.
  15. The A7S is a special high ISO sensor, very few sensors are going to beat that! Only the D4/D3S sensor and the 1DX are going to be similar, and their video implementation is not as good as the A7S (abysmal with the Nikons).
  16. Hmm, I think you definitely have to shoot raw with this camera. I'm still disappointed by the lack of IS in this one, along with 15 FPS 4K video. With phones being thing and very lightweight the IS helps tremendously. As someone who has pretty decent handholding technique for still photography I cannot get a sharp image on my phones to save my life. I do think the carousel image could go both ways - the CM1 has the more neutral white balance (technically might be even more accurate).
  17. I will add to what richg has said: The 5DIV will not having amazing video because Canon will want to protect the Cinema EOS line. Why sell you a camera for 3k with a 2k gross profit when they can sell it at 9k with a 6k gross profit?
  18. Yes, that's an annoying thing with the Panasonic cameras. I've resorted to press-and-pray with the AF instead.
  19. Andrew I'm afraid I didn't like the review either because you kept on harping how bad Android is. The thing is I like Android, hate iOS, and your review did little in telling me if it works well or if it's a buggy mess. This is the equivalent of a review where say, the first breakthrough camera from Nikon is slammed because the dials are in the wrong place compared to a a Canon, the menu system sucks because the Canon layout is sooooo much better, and so on. It's not useful if it's just a general rant against Android.
  20. I think it's a good thing you're hanging out in the right places - the equivalence crowd and 35mm champions are freaking annoying.
  21. Sony is trying to win the market so they're trying to release as much as possible as quickly as possible. You notice that it's not quite the same for DSLRs, and even more established mirrorless systems (GH series has a 18-24 month cycle, Fujifilm have slowed down their release schedule since the first wave of X cameras, the E-M5 is almost 3 years old).
  22. Even for stills, I find extreme shallow DoF not always useful. Maybe because I'm so used to m4/3 and APS, but when I review FF cameras I'm always struggling for more DoF, not less. Using f/1.4 lenses are a nightmare at times.
  23. Zach, if you're doing that, I really recommend picking up a D810 instead to replace the A7R for stills.
  24. No, looks like only Sony lenses.
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