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Panasonic GH5 - all is revealed!

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3 hours ago, IronFilm said:


c) if I split up with my long term GF who I live with, so I lose access to her D90 :-/ :-( As my D5200 can't do AF for photography for many of my older lenses! Thus I might pick up a Nikon D7000 for cheap secondhand to replace the "missing" D90.

e) if I spot a non-MFT camera (specifically one of these 4K cameras: a6500/NX1/D500) at a very very *very* sharp price! (as my preference would lean towards MFT, as I've got a bit more MFT gear, plus all the MFT cameras are much better value for money! Thus non-MFT cameras need to get a bigger price drop to make themselves as attractive as a MFT camera on sale)

f) if for some reason I find myself rolling in money.... I'll get a Kinefinity Terra 5K, or Sony FS7, or even a Panasonic Varicam LT! haha


c) is not an option, I hope you for the f); a6500 and D500 are not going down in price anytime soon (except Nikon has a new APS-C mirrorless line, or Sony a new a7000 for battling the m4/3s), but the NX1 will go significantly down in the next few months, and it is still H265 160-180Mbps stable with the mod/hack, interesting AF that works most of the times and a 28 BSI sensor with DIS+lens IS (very good with the 16-50S). If you can get it eventually with the 16-50S 2-2.8 for around 1400NZ$ it can be the best value for money for a complete workhorse.

I didn't know you had the NX300, have any lenses for that? The video is truly terrible, very good walk around camera, and very stylish too! 


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"6K/24p Anamorphic Video Mode, while fun, is severely hampered by its 4:3 aspect ratio" UM! That's what an anamorphic mode is - 4:3 Someone let our dear friends at Cinema5D know.

Here are some 1080 JPEGS from a music video that I shot with the GH5 + SLR Magic anamorphic primes.  

A couple of quick screengrabs from a recent Jazz concert I shot. I must say I was super impressed with the GH5 on this one - not only it recorded for 1h30m straight with no issues but it did so on one

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52 minutes ago, Jimmy said:

I've bit the bullet and pre-ordered.... I've been saying for a while that I will never again by an 8bit/4:2:0 camera... glad to finally put my money where my mouth is!

I'm not pre-ordering because it doesn't have the Auto Hollywood Mode, in which I'm guaranteed to be a Hollywood cinematographer. I don't want to buy lights and go to all that effort just to get a usable picture at night time. ;-D 

In all seriousness, the camera seems like a no-brainer. I had and loved the GH3. But I'll be waiting for these firmware updates and some user experiences / knowledge before placing an order. I made that mistake with the RX10 II (which didn't work out for me at all). 

I also need to break in my A6500 first!

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20 hours ago, Eduardo Portas said:

Thanks, checked it out. Sadly RS is still quite notorious. 

Guess I'll keep browsing until good yet old-ass CCD videocams drop a bit more in price.


Ouch, I just saw them. I expected a lot less jello effect and RS, honestly. Guess I'll keep searching.

I think a Super 16 mm crop mode (around 3x) yielding approximately 5ms read-out speed (same as film) would be a good addition as a firmware update and it could possible as the full sensor read-out speed is claimed to be 15ms. Please Panasonic do that. 

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9 minutes ago, veraguth said:

I think a Super 16 mm crop mode (around 3x) yielding approximately 5ms read-out speed (same as film) would be a good addition as a firmware update and it could possible as the full sensor read-out speed is claimed to be 15ms. Please Panasonic do that. 

Yep, a FHD 10bit 4:2:2 high-bitrate low-rolling shutter with IBIS even at 3X crop would be appreciated.

Think of all the nice c-mount lenses that we could use... 

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11 minutes ago, EspenB said:

If the crop is less than 2 it must be MAR sensor...

The GH2 HAS a multi aspect ratio sensor.

I can't wait to use all my Samyang Cine DS and Sigma ART series lenses with IBIS.

And to use controlled focus shifts on MFT and FT lenses.

Hopefully I can start them via the Wifi app, so I can combine that with slider- or jib- movements.

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3 hours ago, Don Kotlos said:

Anyone interested for the new lenses? I cannot decide between the 12-35 2.8 ii and the 12-60 2.8-4. 

The advantages for 12-35 would be constant aperture (for <f/4 so not a big deal) and compact size, whereas the 12-60 gives you a very useful range. 

It would be great if we had information on the AF speed between the two during video and how nice the fly-by-wire MF works.  

Also there should be a kit with the 12-60 for $2600 ($400 discount) but I cannot find it anywhere. 

I went through the same thing and ultimately decided on the 12-35 2.8 version II, just based on my previous experience with version I.  It's an excellent lens. 

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Someone with a GH5?

Is it showing all exposure values when using video modes A,S,P and auto iso. GH4 and all other Panasonic camera are not showing all automatic exposure values.

GH5 has finally auto iso in M with EV comp in video, maybe they corrected showing exposure values too.

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