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  1. Steven Soderbergh says so! That is their only defence. 😉
  2. REDs continued existence relies almost entirely on the redcode patent. Alas, patents only last 20 years so the existence of the RED patent will continue to delay "raw video" until the patent expires.
  3. Well, not if you want that dual pixel AF and swivel LCD. The basic problem is that camera companies don't make their LSI with proper low nm processes. That would lower heat output massively. Developing proper camera LSI's are getting very expensive, that's why you see old processors recycled. Like the Olympus "X" where they just put two outdated processors in the same body. They will never make one as long as they can put different software features in different bodies and sell you two or three. Not to mention they always saves something for the next years model. Alas camera companies are always looking for the perfect profit, not the perfect camera.
  4. Its more like $400 or more. Panasonic has placed recording limits to try to limit overheating, some cleverly disguised as previous "30 min EU tax limit", but real reason is overheating. Panasonic themselves warns about overheating in the spec text: "*2 Maximum 15 minutes in 4K60p and unlimited recording time in Full HD until the SD Memory Card becomes full or the battery runs out. *3 Maximum 29 minutes 59 seconds in 4K60p until the SD Memory Card becomes full or the battery runs out. – When the ambient temperature is high or continuous recording is performed, the camera may stop the recording to protect itself. Wait until the camera cools down (*2*3)."
  5. Also remember that the thermal management is BAD and camera will overheat after like 15 - 30 minutes in some modes.
  6. Do you see a lot of new camera and lens announcements from either Panasonic or Olympus these days? If Panasonic gets to the GH6 eventually it will likely be priced like this "X" from Olympus. Or more.
  7. This is intended for sports and wildlife photography. Or so they said. But the new 150-400 mm f4.5 lens is not scheduled until some time in 2020!!! It basically means that it might be 12-18-24 months away. By that time this camera, m43 and Olympus will already be obsolete.
  8. It will probably be available for USD2000 in six months.
  9. "This camera is so, so good!" Apparently this is all that it takes to get a few million subscribers on the tube.
  10. Sharp is owned by FOXCONN. Not surprisingly Foxconn allready have a working relationship with RED. Foxconn has long been interested in 8K development for a consumer camera. The only reason Panasonic has no interest in M43 is that only FF makes it possible to maximize profilt. In reality the actuall production cost between a GH2 and a GH5 these days is not reflected in the retail price at all. Profit on GHx series have increased as the system have gained prominence. Alas there is more profit to be made with FF stuff.
  11. Well, give me a reason why Panasonic Lumix S lenses will not be expensive.. After all it's lenses which has the most profit. Also, if not reasonable succsesfull in a few years the Lumix range might be as short lived as Samsung NX. That is the most prominent danger of investing in one of these mirrorless systems. The market will probably not be big enough to support them all long time. Also Panasonic is rumoured to not be happy about the GH5S and G9 sales. And there is no GH6 in sight despite the model being two years now. GH5 might continue for another 12-18 months. With some small firmware adjustments. This is signs of a stagnating market. There will be very few new bodies and there will be longer and longer between the releases.
  12. Actually it's only one reason: More profit. Especially on lenses. Look at what Leica L-lenses sell for: 5000 to 6000 USD. Panasonic will not be able to undercut Leicas gross margin with too cheap options. Neither will Sigma which will probably be forced into making mostly big and heavy primes.
  13. Few more leaks from same direction Note that we differ with 43rumors a lot on this. 43rumors is being fed by PR department this time a lot my source said. Two main PR targets for camera - HDR (and DR in general) and 8K (rescaled) 8K mode rolling shutter will be just horrible, but top management keep insisting on 2020K 8K PR stunts Panasonic will form "hounds pack" to absolutely control all reviews and samples before mass sales Panasonic will try to surpass Nikon margins on lenses Panasonic will try to surpass Nikon/Sony margins on body and set new record Focus in reviews will be made on cinematic samples and will be done under supervision Target audience - rich lawyers, medics, travelers, etc Panasonic will introduce special elite support option Discussion still ongoing about moving some basic functions like timelapses and image profiles to paid options Some engineering things: Almost all FF cameras, including this, use exact same OLED EVF, progress is expected only late next year Sensor progress almost stopped, FF sensor will use EVA1 approach, it'll be backlit sensor Rear LCD will be of slightly improved resolution, but no more than 2.1Mdots Big engineering resources being spend to cheapen body construction (for few extra dollars) but keep sealing and integrity Personal View.
  14. Lets discuss the price level. This videocentric FF monster will retail for 4000 USD or more. Then there is the new lenses.
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