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How I got scammed through "Ebrahim Saadawi"

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MODERATOR INTERVENTION: Moderator Jonpais and myself as fellow Moderator have been talking and we are going to keep this thread open for now BUT THESE ARE THE CONDITIONS : the thread st

As bad as this is, in my opinion you should hold a bit back @Ed_David. I get the feeling we get back to medieval age when I read that we should "embarass him" and "destroy his reputation", especially

Unfortunately, Ebrahim, when you chose to steal from other people, you risked ruining your reputation. I think this thread should remain on the forum, but locked, onced the matter is resolved. Yo

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DSLR scandal of the decade!

I hate even being involved in this, because its not going to end well and its the worst side of human behavior.

He said he will refund the money, apparently he makes that amount in 3 days, so all folks can do is wait and see if he immediately contacts these victims and arranges some kind of solution.

If he doesn't then, I think you should be talking to someone else in the Saawadi Building who is obviously pissed off at the account holder.

I'll drop it now. I feel dirty.

I hope everyone finds a happy solution... but my god its like a true crime story unfolding.

14 minutes ago, mercer said:

Let us know what he says. 

Guys, someone has committed a FEDERAL CRIME! It is international wire fraud. Doesn't matter how much the amount was, in fact it is about a months wages for someone with an decent job. We forget that when we throw big money at all this equipment. Get back into reality.

Give the details to the victims, who should go to the authorities. This is a big and dangerous world we are in these days.

Please don't take it further.

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I have to say, I am liking this gx7 base colour here. The red hat, bright red to the eye, seems to turn pink on the footage, and the coffee cup, rich red in to the eye, is washed out looking... the ribbon I am wearing is a bright red to the eye, and pinkish on the camera.. 

It always seems to be the Panasonics weakness.. any extreme red tone..


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Aww thanks man, and I did try to contact Andy way before my video posts, to get this thread shut down.. now I am glad it stayed open! Watching your video now..


Your sideways style is a bit shit in my humble opinion


I worked hard to make my whites interesting, you lazy mf

Is this a forum of film makers, or camera nerd tragics? Andy Lee, Mathias - they are always posting frames and video of some great stuff. C'mon everyone, forget about this bun fight and show us your stuff!


And thank you Ed David, for your crazy sideways take on this thread! :)


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For the people that got scammed this sucks and I'm sorry for your loss. 

On the bright side, this has been one of the most entertaining forum threads that I've ever read In my life LOL. I know this sounds like I'm a jerk(and I probably am), but I'm just being honest. This is becoming like a reality tv show LOL. 

Anyways, this whole thing is weird and I'm not completely buying that Egyptian doctors story. If his story was true, and if he cares about his name so much, and if he's rich, he should have refunded these people already. If this was done, this thread would have died a long time ago. Him leaving the EOSHD forum only benefits him and adds more question marks to his story. Also, him wanting to leave the forum without wanting to give refunds doesn't make sense. This is not sounding honorable to me at all. If you're a man of honor deal with your problems with the people that have been effected.

Don't write a post to say where you live and to apologize to save your reputation. That's selfish and only thinking of yourself. Just PM the victims and pay them back; that's being a man of honor.

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6 hours ago, mercer said:

Has anyone remotely considered the possibility that Ebrahim and Timotheus are the same person and this is an elaborate ploy to get even more money out of people?

No, but I think we should seriously consider the possibility that Ebrahim may be a Replicant.

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Of course, innocent until proven guilty is the PC response in this day and age. Of course if this kind of potential account hack happened to any of us, we would want to defend our good name too. My rant and promise of violence may be considered a bit archaic or Barbarian (no offense any Barbarians out there...) but whether it was $1 or $1000 a wrong has been done and in my book that is not cool at all.

I dont think the true account holder needs to be responsible for refunding the victims, unless he does have a sneaking suspicion that the fingers pointed at his grandson might be close to the mark. If I was hacked and someone fell victim to that fraud, its not my job to fork out my own money to fix it. I am as much of a victim and having someone access your personal information can be seen as far more invasive than losing a bit of money. Its only money. 

I share a common problem in this day and age where we believe people sharing a similar interest and sharing that interest in friendly banter on a forum makes us friends. Sure I am friendly but to send someone money via a VERY commonly used method by scammers without any kind of buyer protection is just silly. Sorry for the victim of the scam but you sent the money with no security. A mistake that we can all learn from now. A positive to come from this mess.


Egypt is a dangerous place, make no mistake and if the true account holder who may have been hacked finds out who did it, I dont think someone like me is going to be as scary as the local repercussions. I just HATE thieves more than ANYTHING and have always decided that if I catch someone stealing from me, they will pay a hefty price. The world is small and as you can see, some forum members with a bit of time on their hands and some swift key strokes can find anyone. 


One more thing that doesnt add up. The account holder in one point suggests he doesnt like the idea of a scammer knowing his identity or something along those lines but then decided to provide his 'home address' and personal income potential on a forum which he also considers a possibility as the source of the hack??? Anyone??? 

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This is absolut fantastic! A story that could end up as a Hollywood movie. Here we have the highest ranked forum member from Egypt..who successfully runs a Nuclear Radiology Center,is a Lecture in Middle east's highest regarded universities, and owns Al Saadawi Media accused for a scam. The problem is..there is no such media or Radiology center.. there is no  Ebrahim Saadawi..and the only person who could solve this mystery (Andrew Reid) is missing. Could it be that Andrew Reid is Ebrahim Saadawi? Is that why the Egyptian scammer wrote in such a perfect English.

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Hahaha. This is definitely the Most entertaining of the Forum's Threads.

The funny bit is, nobody is beyond suspicion. And I gurss atleast 3 people have employed nom de plumes (double accounts). 

But this is Also a Huge Learning Experience for International and Online Purchases. Plus it is Very Important to Solve this Who Dunnit Mystery.

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