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  1. I see a few techniques but imo I would call the general look low-key lighting https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Low-key_lighting I often find commercials fall into either high key beauty or this. it’s a look camera peoples tend to shoot on Reds, but I guess every cinema camera with good dynamic range can do it. however, Kendy Ty does it with a T2i? I would look for those keywords + resolve tutorial etc on the inter webs. At least that’s where I would start, but I am certain the is more to it than a grade. silhouette, noir lighting etc
  2. I would call this a kind of commercialized Verite style. but I would go back to the source, something like Vertovs Man With a Movie Camera. it may give you a bit of context for your attempt as if it doesn’t work, at least you can back up your decision with theory... it will help you sleep at night if it goes tits up. My advice would be to shoot on tripod only. Shoot full frame 4K so you can add all the shake, mist filters and refocuses you desire with Red Giant Universe or similar. You can also add the leaks etc. I would bet you just keep It simple in the edit after you see what nonsense this
  3. Hi all - finally got around to listing the 2017 gear that I either replaced with other systems or simply do not use. Please PM for more info if needed. Buyer pays shipping + your payment service fees. iFootage Crane M1 Mini Crane Mark III Price Bought: 560 euros (proav.co.uk receipt available) For sale is the iFootage crane I bought late 2016. It has been used on 2 shoots and I am finally deciding to part with it. It will take a load up to 15KGs and it in perfect condition. See more specs here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zViFtf1_I-A I can throw in some 2.5kg weights fo
  4. In amongst all of the Masterclasses for Mastering the Majestic Arts, I thought I would add my own personal experience learning cameras for the first time... password: oldschool Can't remember the lecturer's name or much else she said, I reinforced my knowledge on eoshd 3 years later... But it may give a glimpse into another dude/dudettes growth and demystify things. (I especially noticed how excited she was about HD - like we are now for 4K etc lol(at us and our industry!)) How did you learn about filmmaking for the first time? edit: I did my Masters in South
  5. I have been using the Ursa Mini 4.6K for the last 2 months for client work. It is a great camera and I love the images it produces. But I have 2 qualms: It does not do low light - as in, it is not even an option. Period. It doesn't 'wow' naturally. Let me explain the last point: The canon C500 would supply all the 4k benefits, but you would be a bit weak on the codec side. But, and its a big butt, Canon will look like 'wow'. I am still figuring out why, but my feelings are irrelevant. My clients like Canon. Do them a favor and go Canon. The spec differences
  6. The excuse has always been that people understand photos but not video. Thia is not the case anymore. W9th 8K video on Red, there is no difference. We need to get arrogant and throw away the overbearing humility that we are fringe. We are not, no matter your flavor of current camera.
  7. Call this a manifesto - if you will. Play this before reading DO NOT EVER FEEL APOLOGETIC ABOUT THE VALUE OF VIDEO. Its killing us. We are in a race to the bottom based on the insecurities we have on the value of the moving image. Hollywood shackled it and bid it out to he highest bidder (red and alexa). But in the 80s and early 90s the trend was bucked - we just never appreciated or acknowledged it. Welcome the vhs dads filming events, and the eventually - In film, it was Rodrigues, and eventually Tarantino to embrace the lowering cost if cameras and ge
  8. There is dicussion and the general conclusion was shoot 1-2 stops over or use eoshd pro color. Most seem to be gravitating to the later in 2017, judging by.Brandon Lee and the likes of. Just my 2 cents...
  9. Yeah, I just matrixed the info. Its never simple these days is it?
  10. Edit: ound the guide, thanks andrew! Im going to be getting a 5D for raw next week. Is there any benefit getting the mark 3 over mark 2 when shooting with ML?
  11. Im going to be getting a 5D for raw next week. Is there any benefit getting the mark 3 over mark 2 when shooting with ML?
  12. To concur - yes. I like to think of it as a 'frigidity' scale. DSLR has advanced enough where the 'frigidity' scale is comparable. There is no such thing as a 'point and shoot' when someone is paying cash dollars. It may exist in 5 years, but it don't now. Period.
  13. Loved this. Critique: Explore this idea more. My most enjoyable (among many) moment was the men walking like apes across the pedestrian crossing - when movements and music synced. That slow mo marching thing can be effective if planned. All in all, the music choice (nice!) lends to a shorter piece - but your music choice to image instinct is spot on. Play around in your city and deliver a knockout next time! I might beat you to it....
  14. I hae always been a fan of youtubers like Casey Neistat and our own stock of reviewers, from Bloom, Antos, MrrCheesyCam to Kai. I have seen this particular market become more niche, as reviewers now tend to specialist in one brand or product. This is all enjoyable, but not inspiring (unless your goal is to do the same). But - I have been inspired b the new crop of vloggers who have migrated from the now shuttered Vine. Why? Because Vine was a medium with extreme limitations - it raised a very eccentric type of filmmaker that were be insanely creative within. A few have taken You
  15. God - the US was so easy. You fill a one page form called p90 or something (the Uber type contract) if you are employed and pay self tax, or you go to Legalzoom or similar and set up a LLC for 100 bucks (last time I checked) and you are set. You pay tax as you earn - at the end of the tax year. America is 'great' for a reason... edit: in case I get negged as a foreigner, I was actually born in Oneonta, New York and worked in Chicago and NYC in my 20s. Crazy times... now... and then.
  16. In Finland it is quite difficult to start a business regulation-wise. They require a lot of upfront payments tax-wise, and you get cut off from any social benefits whatsoever. I find this worrisome when I am looking for staff as they usually prefer to not work, rather than work for random gigs. Another discussion for another forum... However, I used to just borrow or rent cams in the UK and US on weekends and save up for gear from the net profits from weddings and events. Here in Finland, I went through a government funded process the lasted 2 years, where you take daily classes in F
  17. Selling my a6500 with Sigma 30mm 1.4 lens. Going (waaay) back in time to get the 5D m2 now for RAW to match with my Ursa Mini. It's been awesome... A6500 - 1 100 euros (within EU) - 9 months warranty with CVP Sigma 30mm F1.4 DC DN Lens - 210 euros (within EU) Pick up in Helsinki or delivery on you. Hit me up by PM for photos and Qs... Peace! Edit: will do exchange deal with someone willing to part with 5D M2/3 in Europe
  18. Don't forget about in-body+lens stabilisation - this can even help with masking smaller bumps and jitters. G85 would be good, and if thinking about that camera then consider the a6500 for super35 wide angle nice-ness.
  19. I am selling my iFootage motion system. I bought it last year in September, but I have only used it a couple of times. In my opinion, it is a great tool, but its surplus to my needs. I was going back and forth about whether to sell it or not, but the decision is made finally! Here is a link to the exact system, everything is included that you see in the link - https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1255813-REG/ifootage_s1a3b0_motion_s1a3_bundle_b0.html I understand it is a niche product (and I want a quick sale), so willing to accept an offer of 900 euros for the lot. You would have
  20. Hi! Yes, forget about the expansion port and get the dummy LP-E6 on ebay. The Juicebox solution is a perfect match. I used v-mount, same thing - as long as output is over 7v....
  21. I would love to give you some advice on this, as you have given me plenty in the past. But im a churn and burn corporate guy, so wish I you luck!
  22. Pixel Film ProShake. Can add some slight handheld shake or focus racks lickity split. Helps because I can therefore shoot most stuff on a tripod and know I can jazz it up later...
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    And there you have your first kickstarter! A portable soft carry case for an imac;) Doh! Lol Should learn to read entire thread before posting:/
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