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  1. Fun: Easy Riders and Raging Bulls - Biskind How NOT to Make a Short Film - Munroe Save the Cat (more screenwriting, but fun) - Blake Snider The Kid Stays in the Picture - Robert Evans Adventures in the Screen Trade - WIlliam Goldman er... that's about all I have read front to back. Have skimmed through and read chapters of many more books and scripts for dissertations and the like, but this is a good starting point. Check out Copolla's Zoetrope forum, I hung out there in the early 2000s and it was a great community - cant vouch for it now. Also check out Wordplayer.com archives for some essential posts from many writers who are famous now. Again, can't vouch for its current activity - but they have kept the archive alive. Especially check out the columns like this one. Oldschool, but rules many are currently using and adapting to the digital age. Oh, lest we forget Rebel WIthout a Crew - Robert Rodriguez. The reason most of us older millennials quit chemistry class. Happy reading!
  2. Classics: Directing the Documentary - Rabiger Shot by Shot - Katz Mastershots Vol 1 More ethereal, but brilliant, short and sweet - Making Movies by Sidney Lumet.
  3. Ha ha... I think he was the first person to make us all think about 'alternative facts', aka 'how the fuck do we know what is real in the digital age?'. The hubris (balls) to reappear are so unthinkable that he must be real. But then again... Hence the current 'truth crisis'.
  4. I joined this forum lost 2 years ago and from where I was living (South Africa), the idea of a cheap (compared to camcorder standards) options for filmmaking was very attractive. I bought the gh4 and set up a business. I hated it - not for image, but for how much I had to fiddle with adapters, grading etc to get the quality I wanted. Now I am considering the URSA Mini 4.6K (same price when considering adapters and time - and not the solution, but better) and I want a show of hands as to who would trade it all in for a full frame, 10 bit 422, 5 axis stab., camcorder for under 3 000 euros. Is making this kind of camcorder possible? Has it been done but I am blind?
  5. I thought about this for a moment - I think there are 2 different races going on atm... One is for quality - 4K, and the other is for more in the frame - sensor size. People are getting aesthetically confused as to what they like about a shot or video. This is all taking us further away from the race for good content. EDIT; and lest we forget DR. When was the last time you liked a video because of DR? We must understand what all these things serve, for example - great full frame with shallow dof works great for music videos and fashion, and great dr works great for flexibility in post to control moods in narrative and documentary - but we should not serve them. They should serve us. Luckily enough cameras are getting so inexpensive that you can own multiple cameras and choose them like film stock on a project by project basis. That is what I am doing.
  6. Was cool even if you were, just kidding around!
  7. ... and, whatever Gods you think you have offended don't exist. Just a 'web 2.0' forum. Feels real, but dang'ed if it ain't!
  8. You're vids are super cool you are a natural performer, with gear knowledge - better than most - just keep going and tweak. The existential camera gear geek is still an open slot imo. You're mistake was thinking the court of public opinion is ruly/ rational. Politicians make money for a reason... Trust your gut. Go make money. I approve. Be happy
  9. I won't read the comments and answer straight out - I find in the info age one can quickly loose sight of their instinct via other opinions. Here's my take - a6500 I have owned and operated the gh4 for 2 years personally and professionally. Its a blessing for its ease of use... but only by comparison to Sony equivalents. Truth is you would be happier with a camcorder, I filmed weddings with those for 10 years and the camera was at the bottom of my list of concerns during the shoot. Buttons worked, ND when needed, zoom when needed - I could focus on coverage. Now, yes, photo cameras produce better images in the camcorder price range (something that I am assuming and someone needs to test - hvx200 4k vs GH5 anyone?) - but whenever you can, for brides, choose image over your own comfort. In this instance, the a6500 in auto on a gimbal will mean you come home with your sanity after a 10 hour workday. The images should relate to the super dreamy full frame dof photos they will be receiving from the photographer. They should work together. No matter their tastes, background, culture... they are always happy with a beautiful image (and decent speech and ceremony recording, documentary standard at minimum). A6500 gives you all of this. The GH5 gives you this, but through battle and uncertainty in the midst of a shoot (if you dont settle for native lenses and natural profile). You will need workarounds for almost everything to compete with the a6500 on auto in a standard profile. Eg. Speedbooster, vlog, fix for inconsistent auto focus, extra grading time, re encoding footage... But, they are just as good as each other if you have time. Gh5 if you have time, patience and etc. (Ironic given it is way more fun ti use, but this is not avout you - hobbyist, well gh5 all the way). Just my 2 cents worth. Truth is you need 2 cameras. One dslr for image, one camcorder style camera for ease of use. This is my wisdom from 2 years on the scene. Take it or leave it.
  10. I read an article yesterday that Shia LeBeouf(?)'s latest film earned a total box office haul of 7$ in the UK. So 1 ticket. A few years ago Richard Gere's last film earned around 30 cash dollars. The current environment cannot sustain itself. I argue that in a few years the people that can produce the best image in a fastest way (auto everything) will be finally making a decent buck, as the productiin budget bubble bursts for hollywood films. You may be making the next Nicholas Cage movie! Go get em' tiger!
  11. You should watch this if you haven't already, these guys kind of bridge the gap.
  12. They should re-house it in an awkward box and they will make a mint.
  13. Trying to figure that question out myself...
  14. On my walk to drop off some gear at the rental house, I ran into 5 teenagers filming. I of course wanted to ask what they were up to, camera, lens etc, and it ended up being a very enlightening experience (15mins of). They are vloggers and instagramers here in Finland with over 100 000 followers/ subscribers in each medium. I, indeed, was the old fart (all 37 of my years on earth) they were humouring but they were super pleasant and made my day. But to the point, all they had as 'gear' was an olympus, native pancake lens, and a tiny plastic tripod. Their main goal was to walk around the city and produce content. I metioned I had some stuff like the Zhiyun Crane, like it was impressive... but it turns out that kind of stuff was arbitrary to their interests. These guys were content machines. It made me think. Have I been getting it all wrong? Yes, I script, I storyboard, I know my way around a manual cinema camera and traditional lighting techniques... But who cares anymore? These kids are the future and they did not care a toss about dynamic range or bitrates. They wanted everything auto so they could focus on actually enjoying a shoot. Something to think about...
  15. Agree. But I did shoot around 3 paid gigs with the GH4 - nothing special at all. I concluded that need a I better image in this price range. A6500, original A7S, NX1, Nikon D750, EM ii, Canon Mark iii... these images impress the people you are filming. It usually looks better than what they are used to seeing (if you choose the right environment, style and grade for each). You have to battle with the GH4 footage to get the same results in post under most circumstances, except sit down, well lit interviews. But the others can impress with native profiles and native lenses. The GH5 image looks great, compared to the GH4 - but in my view its not demolishing the others regarding breathtaking shots I consistently see with a camera search on vimeo narrowed to the last 30 days. NOTE - some shots are stunning, especially portrait/close ups w. bokeh However, they have nailed the camcorder/dslr hybrid of 2017. I would love to see an image comparison test with the DVX200 4K (similar price considering add-ons, lenses) to see if we are finally ready to admit we want camcorders back.
  16. Oh god, this is so tempting - beautiful, a true testament to what this community is all about. Literally one of the sirens Odysseus got his knickers in a twist about. But... I have to stick to my guns. I sold off my GH4 and next going is my Micro Cinema Camera - I simply refuse to fiddle with another camera ever again on paid shoots. I want it to work out of the box, which is why I am moving to the Ursa Mini Pro. For me it is a compromise of both worlds - ease of use for paid work and the ability to unleash the beast when I have time to play around with grading. If I could afford it I would have gone Canon C300 or even FS7, but Blackmagic makes me feel like I am still part of the DSLR community (whatever that isnow:/) This is tempting however as a B cam and that is the decision I have to ponder for a few weeks, as I had already put my mind on the a6500 - again for ease of use with a simple native wide and circa 50mm lens for super low budget jobs. However, again those low budget jobs would become bigger tasks if I used raw - so by process of logical thought, unless I want to back to 1080p - - this would just be a fun toy. I don't need more toys (so my wife tells me often). Decision made - pass, but happy for you all!
  17. Yes, but im cool with nobody responding. In there, atm, its pretty much guaranteed ?
  18. Thought that would get you to click, and sorry to dissapoint you. But it is a somewhat true statement. I am laying myself (aka my latest project) down for sacrifice to the gods of personally-identifiable social media. All I ask is for brutal honesty about technical aspects of my work. My mom and wife are already in the fan club, so I dont need compliments. And I see the needed imrpovements clear as day. I am in search of perfection with cheap ass gear. Give me your opinions. Anyways, I throw myself onto the stove of public opinion. NB - if you dont speak Finnish then just critique me on technical issues Gh4 for the documentary and micro cinema camera for the music video (all questions will be answered... in time, as I am slammed until April). Backstory: if you have been following my posts, and why would you, but I started a service where I gave a filmmaking workshop where my clients produce a video. Below is the product, and below that is a documentary about the project... per se. I ended up directing/ filming everything due to scheduling issues, but everyone essentially helped in production. All participants were ex-convicts (ecxept for Steen1, who is a famous rap artist here in Finland). I learnt aot and made some good friends and contacts. Tell me your tech thoughts and what I can do better at next time!
  19. I am asking what it says on the tin/box... do you need/ use them anymore in the digital distribution era?
  20. Zak, how did you balance the tokina and micro? I tried and failed... Its logical that it should work, but it is too front heavy atm.
  21. So this is our version of 'screener season' Man, are we nerds :/
  22. I have done more tests and I found that bringing it down to between 10 - 30% works best depending on profile/ situation for my tests. But it is still an easier step for fast turnaround projects than trying to add some 'blush' with color correction. I also film with daylight balanced lights, so this could be fantastic when I want to add a more tungsten feel. Its a nice tool (for me), but I wouldn't call it a fix. Not that the GH4 needs fixing with regards to its color in lit environments. Just an option.
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