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  1. If this is not already Marcellus Wallace, then we are truly fucked as humans. The fact is that he is untraceable. I still sometimes have a glimpse at those Instagram pics and I wonder how someone so perfect can write stuff so stupid. And the 'elder' who was on vacation who 'chimed in' to let us know he earned 1 000 USD a day as CEO and President of Saawadi Building with holdings in some media company and some post on some faculty, and had no time for scams, is apparently long gone. No we have Saawadi Jnr the peacemaker teenager. Jeez, folks. Let's unite, vote for a ban, move on, take some lessons. NOOBODY is getting their money back. Period. Has anyone been to Africa before? It is different rules. Your naivety is thinking that because someone is in Afirca they don't have access to information like we do. They do, and the education system is actually awesome for kids from rich parents. Better on average than in Europe or the states. Some of my peers from African schools did well, went to Cambridge, Harvard etc - and some wanted the easy way and went into fraud. I (maybe) saw it first hand. Over many many years. Some went left and some went right. Some driven by educational pedigree and some by BMWs. All are very comfortable and happy now, and crime free. We were all educated and smart, but some used that to take advantage of people who looked at them as poor Africans. A fool and his money are soon parted. If anyone knows SEO, they know how to play the long game, in the world of high stakes purchases reputation is everything and if you think that cannot be manufactured you are naive again. If I had say 10 accounts and all I had to do was build rep on each fro 3 years and then bank 3 000 on each account, that is 30 000 dollars. Which to someone in Africa, could be the equivalent of you winning a 100 000 lottery. It would be enough to survive on for a few years. It is worth the effort in ways you wouldn't understand unless you had nothing. For us there is working at bestbuy, Ikea, Hesburger/ McDonalds (until the bots take over) but for many it is the streets, hunger and death. Learning how to comment and talk about gear is literally a piss-take. Can we not start to have these types of discussions about how naive and stupid we all are with our 'hobby' here that really should be our 'profession'? As a professional, even giving your kid your account details is an instant fail in my opinion. This is serious money and serious business we are in. Movies and tv may be dead, but video content is a billion dollar industry and it is no place for pure apologists and tech heads. We need to keep these leeches out of the picture. Its too expensive to feel sorry for ones and zeros. edit: when I say apologists, I mean giving scammers the benefit of the doubt because we are a 'community' and when i say tech heads, i mean people who get caught up with the tech and never develop a business plan and a true real life strategy to live off of images.
  2. Until you have tried to learn some ancient Scandinavian language, you will never understand how easy English actually is. With a basic understanding, you can Google translate your way into Hemingway highway.
  3. 10 bucks for that Brooklyn one that puts you buy the shake shack.
  4. LMAO You and me brother, in his hands. Mic drop. We are getting into trolling territory here, so I must now retire to the boudoir. It has been fun.
  5. Yes! Ok, Im gonna stop talking about it and write something quick tomorrow and post it as an editable doc so we can all edit it. I've already captured the paper trail for these purposes. Just hope the thread doesnt close in the next few days for proper screengrabs. Nuff said...
  6. I guess you are correct, which is why nothing is happening in the time/ money investment front from anyone. But a spoof would be funny as hell and I would vouch for probably watching that. I just have this theory that if everyone invests 15 minutes we could have a nice short for us only. Skype interview with Ed, the victims and the story of trying t track down the elusive Ebrahim for a video interview.... it could be funny
  7. So the penny begins to drop for Mr Mercer. The ES poster has a sense of humour at least. It's all fake to them so they are engaging with us. They know their forum credibility is shot. They are just going to drag along this payback story so it doesn't progress to THEIR authorities. But we can all have fun now, no?
  8. We will have it all. I am literally making the widescreen hand formation right now. We will have it all! Screw royalties. Those suckers will be paying us for exposure!
  9. Nice, that's a good start. But here you have an eye of the tiger situation. Everyone wants to know who YOU are. I know you may feel shy, but forget about all the shaming, think like a filmmaker. Document whats happening now in your world on cell, whatever, and release it. Don't worry about perfecting it, just give us you artistic statement about what led you to do what you did, what you felt after, and what you plan to do. I know it sounds cynical but there are pros here that will help you develop as hort story. I am sure... even like a vlog style thingy...
  10. Dude, you didn't watch it. Shame. Here is is again. It answers all of your questions.
  11. I've saved up to page 28 as pdfs, I am going to try write something. I am a horrible writer, so anyone that wants to collaborate I am in. I downloaded the serial podcast after Aronchicago mentioned it on page one or two and this could so work as a riff on that. I have been listening all weekend. I could do the voice over, I have a condenser set up, we just need to work out a script. Who wants to do this? And yes I get your sarcasm, I was thinking more along the lines of something fun. Is that so taboo to want to do something fun and timely?
  12. I guess so. Sometimes I cannot help but think like a salesman producer. Which is why I hire directors when I can afford it. We are all needed, no?
  13. Ebrahim, if you make a short film about this I will pay the vimeo streaming fee to watch it and I am sure all of us will. Make it honest, make it real, give us a cliffhanger... Make a film with all your emotion and anxiety, thats why we are here. To help each other be naked. You will make your money easily, but you must make the film next week or we will have all moved on...
  14. Just goes to show that anyone can read a camera spec sheet and sound smart. That is the curse of our generation. Which is why I will never invest in camera specs again.
  15. James will wait. In fact they will all probably wait a month or so. Just make a plan, give 50 bucks to each as a promissory note. Give them your REAL name address, contact details that they can verify. Keep making steady payments. Ignore this thread now. Get on with your life. its over now.
  16. Oh my. Whatever could you possibly do? In every job that must be done There is an element of fun And... snap! The job's a game! Watch and learn, and if you must sing along. You will feel better I promise. Then upgrade to Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Once you have memorised those lyrics and done the penguin dance you will not have a worry in the world
  17. I always miss the point when its this late and I am this knackered. Nothing personal. Apologies. You will see I shared your sympathies a few pages back. Anyways, I am out for this topic. It has been fun.
  18. I am always alone, with maybe an unskilled assistant 'intern' - but I pay them for he day. It's all doc style promos, sit down interviews or green screen work.
  19. Because my dad worked in the united nations II was in each country for each of these 'significant' events: What year did Zimbabwe gain independence? What year did South Africa gain independence? What year was 9/11? What year was Obama elected? What year was 7/7? What year did Mandela die? What year was the Migrant Crisis? What year was Brexit? I have witnessed all of these first hand - in each city and country. Lucky? I think not. It does not not make me better than you to be a first hand witness to crisis. It only makes you better if you can look back and think about how you could have helped others. And yes, I was in London when DOdi and DI passed, I actually worked at Harrods selling perfume for my first job so, I have met Al Fayed. People here have been around, don't think you are special.
  20. The biggest problem is that if there is, in fact, a 1000 dollar a day earning 'young dentist' and patron of god knows faculty lording over the esteemed Saawadi Building of misfits and vagabonds - then a policeman with an internet connection will eventual come by looking for a bribe. (sounds like a wes anderson flick) Or a scumbag will start plotting a kidnapping. But you have to ask yourself, the home address, business details and address, family history, phone number were all basically given to us by this man. All of it. Given on a platter to 'exonerate' their name. Doesn't it seem fishy?
  21. The red capes are coming.... the red capes are coming...
  22. HA HA! You're not implicated here at all. All you did was a bit of investigative faux-journalism. As I said, make a short film about this Ed, you would make one better than all of us. I have saved the PDF version of this thread, all of it. Make a film and then you are exonerated due to artistic civic responsibility.
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