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  1. Thanks AaronChicago. I used the Modified v-LOG to REC709 (as posted by Marshal Davis). I remember reading in one of your posts the other day that you have found an input LUT/ LOG to REC709 you like after lots of testing. Could you remind me what it was, I would like to give it a try? Edit: Nevermind, read your last post here. Will give your latest method a try.
  2. I was very disappointed with the noise, it makes me feel like i am in a time warp editing footage from my Canon XL1 in 2006. So I tried to tweak/ max out the settings we have available in V Log. I raised NR to +5 and i.Res to High. This immediately killed the noise in the lcd screen and evf. I have looked at the footage and it seems to help. I know it is established that pumping up these settings don't help the image in the long run, but I wanted to see if the payoff was worth it. For any of you GH4 pros with more experience, what exactly am I sacrificing by raising these settings so high? (I am also struggling with exposure for VLog, any tips on what I am doing wrong in this shot would be helpful. 'Twas a sunny day, lady facing the sun.)
  3. I just bought this and played around with it. I think it is relevant for anyone who has been filming cine v and wishes to continue doing so until the update comes along. I am in the middle of a travel piece and this will allow me to quickly grade without too many headaches, so I am chuffed. I will probably keep using it for personal and lo/ no budget work in the future.
  4. I bought the GH4 guide and I have only just seen that I could have bundled the Log Converter. I wanted to ask whether this converter works if you shoot in any of the 3 profiles Andrew suggests, and others. I have been shooting his second option in the guide, Cine V, as I like the look straight out of the camera and it gets me excited. Filming Cine D log, all settings down to X (buy the guide!) just didn't click with my project needs and time. I also feel that looking at the view finder on personal, unpaid projects (especially travel videos because you can't get the exact same shot and light twice) should get you motivated and not guessing whats going to happen in post. Run and gun exposure and negotiating dslr colour science is already a tricky skill to master. That being said, is Andrew's log converter only for certain profile settings or for all, cine v in specific? Reshooting everything is A bitter pill to swallow, but doable if the benefits out weigh the cost (or rather, time) as I am already a few shots/ locations in. Just found a topic on the converter, don't know how I missed it. If my query is still valid or easy to answer, please respond. otherwise sorry for taking up pixels!
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