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  1. Starting to get a little frustrated here is Australia. I pre ordered day after launch and Im still waiting. My store got stock but only a third of what they were expecting. Yet Sony managed to get that a7c piece of shit out into stores quickly. They only had 3 years to get the a7siii right!
  2. 2017 called at they want there camera back! This is so meh for the price. I get that there could be some good engineering to make it a bit smaller. If bloggers and autofocus was the play, from what I have seen so far it's not that great. What ever happened to the RX1?
  3. I have found the output on the mic quite through my headphone as a USB mic on the Mac. Will need to play with the settings to see if I can increase the volume.
  4. I enjoy the A9 a lot. I would love just one more update on the a9, its never going to happen. PICTURE PROFILES.
  5. I have pre ordered a7siii as i can’t wait any longer for picture profiles on my a9. Still not sure if i will go through with it though.
  6. Pretty sure filmic will let you record 2 cameras at the same time. You can switch between 4 though.
  7. I don't mind them. Like all our gear, there are different tools for different scenarios. I have used them to monitor an audio recorder wirelessly, used them to pass backup audio to the camera, even used them as a wireless headphone monitoring solution. I only use them as a "main source" over very short distances, but they are so tiny they are handy to have in your kit.
  8. I thought you could only switch them live. Are you sure you can do this in post? That would be impressive.
  9. Looks like a leaked video. Checkout the “forced mobile” mode at about 2.55.
  10. So with no built-in ND filter (and still no filter thread) worse aperture, same bad battery life and same 4k recording limit (I doubt if overheating has improved) and of course no mic jack. Not to mention the price. How is this an improvement for video shooters?
  11. Thanks. I really like the camera but get very pissed off everytime I shoot video with it. Just knowing what it could have been. I doubut Sony will ever add the PP.
  12. thefactory

    NAB 2018

    Wow I will be picking one of theses up I had the photo version and really liked the lens. Just was not great for video. Caleb Pyke mentions them at around 4:15 in this video.
  13. Maybe this is why the left picture profiles off the a9. Saving them for the a9ii. cant stand the look of the BMD, but for that price I’m buying one. I think it’s time for my video camera to just be a video camera. Im kind of sick of stuffing around with Sony alphas for video. And sick of waiting for a7siii. Just wish the pocket had internal nd filter. Cause I’m also sick of carrying around nd filters!
  14. The only thing that makes me think that maybe the a7siii might have somthing good up it’s sleve, is the length of time it’s taking to hit the market. We were expecting it at last NAB in response to the gh5. Hopefully, the longer it takes the better it will be. The fs5 strategy is a bit weird. It would be interesting to know if any hardware has changed at all. Maybe this is Sony’s way of getting out of firmware updates. Just release a new model. It’s seems to work with the consumer line so maybe the pro line are following suit. Im still waiting for PP on the a9. Dont think it’s going to happen. I wish Sony were more open with there users. Like the a9. If you never plan to put PP on the camera, just come out and say it.
  15. thefactory

    NAB 2018

    I have seen the fs700 quite cheap around Australia lately. Might be time to pick one up and pair with the new ninja. Wonder what high frame rates it will support?
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