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  2. I recall when RED ONE started to be compared with 5DIi... Funny comparison anyways:
  3. Hi There, Dan: Are you looking for help with your filming TECHNIQUE? Or are you looking for help in picking topics? If you are looking for help with TECHNIQUE, here is a simple one for sit down interview. But if you are instead looking for suggestions on what topics to cover, that is harder. You said you want to make interviews about activism topics. Why do you want to do that? Do you feel strongly about activism? or do you just want to practice shooting interviews / get paid to make videos and you don't really care about social activism? If you don't know much about activism / human rights then I can make some suggestions by private message to you. I don't want to turn a public thread into a political thread on this forum.
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  5. To those in Europe, as for instance, to have the need to use the 800Mhz band mainly outside downtown (once Redmi Note 7 Pro was not introduced other than China and India to not cannibalize the Xiaomi high-end) here's a much interesting alternative based on the superior Sony's IMX586 sensor -- seems Camera2 API compatible: Support directly from YT with firmware updates introducing new features looks like very customer friendly too -- you definitely won't have that going along a major player: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kxF0elPgHWU
  6. That's awesome. I can't wait for 100 MP video to be streamed over fleets of 7G directly into my VR headset so I can watch movies like this from bed. True, but in real use I like the sensor to outresolve the lens, so the lens acts as an OLPF or anti aliasing filter. Optical imperfections add character, digital imperfections mess up the image. Unless you need to actually resolve 100 million individual dots in which case... wow.
  7. “The US has transitioned very successfully to a services based economy. I don't understand why so many Americans want the polluting labour intensive factories back and to plunder the land for massive amounts of raw material. That's why you have China, they are willing to do all of this and pollute their environment, so you don't have to, and so your kids can go to a nice school, get a good education and have a nice job that doesn't depend on manual labour.” The desire for cheap gear does not justify moving laborious polluting industries. The American government and industry need to take responsibility and develop procedures and methods to mitigate and manage harmful side effects to manufacturing. The fact that the polluting has been moved offshore thousands of miles away does not mean it does not effect you. The pollutants find there way here much like the cheap gear did. I have been to Guangzhou, I have seen the polluted air, it’s a sad realization when you see millions of young people being sacrificed in order to generate revenue for the country. Pollution doesn’t just go off into space it follows trade winds and ocean currents eventually normalizes in the atmosphere and ecosystem. Not only does China steal IP, force technology transfer and not open their market they damage your air and ocean all while making money off of you. No one holds them accountable because the people who should be doing that are busy making money from it and the everyday consumer is happy with their latest cheap gadget. Donald trump is a silly incompetent individual and is probably doing this out of a temper tantrum but it is the right thing to do. Everything has a cost and sooner or later people realize it. Millions of people rush to shop at Walmart and target then they wonder where their jobs went.
  8. Yeah, fading light is terrible for camera comparisons unless you hit record on both at the same time (and have duplicate lenses of course). Wild guess, but .... Blues Brothers?
  9. I messed this first test up pretty badly. I don't recommend deciding last minute to go shoot a test as the sun is going down, but hey, at least I finally did something. I'll shoot some more with the P4k and Micro on this holiday weekend and do it properly. Bonus points to the first person in the forum who doesn't live in my town who can name the famous movie this location is featured in. Knowing you guys, this is too easy.
  10. Don't feel bad - lots of others around have multiple cameras and could have put their hand up.. This stuff is all on top of our day jobs, families, and other stuff, which should all take priority
  11. I’ve had a few cameras with IBIS and it’s one of the best features ever implemented. The ability to stabilize my favorite vintage lenses truly is amazing and that is a major reason the GH5 is on my short list plus after using the 5D3 for a couple years, I think the ultra clean, modern look of the GH5 is a positive. I think the BMPCC 4K is just a little too much camera for a 2nd camera especially since I’d most likely shoot 1080p with it. But if I find a deal, you never know. As of now, I am wavering between the GH5, the BMMCC and the Z Cam E2C. We’ll see.
  12. Well if you had spent the money to do this shit years ago you might have a different attitude. But it is changing, look at me. This stuff is free compared to when I was young. 😜
  13. You get what you pay for. End of story.
  14. True. I love MFT and if they had a EVA-1 style video camera, I probably would be using MFT fully, especially once the 10-25mm f1.7 lands. But, without really knowing what's ahead for MFT and Panasonic, hard to justify buying what will probably be a $2k+ lens.
  15. That is the problem with the Micro to me over the BMPCC, you might as well have a Canon C300. I, at my age, can't hardly shoot with a Smartphone, let alone a Camera Rig. The world has changed big time. Nobody trusts anyone anymore. When i was young Everyone trusted everyone. Complete opposite then. You young people are screwed big time.
  16. This is because skilled trade work pays well. The machinists, service technicians, welders and electricians make more than the engineers. Unlike the engineers, they aren't up to their eyeballs in debt with student loans(they get payed to learn). Value needs to be created and sold to support the service industries that don't pay nearly as well(besides banks)as the industrial services.
  17. I just tried turning off GPU decoding of HEVC files and the h.265 clip is now way too lifted and flat when set to Full levels. Clearly this is buggy. So doing it on the GPU yields the "correct" result, except for the clipping. Transcoding to ProRes 422HQ in EditReady seems to be the best workaround for me right now to get the full image displaying correctly in Resolve.
  18. I feel bad I never did this. Going to head out after dinner and grab some clips with a Micro and a P4k. Both RAW 3:1 to start.
  19. I've tried this out in Resolve 16b3 with the same files and unlike Resolve 15, I need to set the ProRes clip to Video levels, not Full levels. Besides that, the colours now apparently match with the latest bug fixes. However I'm getting a separate luma clipping issue. Details over here in the original thread.
  20. Gotcha, the old concatenation issue. I find that Nuke is a lot more transparent about stuff like this so I don't have to dig too deep. In fact I use Nuke as a sanity check and prototype for stuff I'm trying to do in Resolve. I was reading the main X-T3 thread and I wanted to check in on this thread to say that I tested the original clips to see if the new Resolve 16 beta 3 fixed your original 601 vs 709 issue. On my machine (Macbook Pro with Vega 20 GPU) it does indeed now match the Reds in his jacket. However in 16 I now need to set the ProRes clip data levels to Video, not Full levels. This kind of makes sense considering the typical ProRes usage scenario. As long as the full dynamic range is coming in and the luma is as intended, I'm fine with that. Separately, I'm still getting an issue on my machine at least, with clipped detail in the h.265 footage straight from camera. I think this is just a v16 beta issue but I'd be interested to know if anyone else is seeing this. I've reported it to BMD. Attached are screen grabs where I graded up to clearly show the issue. The waveforms (not attached) also show the clipping. My workaround for now has been to transcode the h.265 to ProRes 422HQ using EditReady, and then in Resolve set the ProRes to Video Levels to match the h.265 at Full levels - the luma levels then match, but it's not clipped. I believe the issue may be a bug with GPU decoding of h.265 clips.
  21. Even the wording in the phrase "full frame" is itself one of the biggest marketing wins Canikon has ever pulled off! Making many newbie (and not so newbie!) photographers (has leaked over and infected filmmakers too) feel inadequate if they have anything less than their "full" frame.
  22. To my book, this is the most crucial hassle I see to this device to pair or even beyond Trump's persecution, at least and IMHO: https://uk.community.huawei.com/ask-questions-about-the-camera-on-your-device-26/p30-pro-full-support-for-camera-api-2-and-camera-hal3-4267 https://consumer.huawei.com/en/community/details/?topicId=6790&showBread=1 On the other hand, this is the most interesting deal to me so far, Sony's sensor beats Samsung's:
  23. Don't understand a word! But yes, looks like it was fun Guessing this here is the final product:
  24. It was already very concerning when they didn't release the EVA1 with a MFT option :-/
  25. Another Arri for 5K GBP, but... it is BROKEN! https://www.ebay.com/itm/Arri-Alexa-XT-camera-body-no-accessories-no-lens-with-flight-case/173890467805
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