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How I got scammed through "Ebrahim Saadawi"


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5 minutes ago, dahlfors said:

I think it would be great if Ebrahim Sr and Timotheus would have a calm one-on-one call by themselves to try to figure and possibly sort things out. No need to make this into a reality show.

Would be the smartest situation. Anything posted here from the account of Snr at this point by virtue is worthless.

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1 hour ago, Ebrahim Saadawi said:

Posting again to defend myself. 

You can't make out my address from this photo. But if you want it, It's Egypt, Dakahlya Mansoura Qesm 2, Al Derasat St. 4th building. Saadawi Building. This is my building and where my grandson and my other 3 grandsons (and their families - 13 grandchildren) live. Any known EOSHD member is 100% welcome to drop by and he will be treated with Egyptian hospitality. 

1- Tonight after this incident was discovered, I went down to my gear closet (It's a car garage in the building), and found that my 1DC, which everyone knows I love, is missing. I paid Triple the price of it's 8000$ cost to get into here and it's my A camera. Now officially stolen. Serial number 02301100059. This is a 23000 USD loss, believe it or not. 

2- The amount I'll have to refund is 3400 USD (maybe more). And I have to pay this for a theif, who stole my identity. hence yes I have no obligation. The correct and legal act to do is file a claim and investigate who made the scam and we extract the money out of him/her after the fact. That's the reason I say I have no obligation. I have no idea why this sentence has been interpreted in a bad way. 

3- @Ed I see you're doing some investigation on me, and saying ''this is a photo of someone else that you've seen before''. Well take attention to the two photos posted in the thread and you'll find it's the same person. Even shot on the same day with the same shirt. 

4- The idea that I've been here for 3 years posting to the point of reaching the most popular contributor, to make 3000$ is absurd, don't you think? 

5- I despise this situation where I am actually defending myself for a pity thief. But thank all of those who believe me based on their knowledge of me through all these years. It means a lot. 

6- Honor is something some men are born with. Not all. And any educated person knows from heart who's an honorable man and who's not. 

7- This thread is starting to get creepy with all the searching on my grandson and me. And it's dangerous. Because we don't know who the buyers are like and how they could react against him believing he made the scam. It's personally upsetting me.

8- No.7 practically insures no Saadawi made the scam - because as the scammer did actually admit in his Facebook message - No scammer would have a real online profile with his address, work, name, age, etc. It's simply impossible and only insures the scam was made to be against that profile owner. The scammer is saying I am Ebrahim Saadawi Jr. and I am scamming you. 

9- I already filed a class-action suit and an official police investigation on the matter against every single employee who has even remote reach to my equipment and computers. 

10- I will get that low-life thief even if he's a drop of water in the ocean that is Egypt.

This destroyed my summer holiday. And it's really saddening as people's trust is someone I value above anything else. And having lost that here, I could no longer participate, that's the untold reason behind not using this account again but also a small part is to stop any scams that might occur through my FB or EOSHD accounts. 






Still just unrelated curious about stealing shots for a cinematography real . Talking about honor.


Not that stealing ftg is the same as stealing money.


Also curious bout western union money pick up policy. That should narrow the search down quite considerably.

So you need a passport or drivers license.

How easy is it to forge this in Egypt?

I am going to assume it is easy?

And finally for me then im out....

Why didnt the person also steal a camera?

Why not just leave it as an online scam?

As the scammer said...legally the scam would hold up in court.

Stealing a 24k camera....thats easy grounds for arrest.

In egypt!

Im sure those jails are not fun.

Still too many weird holes  for me.

Okay im out

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2 hours ago, Amro Othman said:


Exactly. There are only two possibilities IMHO:

1 - Somebody nasty who doesn't like or is envious of Saadawi Sr. is attempting to destroy his rep. Hence the arrogant confession message on facebook.

2 - It's his grandson who is behind all of this and Saadawi Sr. is protecting him despite his folly and will give him a good spanking behind closed doors.


And for all the naysayers- he already said he plans to refund the people who lost money from his own pocket. What more do you want?!

He doesn't respond at all when sending him a message about the refund.

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13 minutes ago, mercer said:

Has anyone remotely considered the possibility that Ebrahim and Timotheus are the same person and this is an elaborate ploy to get even more money out of people?

I had that thought briefly haha, who knows what's really going on... 

Honestly though, at this point Eb Snr really just needs to video call someone. 
If he's as rich as he says he is a 2min discussion with someone credible (like Andrew) wont be hard to arrange, nor would it be too hard to take time out from his "holliday" for. His last post was just as suspect as the first. If it were me in this situation it's one of the first things I would try and do, I wouldn't even waste my time posting here or trying to explain things.

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Someone stole his 1dc ? Thats terrible ! I hope if it really is a thief they catch him !

not gonna jump to any conclusions but ummm yeah...this whole thing sounds off...especially with the stolen footage

absolutely NEVER send money western union !

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But seriously. I'm afraid at this point, for a lot of people on this forum, the truth is irrelevant. I almost believe the entire story is made up. No disrespect intended to Tim but I don't really know anybody here, and there are really only two truths we know... Tim fell for an African Western Union scam and Ebrahim, if that's his real name, used the same words (names) for both his login and password and then told everybody on the forum. And someone close to him, all fingers point to his grandson, has stolen people's clips and used them in his own reel, but was smart enough to never actually say they were his.

If any of this is true I wish everyone the best because it sucks. I get why Tim would take Ebrahim's word for it considering he is a well respected member of this forum. And this is so strange that I even can believe that this is actually Ebrahim conversing on the forum now and he has zero knowledge of any of this. This whole debacle seems like a case for Peter Sellers. 

Also, has anyone noticed that Zach Goodwin has been eerily silent lately... Just sayin. 

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