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  1. We are now coming at an dead end in the camera business, the same happened in the music industry..when cubase and pro tools and what ever programs hit the roof with 32 bit. It´s all up to the the musicians, not the gear.
  2. I have both A6300 and A6000 ..the 1080 is better on the A6000
  3. Guys..we have all been scammed. Those Saadawi guys doesn`t exist. It must be someone else with much more camera knowledge..( read the threads that they have been involved in). When Mr Reid comes back to the forum, he can sort it out.
  4. This is absolut fantastic! A story that could end up as a Hollywood movie. Here we have the highest ranked forum member from Egypt..who successfully runs a Nuclear Radiology Center,is a Lecture in Middle east's highest regarded universities, and owns Al Saadawi Media accused for a scam. The problem is..there is no such media or Radiology center.. there is no Ebrahim Saadawi..and the only person who could solve this mystery (Andrew Reid) is missing. Could it be that Andrew Reid is Ebrahim Saadawi? Is that why the Egyptian scammer wrote in such a perfect English.
  5. I can confirme. The a6300 overheats. I did 15 min ,no problems..tried again and went for a walk. When I came back the camera was black and stopped at 11 min. I had the lcd pulled out. The battery appartment was hot...the room was normal temp. This remind me of the Sony Nex7..which was a nightmare I
  6. I wonder about moire. The a6000 is one of the worst cameras ever in that respect. I general 4K doesn't have much but its noticeable from time to time in for example the NX1. What are you talking about? Show us moire from the a6000. Have you tried the camera?. You must mean sony nex6
  7. Inazuma.. thanks for the video..there is moire but not "tons" Sony records in superwhite as you said . If you try to record in portrait mode with contrast dialed down you can get more dynamic range..I havent had any problems with aliasing on the A6000..the bad thing with the camera is the placement of videorecording button..lets hope for better codec with the A7000
  8. Inazuma..please show us that "tons of aliasing/moire and poor dynamic"
  9. http://***URL not allowed***/lab-review-samsung-nx1-video-mode-frustrating/ Not all are positive!
  10. A6000..much better colours than gx7 ..to bad the a6000 has no mic input and a crazy placement of record button
  11. I agree..havent seen any A7s footage that have the colour like Nikons..even my A6000 has more natural colours than A7s
  12. Yes..of cause you need to grade in post...I´m used to Sony colours..but I dont see them in Sony A7s.. not in S-log grades...If you shoot to flat with A6000 you also might find your self in trouble grading in it back to natural colours ..
  13. I have looked at a lot of A7s Movies..and I wonder ..where are the colours?..if you use S-log (a very flat incamera setting for better dr.) then you have to bring back the colours in post....whats the point of shooting flat and then colorcorrect a blue sky grey or green ????
  14. This is some talent dancers...shot on a Sony A7s
  15. Sony is nr 2.. they have the best onboard mic´s in the camera world..
  16. Hello max optics, does the A6000 do focus magnify while video recording? = Yes
  17. Philip Bloom liked it a lot..he didnt see mud..but on the other hand.. he didnt go out shoot bushes http://philipbloom.net/2014/05/12/a6000/
  18. Same here..no overheating 29 min ..at room temperature.
  19. I have both..I´m falling in love with the A6000..I have the 18-55mm old kitlens for A6000 and the powerzoom 14-42mm for G6. When I compare both.. the G6 with kitlens against the A6000 kitlens ...the A6000 is sharper ..(this suprised me) I use Zoom H1 for audio if I do an interview..the mics on a6000 are better (but no external mic input) Tomorrow I get my black E 50mm 1,8 ..should be perfect for interviews
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