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  1. Woow..the Panasonic guys are on the move.. I have a Panasonic G6 and I love that camera...but please..no way the A6000 is muddy A6000 MP4 ..https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/83684195/Sony%20A%206000%2018-55mm%20Vitberget%2019%20april%202014.mp4
  2. IAG01..show me some clips.. I havent seen any clips from your detailed Panasonic cameras I can show you some clips where A6000 has the same detail as G6.. This is about A6000 ...if it is good..if it is worth the upgrade from nex series..not about your 10x resolution gm1
  3. Gethin..no I´m shooting in 50 p handheld..then stabilized with ProDad Mercalli.... Mercalli is not working that well If I shoot in 25p I have Panasonic G6 and I also had the GH2 (hacked)...but this little A6000 surprises me more and more..the autofocus is lightning fast and doesn´t hunt but I like to shoot wih Canon FD`s and manual focus...
  4. A 6000 Walk with the dog in the Woods..kitlens 18-55mm
  5. MKjaer.. Thats correct! I played around with a6000 for some days now and to be honest..there isn´t that much different from nex5n in Daylight shooting..but in lowlight it is cleaner and moire and aliasing is less..now that you can to see 4k (gh4) and raw footage.. it is difficult to have a "wow" effect when you look at regular aps-c cameras at this pricepoint..they all look good.. but with peaking.. zebras..great viewfinder..and a very good still camera..a6000 is a great all around camera ..I have Panasonic G6..and they are equal..the a6000 has a bigger sensor and much better still camera. here are some download links from a6000 Canon fd´s https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/83684195/Sony%20A6000%20Canon%20Fd%2035mm%20Fd%2035-105mm.mp4 Autofocus test (normal speed settings) https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/83684195/A6000%20Autofocus%20test%2018-55mm%2025p.mp4 Autofocus test 2 (normal to fast settings) https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/83684195/A6000%20autofocus%20fast%20vs%20normal.mp4
  6. iag01..Remember that the codec is stressed by water..and you need more bitrates or better inhouse codec..my G6 is the same when it comes to filming water or lots of movement..I say that the Sony A6000 is a great videocamera better than nex6 and 5n..I dont know what you are expecting of a camera in this pricepoint?....my filming may have been bad ..but the camera is not! I Think we are gonna se some beatiful Movies from a6000 when pros test it out..
  7. "Mkjaer"..I see what I can do..it is not possible to take pictures in Movie mode .. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/83684195/a6000%20still.JPG '> A6000 with Canon fd https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/83684195/Sony%20A6000%20Canon%20Fd%2035mm%20Fd%2035-105mm.mp4 A6000 Autofocus test 18-55mm https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/83684195/A6000%20Autofocus%20test%2018-55mm%2025p.mp4
  8. Yojimbo..No all handheld I did stabilize it in post..Mercalli in Sony Vegas....I really like the Camera . I have a G6 and I think it is better suited for wider shots like the water dog movie..I found G6 to have better resolution than A6000..but with darker sceens and close ups with old manual lenses like Canon fd´s the a6000 looks better than my earlier 5n 6 and 7 the a6000 + G6 might be a good and pricey combo for amateurs like me.
  9. Her is a link to my water and dog video..hope it looks better than on vimeo ..but i´m no pro..so go easy on me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OIIHm_0eJUw&list=UUyu3cHtoRbF6R9aJ8hucKHg I also have a Sony A6000 video with Canon fd Lenses
  10. BlueBomberTurbo / iag01 I agree..my fault..I was in a hurry didnt bring nd and the sun was wery strong..then i tried to cc with MBL just to see how much it could hold up..but it didn´t look nice at all I will load up a new copy tonight without any cc ..The moire thing did suprise me..but I noticed moire in a6000 as well..but it is much better than nex6 or even 5n..one thing I cant understand is the crazy placement of the record button..stupid!
  11. It´s wellknown that Panasonic is sharper and has more resolution than almost any other camera..some like it.. some dont. This A 6000 might be close to fs100 in terms of "filmlook"..and yes the highlights can be tamed by flaten the look...I´m going for this "Little wonder"
  12. Thats the difference..the Pana 12-35 is a fantastic lens.. the Sony 16mm 2.8 is crap
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