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  1. Awesome! Glad to hear it's sorted.
  2. Search Google for nx1 downgrade
  3. http://downloadcenter.samsung.com/content/FM/201508/20150821161049567/NX1_FW_v1.40_sec.zip 1.40 here
  4. May find this useful...
  5. Lots of useful info in this thread and I thank you all for taking the time. I've gone for the NX1, it just seems to offer everything I want and a lot more in terms of features and image quality, the only real negative is that it's a dead system. It doesn't offer the AF lenses I usually use for stills but it seems manual focus is the way to go over time anyway. I have some rokkors laying around to try in the meantime and will also look at FD. Thanks again
  6. Thanks Kisaha, very helpful post, looking back at everything that's been said and my requirements it seems that the best quality all rounder is the NX1, even though it's a dead system it just offers so much and the quality of the video I've seen is fantastic. It's going to cost more than I wanted to spend but what's new there.
  7. It seems it may also be worth considering the nx1, what's the AF like guys? Is it on par with A6300 and Canon DP? Thanks
  8. That's a good point, have you compared the AF to a Canon with DP or A6000? Thanks
  9. But isn't the point to shoot it in 4k and downsample to 1080p? Is there any reason I'd use 30p in Europe? Better to have slow motion than not though? Doesn't the 70d line skip at 1080p and have no 4k though?
  10. I seem to be getting to the same conclusion tbh, I'm a bit of a shallow dof junkie though and standard zoom's in terms of size and speed don't really provide the look I'd like to achieve. I wanted to keep this project under 1.5k but it seems to be going well over that. M43 is out of the picture tbh. Apsc is as small as I want to go. It doesn't help the 5div is a 1.7x crop in 4k either. A7rii seems the way to go but it's so damn expensive and after years of using Sony I'm not sure I trust then to dump another mount... plus the depreciation. Nikon (my choice for stills) is amazing but they are nowhere in terms of AF for video. Their colour science and sensor performance combined with Sony sensors is brilliant though.
  11. Thanks, I think I misinterpreted your response previously. I don't hate internal mic quality but I do hate the unnatural chatter/grind of lens af. I've used pretty much every system and high end lens for stills but like I said... video options are still fairly new to me so why not learn from more advanced users instead. Sony always seem to cripple a model to add another.... and another. It's a shame but that's the way it goes. I like Panasonic output and the m43 lens choice but m43 seems to struggle with af.
  12. I thought that was quite self explanatory in my comment about the lenses. Have you used the A5100 or Sony system? Native E mount lenses are silent. Why do I need a shoe mount, I dont plan on using a external mic. Im not filming a blockbuster. Im trying to gain a better understanding of the Canon system and weighing up pros and cons, how do my posts show a bias to the Sony system? You seem to dislike them though.
  13. Thanks Andrew, looking into the system as a whole a bit more it seems stabilisation could be an issue with the Canon, I don't want to buy a gimbal and the usm lenses seem to chatter so that leaves the non IS stm primes. Are any of the usm IS lenses quiet enough to use onboard mic? At least Sony have the 35 and 50 OSS. I see finding a video setup to cover what should be pretty basic stuff is as much of a pita as a stills setup.
  14. Thanks to you all for taking the time to post such detailed responses, will have a ponder.
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