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  1. My budget is 600$ and i want full frame for my leica m lenses.
  2. Also if anyone have any A7 test videos i would be really nice if you linked them!
  3. Hi! You guys seem really knowing about all DSLR video so i have a question. My budget is 700$ i'm getting a A7 used for stills and some video (Shoot 70% stills 30% video), now i have a NEX 7 and 5N which i really like the video quality of. But I came across this page http://www.eoshd.com/2014/02/video-quality-charts-february-2014/ , in this Andrew ranks the A7 behind the NEX cameras, why is that? Should i still keep my 5N for video and use a7 for stills? Help is much appriciated. Thanks in advance!
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