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  1. That is interesting that you have such good things to say. I think this sort of posting should be encouraged instead of the usual bitchy comments made on forums. If someone from Rode did get wind of this they would be quite chuffed and it would inspire them to continue their level of care.
  2. @j.f.r. Sort of. Depends. Apparently my mother may have bought me a red ha ha
  3. What I was trying to say may have been mis-understood slightly. I wasnt saying there isnt a difference in looks but in reply to people saying they think Red looks bad and Alexa looks better, I have many examples where both were used in a 30second commercial space and its not like one jumps out as this or that. They cut quite well. That was my point. You can use that same point to discuss any of the cameras we talk about too. They can all be great and we can use them all in the same edit and you might not be able to tell the difference. On another recent shoot I was on that just went to air, we
  4. I literally just got home from set after working a day on a local feature film. 3 cameras, all Dragon. This was not the DPs choice but instead the director, who loves Red for whatever reason. I could post several very high profile jobs I have shot where we mixed Alexa with Red and if you told me the shots where it was one or the other I would be very surprised. You might say you prefer the look of Alexa over Red but again, i would be very surprised if you could tell the difference in the edit. I will admit that Red often has a contrasty look applied to it on a lot of things i have seen, w
  5. @Policar It was interesting that you brought IMDb into the conversation as a way to try and belittle me. I was just thinking the other day that I should chase all that up. I guess I have been lucky not to even have a showreel or IMDb presence and still work with the top commercial DPs and directors here in Sydney. Its kind of tricky with my role as camera operator, in the water, on a tvc shoot, where my shot(s) are one or two seconds here and there. The DP gets the credit as they should but I would rarely be listed and not arrogant enough to email IMDb or whatever it is youre meant to do
  6. Interesting. I didnt realise IMDb was the be all and end all and I guess I really should have updated every single thing I have ever worked on with the camera my mother bought me ha ha I dont need to bother having a pissing contest my friend. Lets just say, I do know what I am talking about and if you want to use your GH4 and some hacked together lens attachment and call yourself a professional then all the best. My main point was in reply to people who consider Red to be over hyped or a dead-end as far as camera tech goes. Its a little naive to suggest such a thing. In my opinion an
  7. I do find it quite fun to read opinions on a forum that for the most part is littered with hobbyists, about things they dont really have any authority on. Red Dragon is amazing. It is a proper camera which needs to be controlled by a professional. The images, when shot correctly are awesome and anyone who thinks its dead is kidding themselves. All you need to do is look up what blockbuster films and Netflix shows are being shot with Red to realise that, that particular sensor is waaaaaay ahead of the others in many areas. Sure, Alexa is also amazing but they havent quite got to the resolu
  8. If you opened this, then you know what these are and itll save me explaining. I have 10x receivers for sale and 2x transmitters. They are block 30 (768.000-793.500) They all work and 5 of them have the original leather pouches. $200 per receiver and $300 per transmitter. Love to sell the kit but open to offers for individual items.
  9. I have for sale my Sound Devices 744T 4track recorder. I also have a sound devices 442 4ch mixer which works with this. This machine has seen some life but works perfectly and has never let me down. Before the 8track version this was the industry preferred professional recorder and has been used on feature films, docos, thousands of tv commercials. $2000 for the recorder $1000 for the mixer.
  10. I have a great Sony EX1 HD camera that I would like to sell. It works great and produces amazing images. This was one of the top cameras for its time and was approved for use by Discovery Channel. I used this on a discovery doco series called 'Storm Surfers' as well as a feature film called 'Caught Inside, TV show 'Bondi Rescue' Live surfing events, music clips, surfing films and all sorts of stuff. It comes with custom lazer foam pelican case, Sony wide angle lens, Century 1.6x tele lens, couple of long lasting batteries and some SxS cards. I also have an underwater housing for it.
  11. Was this just south of Sydney? I was doing some tests in similar locations today myself. We walked through one LOOOOOONG tunnel for about 30mins before getting to the otherside. Cant see light at either end which is kind of sketchy waiting for some tweaker to jump and out rape me. Super annoying that some of these tunnels I was exploring today were gated. On the whole ES thing, I still calling it Syndicate. Love to be wrong but this past month I have been getting phone calls from scam artists doing all sorts of things. One is the taxation dept accusing me of tax evasion and penalties, anot
  12. Hi Oliver, Hope you enjoy your new toy. From what I have been told, that little X5r is pretty cool. I am hoping to get a look at some realistic low light tests if you were interested. I have seen some late dusk/night time city scape drone stuff but with all the twinkly lights in the scene its a little easier to hide any blocky artifacts and thats what I would love to see. Maybe see how it performs at 800iso with a shot of a person maybe being lit with a standard sort of indoor lighting type of thing. Lit by household practicals? kind of good to see how high iso and low light might fa
  13. Yeah my producer is onto it but I appreciate you guys replying with your thoughts. Its always a tricky one. Seems like the short film market is saturated these days with the accessibility to cameras and the shorter learning curve, not to mention youtube tutorials etc teaching people how to do things. Everyone can make a film these days. Film festivals are pretty clever. They often get some government funding as part of philanthropic culture type of community events but then charge whatever per submission, often only accepting several films in the end but pocketing the rejected films entry
  14. Make no mistake and I would happily bet money on this, ES is not who he wants you to think he is. I could google images right now and post them on here saying this is me. Hell, this ES might actually have stolen the ID of the person he has posted as himself. The person in that ID photo might not even know hes had his ID stolen? Its a small world but its still a big world. You can go onto someones social and drag their images right onto your desktop and create your own account using those pics and the chances someone will work that out is very slim and even if they do, big deal, do it again wit
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