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    sandro got a reaction from Tim Fraser in What hardware do I need exactly for editing?   
    It seems to be a common mistake to associate video card = video editing. That's (almost) completely wrong. GPU acceleration is used only by some editing software like Premiere Pro and only for some effects, actually from CS6 they added a lot of effects. Also keep in mind that GPU acceleration is used only for rendering effects not for decoding and encoding. 
    So my advice is not to spend a fortune on video cards, just the best you can get that supports acceleration with your editing software and invest on CPU, RAM and dedicated HDD for videos. I'm not saying that GPU doesn't make a difference, I mean that high end GPUs can be an overkill.
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    sandro reacted in Video quality charts - February 2014   
    No not in terms of detail, but moire, aliasing, low light and motion artefacts are all noticeably worse. 
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    sandro reacted to Cinegain in Will Canon EVER respond to competitors?   
    Just saw this video with Chris and Jordan and thought it would really fit nicely in this topic. ;)

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    sandro reacted to Guest in a6000 vs g6 vs used 600d   
    Wow, in the UK Amazon sell the GX7 for £530 (about 650 euro)!
    My point was that you are comparing their prices as stills cameras, but the Panasonics are true hybrid cameras. Video is as prioritised as photo, so you can't just ignore that aspect of them when comparing prices. Canon and Nikon APSC cameras have video function as an add-on - an afterthought (and neither company seem to care much about it), but granted their stills are better. 
    I wasn't calling you spoiled by the way. I meant we are ALL spoiled for choice. All of these cameras are pretty good. If the GX7 isn't worth the price to you, don't buy it. If you want excellent stills and video function, get an a6000. But that camera has some issues too. There are no perfect cameras. But they are all pretty amazing ...
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    sandro reacted to Kangaroo in a6000 vs g6 vs used 600d   
    I live in Italy
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    sandro reacted to aldolega in Is GH4 worth it if I won't be using 4k?   
    IMO the 4K on the GH4 isnt really about delivering/finishing in 4K. It's about getting really really good 1080p. The 100Mbps bitrate isn't really that large and it seems like any decent computer that's less than two years old or so will be able to handle editing and playback. The price difference between the GH4 and the other cams is indeed pretty large though; it's up to you to evaluate your gear situation and see if that money would be better spent on lenses, support, lighting, etc.
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    sandro reacted to Christina Ava in Will Canon EVER respond to competitors?   
    just bought some more terra for my files, which i keep for ever and in some cases backed up. Who wants to shoot and then delete his work? lacie,WD, etc will have sales soar from all of us buying new drives every week. How do you back up 4k raw files, the costs are enormous, for something that needs to be downscaled in order to work to 90% of screens at the moment. On the otherhand 4k is futureproof. i am a huge canon fangirl, but this has to do with the complete product sensor+lens.
    At the end of August canon will probably announce the  7d ii, with a new sensor, ...
    is the GH4 is hurting the sales of the MARK iii? dont forget the mark3 is aimed at photographers too not only video
    People who where about to buy the mark iii switched to the GH4 at the last minute, and the hype surrounding the GH4 at this time is the same as the one when the Mark 2 came out. 
    i hope someone from canon reads this. i really dont wont to switch from canon...but i do hope all you gh4 lovers drive canons prices down
    can we have a cheaper version of the 1dc? i would be the first to buy
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    sandro got a reaction from dahlfors in Alternative to Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8   
    I found it for €240 with preorder, that's awesome!
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    sandro reacted to Julian in Alternative to Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8   
    Little test video I shot with it. Just a few quick shots, so not great (had a hard time focusing on the 1200D - the dof is big so everything looks in focus on the screen, but it's hard to see where the critical focus really is)

    Edited image (10mm f/6.3 I think), shot with Canon 1200D (raw):

    Full res sample pictures here (in the slide show, use the options menu to download them full res).
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    sandro got a reaction from Julian in Alternative to Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8   
    I found it for €240 with preorder, that's awesome!
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    sandro reacted to jcs in 5D3 RAW, FS700+SB, iPhone 5S cut together   
    Part of the learning process as a filmmaker is to try different cameras to see how well they work to and see how they cut together. There is no camera (yet!) perfect for all situations. Sometimes the camera you have on-hand is the best camera (or when the batteries died on your A-camera :) ).
    Here we tested 5D3 raw, processed with raw2cdng (very fast but no vertical stripe removal yet) and ACR (first shot, outdoors at golden hour), Sennheiser G3 wireless, Oscar Sound Tech OST-802 mic (great value at around $110 for the kit wired for the G3)), FS700 + SpeedBooster, and iPhone 5S for the last shot (FS700 batteries gone). Canon 24-105 F4L used on both cameras, same mic.

    Lighting (except first shot- only sun, no reflectors) was 2 6-element 'twisted bulb' high CRI fluorescent studio lights (sorry, don't have brand info anymore- they were low-cost) with diffuser material draped over lights.
    When the host (Elena) saw the iPhone 5S footage, she exclaimed "I like that better than the Sony!", lol. Getting good color out of the FS700 is possible, but takes work (other folks have stated the same thing- even with a 7Q it's not as good as Canon (or Apple!) color processing (from what I have seen online so far)).
    Here's 100% FS700+SB + Canon 24-105 F4L at F4, handheld with an HDV-Z96 LED light on camera. This was our first time shooting this kind of thing and the live audio ended up needing to be replaced with ADR (live quality was excellent with the Audio Technica 4029 stereo shotgun and Sony preamps, however the dialog had to be re-done). We used a Shure SM7B and a Focusrite Scarlet 2i2 for ADR (great preamps for the price- sold my RME Fireface 800* after getting this!), recorded directly into PPro at my desk in my home office (not a sound-treated room). I had not done this before and it was good practice (didn't try for perfect sync + some of the words were changed- kind of reminded me of old Clint Eastwood Spaghetti Westerns).

    * The Sound Devices USBPre2 has more accurate preamps, while the Scarlet 2i2 is a bit smoother and well suited for vocal recordings. The Fireface 800 is a great, very stable product, however I never liked the preamps (and while the routing complexity will blow your mind (in a good way), it's so complicated it will blow your mind (in not a good way when things don't work :) )).
    Here are the same clips on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheHotDishShow
    There was a time when youtube and vimeo offered similar quality- it's clear vimeo is now better (too bad as youtube has more social/virality features).
    We just shot another piece using 100% 5D3 RAW + Z96 light and G3 + OST-802. When we ran out of card space (2 64GB and 1 32GB Komputerbay), I pulled out the slower CF cards and continued with H.264. With good lighting I believe it will cut well with RAW, especially for internet delivery.
    I picked up this viewfinder and mini rail system for $130: http://www.amazon.com/AUTHENTIC-KAMERAR-VIEWFINDER-FINDER-NIKON/dp/B00EAXU6UM/ (says Nikon but works perfectly on the 5D3).
    I almost got the Zacuto for $300 but decided to try this first. I mounted a handle using the rails under the camera for balance: this setup works very well! Can't imagine the Zacuto or other brand would be any better in terms of optical quality and magnification ratio (2.5x)(Zacuto has anti-fog- not an issue so far in SoCal). Focusing wide shots is still an issue, even with ML peaking (have to punch in first). Really need an electronic viewfinder with full 1920x1080- I can easily focus when hooked up to an HDTV (no peaking even needed).
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    sandro reacted to blackrat in BIG NEWS - Hands on with CONTINUOUS raw recording on Canon 5D Mark III   
    Nope you are making it two times too scary :) . It's about 3.5MB and around 4.4GB per minute. Still yikes of course though.
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    sandro reacted to andy lee in GH2 sensor goes into impressive Panasonic G6, adds 1080/60p and focus peaking!   
    why does everyone need peaking?
    - just focus it with your eyes - people have been doing that for over 100 years on film !!
    it works!!
    Technology is making people lazy!
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    sandro reacted to Andrew Reid in No significant improvement in Canon APS-C sensors since 2004   
    I'm surprised Screens Pro cannot see where the frustration is coming from, he just has to open his eyes.
    I think Canon's failings fall under many categories.
    First there's their very slow product cycle on the good stuff like 7D and 5D, which is totally out of step with the current pace of development. We waited 3 and a half years for the 5D Mark III, still waiting for the 7D update. When the 5D III did finally hit, it didn't meet most people's expectations, even for stills. The Sony sensors in the D800 and RX1 thrash it for dynamic range and resolution. In 2008 Canon had a massive lead vs Sony in CMOS technology. They've not kept up.
    Then there's stuff they have simply turned off in firmware. We had to wait a year for 1080p HDMI from the 5D Mark III, despite this being a feature 2009's 7D. They simply flicked a switch in firmware and gave it us. Why wasn't it there in the first instance? God knows what else the hardware can do but they don't allow us to access. 30fps raw burst is a prime example. Magic Lantern simply access a process that is already happening in the camera every time you shoot.
    If you look at the raw video feed from the sensor in the 5D2 and 5D3 it is very similar, both have a bit of moire and aliasing in the raw but then the 5D Mark II somehow makes that worse in firmware and the 5D Mark III cures it altogether. Then when it came to the 6D, Canon decided to "un-cure" it, frustrating many 6D owners and forcing them into a more expensive upgrade path. Again, this segmentation is all artificial and very bad for business.
    Then there's the conservative approach to innovation. They can innovate with the sensor in a $15,000 camera, but then put the same sensor in a $6000 and $25000 body. As a result, one is needlessly crippled and the other doesn't perform like a $25000 camera, needs external box for 4K, loud fan, etc. When it came to their mirrorless, that was a token gesture towards an important and growing market, and they fucked it up. 2 lenses at launch. Rebel insides in a smaller casing. Chuck it out on the market quick. They have no EVF on any of their stills cameras in 2013. Their live-view AF is the slowest on the market. They are going to be hurt big time by being so conservative. So they have shrunk the Rebel even further, but SL1 again has no new features and the video quality is still dreadful by modern standards (i.e. unchanged since 2009).
    Imagine how killer the 1D C could have been if it wasn't just a 1D X with 4K enabled. If the had redesigned it, the profit margin would not have been as large, but they wouldn't then give us the terrible prospect of such a beautiful image trapped in a camera ill suited to deliver it.
    Video quality on their APS-C line has stood still since 2009, that's 4 years now. In that time, Panasonic have improved upon the GH1 twice. The GH2 a big leap in image quality, the GH3 a big leap in terms of codec, features and the body. Nikon have gone from being nowhere with the D90 to a camera like the D800, and the superb for the price D5200. They are leaving Canon in the dust for APS-C image quality, be it stills or video.
    Canon have reused the same sensor in 8 cameras.
    They have used the same Super 35mm CMOS in 3 cameras.
    They have released the same flagship DSLR twice, one with a $6000 premium.
    That is all very healthy for margins but not good for the customers who expect image quality improvements from their APS-C DSLRs, proper 4K raw recording capabilities from their $25,000 C500 and proper video ergonomics from their $12,000 4K DSLR.
    The whole thing is a joke and needs to be changed.
    I am sure people in the US arm of Canon are pushing Japan to be more innovative. I am sure the inspiration for Cinema EOS came from the US market and DSLR video. The only way Canon can be saved is by a dramatic intervention from the US.
    There's a few more problems too...
    - They refuse to support Magic Lantern, even threatening them with legal action if they touch the 1D X, despite the fact Magic Lantern increases sales of Canon bodies
    - C300 is $15k but still 8bit 4-2-0, leaving very little room under $15k for better specs
    - 700D a totally reheated 650D with new badge and mode dial
    - SL1 same crappy image quality in video mode
    - 4 year wait (maybe 5) for 7D Mark II!!
    - Little expertise on increasingly important software side - vs Resolve 10!
    Canon has to realise that they cannot just do business as usual and carry on leading.
    To stay top you have to push as hard as those underneath you.
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    sandro reacted to andy lee in No significant improvement in Canon APS-C sensors since 2004   
    'Sharpens up nicely.'
    nobody in the real world sharpens up ther footage after they shoot it! .......its a photoshop trick
    I have never in over 20 years sat in an edit suite saying - 'this will sharpen up nicely'
    and I dont know ANYONE of my colleagues who does it on commercial professional jobs!!
    Your Camera should produce a great image straight out the box.
    I don't have the time or inclination to sit there in an edit suite sharpening up every take in post because the Camera is producing a soft image
    You don't do that with Red, Arri Alexa or GH2
    GH2 does not need 'sharpening up' it works straight out the box.
    Canon have a soft codec regardless of how good their sensors are.
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    sandro reacted to Andrew Reid in Sony NEX EA50 – ENG cameras go APS-C, interchangeable lens   
    [quote name='mopixels' timestamp='1345220447' post='15914']
    Why not cheap FS100? It seems to have the sensor and all the features of a FS100. What is missing?

    The sensor and all the features.
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    sandro reacted to Trankilstef in Canon EOS-M mirrorless unveiled - Return of the EF-M system   
    Here are probably the final specs : http://www.canonrumors.com/2012/07/canon-eos-m-specs/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+canonrumors%2Frss+%28Canon+Rumors%29&utm_content=FaceBook.
    Nothing to see for a serious or enthusiast videographer here... Same sensor as always, same codec as always, same issues as always ( probably moire and jello ), no 1080p 50 as always, Canon's same goodies... Nothing improved over the EOS DSLR in video mode.
    Seems like Canon is following now, let's wait for Panasonic and Sony to blow our mind with their next models.
    I'm pretty sure the GH3 will be THE real indie cinema camera...

    So disapointed about Canon...
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    sandro got a reaction from Trankilstef in Canon EOS-M mirrorless unveiled - Return of the EF-M system   
    This will definitely suck in video mode!
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