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Blackmagic Update - 14th September 2023 19:00 CET


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IMHO, if Blackmagic gets PDAF and IBIS (and,better ergonomics, better battery and ease of use) they will pose serious  competition to everyone else. Also, true cinematography cameras will trickle down to a much larger crowd. Something that should have happened after the original pocket cinema camera. Which has superb image quality. But was s nuisance to use 🤣🤣🤣

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15 minutes ago, BTM_Pix said:

The consensus seems to be that its a new camera so still a few hours left to speculate wildly.

My wild speculation is that it will be a groundbreaking stereo 360VR camera using 16K braw files, with built in 3rd order ambisonics audio (in 32bit of course)


7 minutes ago, sanveer said:

IMHO, if Blackmagic gets PDAF and IBIS (and,better ergonomics, better battery and ease of use)

Come on man, be realistic! That's totally unreasonably wild speculations, that BMD would never do. 

You should stick with  more serious speculations that are actually possible in this world we live in, such as the  perfectly possible camera I just suggested BMD might release. 

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The reworked Micro Studio Camera then... looks with the new additions that they've accidentally created the box P4K that everyone has been asking for.

A nod to Panasonic there that its possible to bring out a new MFT camera that isn't the size of a brick.


Unless I missed it, does that new 6K not have the ND filters ?

It wasn't mentioned and looking at the rear panel the +/- buttons to control it that the P6K Pro has were not there.

The AF looks like the familiar standard too though and I'm guessing much would have been made if it had something new in that department *

Full frame, L mount and CDAF.....

Its pretty much a BRAW shooting version of the original S5 without the IBIS then 😉

Looks pretty good but not the complete revolution many were predicting/expecting/hoping for. 


*yes, yes real cinema cameras have no AF anyway etc but don't say that you wouldn't love it if it had it..


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