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I purchased a GH4 after realizing that the FF advantage is a myth


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ML on the 5D3 is very, very, awesome.
But so is a crop sensor and the fact I can stick just about every lens EVER made on it, and rock near full frame if I choose to.

The amount of gear accessible to the community verges on the ridiculous; these are great days we're living bros, we're jolly green giants walking the earth, with cameras.

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You guys are making 2 false assumptions on either side of the argument, that either 1) the size of photo site is the primary factor in it's dynamic range, or 2) all sensors are created equally. I'm sure if it was that directly correlated, or that simple, there would be no need to hire engineers to work on novel cmos technology.


Everyone has different proprietary sensor technology (and sony has the back illuminated exmor r) .. there are even rumors of multi-layered rgb sensors coming out that could bring back something akin to 3-chip technology, or color film, with it's crosstalk issues and all, removing the need for de-bayering (although this could be baloney), then there's variable pixels size sensors... basically, i'm trying to say, it's the technology, not just the size of the photo site... (please don't make a sex joke)


although, it does seem that it's easier for manufacturers to make sensitive photo sites w/o the technical challenges associated with shrinking the individual receptor (for example the gap between photo sites). this is not different than shrinking transistors on a chip.. even though it's theoretically possible, there are manufacturing challenges.

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for the OP.... :D

"People Attach More Value to Items that they Own

# Group 1: shown an assortment of random, trinket objects: rubber bands, paper clips, beer cozy, post-it notes, etc. They were asked to value each objectall were roughly valued the same. # Group 2: shown the same objects, but were told that they could keep the beer cozy after the experiment. The value of the cozy doubled for these respondents.
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The Northrup video (thanks KarimNassar for posting) got me thinking about the following math to match a crop sensor to an FF sensor camera 


So you bought a GH4 for the math? What are you using for photos and video, then?  :P

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The OM-D actually has 12.7 stops vs the 5D's 11.7. There are quite a few pro photographers that have blogged about adopting the OM-D, biggest downside compared to the 5D being the crop sensor meaning they have to rethink their DOF calculation.

Can't generalize all MFT sensors based on your experience with a particular one, is all I'm saying. You can like the 5D more than the GH4, but don't say its because the bigger sensor automatically gives it more DR. :P


But I was talking about something else.. (*)



Now I'm confused. If you are referring to that other discussion, I was the one who was rallying for 1.4 is a 1.4 is a 1.4. Aperture is rated in f-stops and is consistent across formats. A wider aperture lens is more complicated to build than a smaller one. Its harder to make large glass equally sharp to cover a wider FOV than a smaller one. All of the above statements are true to the best of my knowledge.


Sorry, my mistake. I was referring to jcs (first post in this thread) and a statement that you have to use GH4 Lens: 25mm f2.8 to get similar image to 5D3 Lens: 50mm f5.6. All my arguments were made to be "compatible" with jcs's post and his point of view.



The AF isn't bad for the occasional snapshot, but I did admit that it isn't a strength of the platform. There isn't an m43 version yet just because metabones is supposedly working out the electronics to communicate (they had already figured out how to do it with Sony a while back, guess m43 is more complicated). This isn't a fault of the concept, its just that only one company has decided to do it and they're taking their time before bringing it to market. This isn't a fault of focal reducers as a concept. Again, you are generalizing about a concept based on specific examples that may-or-may-not really be applicable as a whole.

Also, what do you mean "other SB issues"? Gaining a stop of light? Does that sound awful to you? :P


- again, I was talking about something else.. Not concepts, not possibilities, but real SB-like products. (*)

- some of other issues in post #7.

- gaining stop of light in this case is not awful but also not an advantage (over bigger sensor).. but (*)



(*) I'm tired explaining. Don't know if it's because of my English (it's far from my native language), but I have realized people don't understand my posts so it's pointless to write them. From now I'll join only simplest discussions.

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Other than available/affordable lens choices, sensor technologies and color science, there's no mathematical or physical advantage to FF over crop sensor cameras.



That's kind of a big deal.  Being able to pick up a fast low distortion high contrast OEM lens with built in IS and have it work as intended for a reasonable price is a huge advantage.


I am interested in a GH4 but it is what it is.  You buy one knowing the trade offs you are going to have to make.

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The OM-D actually has 12.7 stops vs the 5D's 11.7. 




Techradar measured the 5d III at over 12 stops and it still kept it at ISO 1600. That's incredible. Who is right?




DXOMark gave the OM-D 12.3 stops,  not 12.7. Why the little exaggerations?

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