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CES 2020 Announcements


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7 minutes ago, androidlad said:

It's an existing Nikon accessory, wireless transmitter WT-7 https://www.nikonusa.com/en/nikon-products/product/wireless/wt-7a-wireless-transmitter.html

ah dang, was hoping on a RAW tot Cfast recording module :) 
These kind of sizes for raw recorders would make a lot more sense for me, then carrying around a external monitor/recorder.

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16 hours ago, kye said:

Make up your mind...

How so? What will probably happen I think is that there will be a new generation of processor for the a7SIII which will place it on the cutting edge as far as video is concerned. Then, some time later, the same processor will be introduced into the mainstream a7 series, which will be the a7IV. They certainly will not want to introduce the next generation video capabilities on the a7IV before the a7SIII since it would make the later somewhat irrelevant if they did. The a7SIII will come first I think.

Of course it is always possible that an a7IV might come first, but if it does it would be pretty similar to the a7III, and that seems somewhat pointless to me unless the a7SIII is delayed even further than what we expect. 

9 hours ago, androidlad said:

They had better be using a more modern processor in the P950, the P1000 video is held back by the old processor in it (they appear to use older parts in their Coolpix line, unlike the other manufacturers will comparable products). I wish they had used the Expeed 6 in the P1000, rather than the old Expeed 4A they actually used. Why would you use a 5 year old processor in your latest products? The mind boggles. Are things really that tight at Nikon?

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4 hours ago, Geoff CB said:

Agreed. It's just hard to go back to a camcorder :(

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Tricopters have been a thing...

Was already wondering how the V-Coptr would turn out when it was teased...

On 12/16/2019 at 4:55 PM, Cinegain said:

More competition for DJI and Skydio? (Video to be premiering the 19th, but thumbnail and title give it away) The guys from https://gethover.com


How would that even work... like this?

Or well, more 'conventional' perhaps a twin tilt-rotor?


As an aviation enthusiast (and professional) I always liked the V-22 Osprey.

That 249gr concept did seem a little bouncy/jiggly up there, so I'm not sure it's the best ever for stable video, but we'll see.

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