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Panasonic S1 V-LOG -- New image quality king of the hill

Andrew Reid

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On 10/30/2020 at 12:26 AM, Geoff CB said:

Hey Sven, I was lucky and purchased the camera directly from a friend who was not using it. Gave me a great deal on the condition that I not turn around and sell on eBay for a profit because I've been working with him.

Always good to buy used from keh/adorama/b&h. Saw a good deal on a S1R +24-105 on ebay that currently has some low bids, which is supposed to get a 5k update soon, but that is a roll of the dice.

Geoff, thank you very much for the info.



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1 hour ago, MicahMahaffey said:

So the S1 just became a 6k 10bit full frame camera?? I'll take it! 

Cant wait for this to release! Also 4k 60fps 10bit and raw 6k! Wow! Its essentially an entirely new league of camera now 

Good job Panasonic! 

I'm honestly stunned but what they're including. I really wanted the AF improvements (more for stills than anything else) and hope we might get 4k60/10bit but I never expected this. Even after all of the new camera announcements I'd still choose an S1.

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I was previously feeling a bit cynical about Panasonic, debating trading in my S1 for an S5 but not wanting to give any more money to the company, and I take it back.

Looking forward to this next update, though I wonder if there's a real jump in quality from 4k to 5.9k. What's the real use value of that?

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@mtolwhat's not to like? I'm currently editing a project I shot earlier this week, A-cam was a Red weapon shooting in raw 6K, B cam was my trusty S1 in 10-bit 4k vlog, and honestly the S1 more than holds it own against the red, I feel no qualms cutting back and forth between them in the edit. 

Especially with the coming update, I don't see myself needing to upgrade for years. Pro Res raw, 6k, best in class dynamic range, amazing ibis, solid battery life, the trusty xlr module, beautiful big, bright EVF, and full frame stills to boot?! Unless you need bulletproof AF, which I don't, it seems very hard to beat. 

I'll attach some stills from the shoot when I get back to my computer, I expected there to be a bigger gap between the two cameras, to be honest. 

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@Walter H Thanks man! These particular shots were with Zeiss ZE lenses, with a 35mm Distagon on the RED for the wide shot and an 85mm Planar ZE on on the S1. 

@TomTheDP Honestly not nearly as much of a DR difference between the RED and S1 as I would expect, at least in the limited comparisons I have made between the two cameras.  I'm sure in a very high DR situation, especially with the red raw, that it would win out, but I have always been really impressed with the DR of the S1. 

@Robert Patts I know that "motion cadence" is a big thing for some people, I mean for me personally, the S1 more than suits my needs and is a whole lot of bang for the buck, and with it I have gotten some of the most pleasing images of my career. 

 In my experience, I think the  biggest factors that contribute to a "video" look vs a more cinematic, filmic one -- and not just on the S1, but on any camera -- is usually a combination of not respecting the 180 degree shutter rule, and using glass without character.

Super sharp, clinical, modern glass, such as Sigma's art series or Panny's L-mount glass is always crazy detailed edge-to-edge, but throw something with more character and imperfections like a helios 44-2 or something like that, adding diffusion filters, etc. and keeping. a nice, filmic shutter speed, for me that gross video feeling goes away really fast. Purely subjective, of course. For me the S1 delivers cinematic mojo in spades. 

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On 11/24/2020 at 12:51 PM, Walter H said:

Firmware 1.6 has just been released: https://av.jpn.support.panasonic.com/support/global/cs/dsc/download/index4.html

Improved autofocus, gain, 4k xfer over wifi, other bits...

Careful if you're using 120FPS on the EVF. Something has been broken and now if you're near LCD/LED lighting it can fail to focus. Few people reporting it on other forums, confirmed on my S1 bodies

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2 hours ago, Parker said:

Right from panasonic, no worries, apparently it's on their site if you dig through it well enough, I found it in the comments here: https://www.l-rumors.com/panasonic-interview-at-dpreview/#disqus_thread

Already got it installed on my camera, very excited for some of these new features. 

Installed too! Thanks !

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Yeah, it's almost the same as my S1H now. Kinda wish 5.9K was 29 minutes and shutdown with overheat though, but beggars can't be choosers, so I will take what I can get. The most useful of all of these is the 4K 60p 10-bit internal if you ask me.

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