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Advertisement for Adobe to fight perception of unreliable buggy Premiere

Andrew Reid

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Modern marketing just straight up stinks.  You're right to call it out and be highly skeptical and critical.

FWIW, I've personally been using Premiere since 1991 so I have a history with the product.

But I've not used it exclusively.  Avid, Media100, FinalCut, and Resolve have all been part of my career.  WTH, I actually did non linear editing on a ridiculous Amiga Video Toaster product back in the day.  Yikes.

Still, if we're talking about a "stable" PP, I'd certainly be interested in a highly specific and optimized premiere "PROFESSIONAL WORKSTATION" version.  Charge me a flat rate for it, offer tech support, and call it a day.  Make a non-bloated PP version that demands an exact itemized list of PC hardware components so they can tightly troubleshoot it and keep it working smooth.

Heck, partner with HP and sell 1 single machine if you have to! --Also have software updates that are never released half-baked.

Have it be so ridiculously exclusive it's built on their own tightly controlled version of LINUX.  Whatever works!  Just strip the code down.  Hit the reset button and make a solid lean and mean beast of an editing platform.

Personally, I like the PP user interface and how it does things.  The legacy of that style of editing appeals to me.   However, I'm not enamored that the app always feels like it's about to rattle loose and somehow smash into a wall.

Adobe is making ridiculous money right now.  They could easily afford to develop a special editing machine workstation that's also loss-leader product.  Even if they sold zero units to regular consumers it would stand a a shining example of their commitment to the product and to the industry.  Meanwhile, get this new hypothetical killer product into film studios and ad agencies and THEN bang the drum how awesome it is for professional work.

For those that actually use it, it would be akin to owning a luxury car that everyone admires, while regular people drive around in a base model sedan.  A car model that's the pinnacle of engineering and style typically doesn't make profits for a car company, but it increases the prestige of the brand. 

That said, none of what I just outlined will ever happen.  That's not the world we live in.  Unless Adobe considered such a product worthy of just being a form of advertising, they'd never do it.


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I was tweeted at by a programmer / tech guy on the Premiere team the other month and his Twitter feed is full of him trying out Resolve himself!!

He was criticising it at one point, but someone corrected him and it turned out to be user error.

In other tweets he's being pretty clueless as well.

I think sometimes there is a lack of common sense in the tech teams, coupled with a lack of oversight from the management.

Premiere is not release-worthy and every year it is the same.

Appalling reliability and clearly they are getting heat for it not just from normal customers but from big customers and institutions.... otherwise they wouldn't need to put out propaganda and have Johnnie salivating all over them.

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Seems like a lot of intelligent and very talented people collected into one space for their job, so why the continual carry over of bugs for years. Trying to listen to problems is one thing, but a lack of meaningful responses or fixes is a different issue entirely .

Although it is nice to see these guys having a great time and friendship, get it done already. Results instead of promo pieces please.

Perhaps the new facility office in Santa Monica combined with the newly designed work-spaces which they featured, will help them fix any issues and deliver better products, user experiences and also help them to plan the company’s future directions.

In the San Francisco office, why are they talking about their branding identity… who cares about their branding or their perception outside of their own bubble. They need to actually do more than branding these days. The landscape changed a while back and it’s a bit more of a “what have you done for me lately” now and as a company, what are you going to be doing in the future to better integrate with any new technology and ways of working. I did learn they have access to good coffee at their offices, well of course they do it’s San Francisco.

I did however like the ending with Adobe, oh I mean the plane flying off into the clouds somewhere. That was possibly a good foreshadowing edit.

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The entire core product is probably secondary to marketing.

They probably have 10x the number of branding and marketing or PR staff than people working in technical, design and creative positions.

The core product will go to shit at some point and all their customers will use something better, from a hungry rival.

And Adobe will be dead.

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I had to work until last year on many NLE for brodcasting, including Premiere, Edius, AMC, and many others. All I can say is that Premiere was the most unreliable in any situations. 

Of course, it doesn’t really matter for personal works, but even for that, I switched anyway to Resolve, honestly the best at the moment.

Why Premiere became so popular is not really a secret. 

1) Easy to crack = lot of web ressources = easy to hire someone who can use it

2) kinda cheap unlike Avid or media 100 solutions =great for small labs

3) It was here when Apple ditched FCP7.

4) Adobe has some best apps for creative work, it helps to believe that Premiere is good (until you use it, or something else)

But since Resolve 14, a lot of people moved away. And its the same with Lightroom and C1.

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2 hours ago, Andrew Reid said:

I am getting more and more used to Resolve for editing. Closer than ever before to switching.

Using Resolve 15 Studio. It came with a free Pocket 4K!

Me too. I'm using Resolve Studio for most of my own projects now. 

Used Adobe at a post house with seven suites and had constants issues with Premiere and Creative Cloud accounts. There is also a large scale documentary currently being cut here that I worked on that had to have an Adobe 'Technician' flown in from the other side of the world to help 'resolve?' so many issue as, the project/ suite was unworkable. Premiere is just not fit for large scale projects.

While I haven't had to call tech support for Resolve yet, the way BMD has dealt with issues I have had with software relating to Decklink Cards, I am slightly reassured they will deal with any issues far better than Adobe. 

As a long term Adobe user, they are not getting any more of my money. Terrible product, terrible customer support. 


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i tried to watch the video but i couldnt... its a 20 min adobe ad. wow are they great. we're so lucky to have their great subscription service

im all in with resolve!!

just try it guys!! do a short lil project in there to get the hang of it! its not that hard, youll see!

next is fusion~! if i could get on the photoshop only plan id be so happy lol

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Resolve is the future. Even if Abobe  Premier matches Resolve’s features, their subscription sales model is not for me.  I bought my Resolve Studio dongle with my BMCC a few years ago and it keeps getting better without any upgrade fees so far - a fantastic end user experience IMHO.

I thought the video was well done, but you can tell the Abobe staff is in their comfortable bubble of branding that “we are the best”.  I can’t blame them, it’s a nice gig if you can get it and they might as well enjoy it while they can, because it ain’t gonna last forever.

Adobe lost me when they stopped selling and started renting their software.  I pretty sure I am not the only person who is stuck on the last version of Adobe CS they purchased and have moved on alternative software out of economic necessity or rebellion against Abode’s evil empire. The thing about Empires is that they always come to an end when they become corupt and exploit and abuse their power...

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19 hours ago, Inazuma said:

Resolve crashes more than Premiere for me??

hmm. does this happen to other ppl? ive only had a couple resolve crashes over the last few versions, but its when im pushing my system to the limit

edit: on an ancient 2013 imac with 8GB of ram ?

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Not to me.

Resolve is a very demanding software, as much as is powerful, that means that you must have a clean install : no BS apps working in background - Drivers up to date.

I may have maybe one or two crashs a week, and I use Resolve everyday.

Of course it’s not perfect, but How can it be ?

Blackmagic add a ton of new features at every update, has included Fairlight and Fusion in the internal process, that makes Davinci Resolve the most complete and powerful video Editor software on the market.

And the more promising as well, since the support team is listening every users request.

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