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Photokina Part 3: Fujifilm "Super Full Frame" / Sensor on-chip ND / Announcing EOSHD TV, and The EOSHD Podcast

Andrew Reid

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45 minutes ago, BTM_Pix said:

Can't believe you didn't give a mention to my Improvised Lens Device as one of the show highlights ;)

Incidentally, it did get pulled by airport security on the way out of Berlin yesterday !

Completely OT but I was travelling through the US with a couple of friends in wheelchairs and when they got whisked off to a separate line for TSA I got accidentally left with their carry on bag which contained the disconnected hand controller for the electric wheelchair that they checked. Not only did it raise some eyebrows going through the scanner, but the all-metal clip in tray table also in the bag wouldn't have helped either.

"Sir, is this your bag?"

<choose words carefully >

"Err, that one is with me...."

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10 hours ago, DaveAltizer said:

Thank you so much Andrew for having me on the show! It was such a blast hanging out and chatting about gear. The four hour beer and dinner bickering between you and Dan Chung was the highlight of my week!

Cheers man. It was great fun! I'll be in touch about more stuff and ideas.

I wonder if Dan will sell me his anamorphic. Surely he needs to get rid of some of those 300 lenses of his? :)

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18 hours ago, Andrew Reid said:


On day 3 and 4 of Photokina, I collaborated with Dave Altizer of Kinotika to record the first episode of EOSHD TV and an EOSHD Podcast.

We discuss insider topics such as a rumoured on-chip ND filter by Panasonic, Fuji's "super full frame" medium format strategy and round up some of the highlights of Photokina (including the Panasonic S1R).

Read the full article

what a motley crew of the mirrorless counterculture ... okay, I'm in ...  yet that highlight/glare on your forehead ... geez! Come on, man! Got your hands full anyway! Good luck on the podcast: it's certainly needed and overdue. Congratulations 

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Congratulation guys. Just a personal remark, I will never have time to listen a 50 min podcast. If possible, try to break it down in several episode or at least, post some sort of "Table of contents" (11:32 Fuji, 24:04 Canon R, etc.) below the podcast and/or video so people can go where they want and skip the subject they don't care about.

PS: the Shigetaka Komori book is very good

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16 hours ago, Andrew Reid said:

Send me that video file Dave! :)

By the way, apparently (don't know if this is true) the next Photokina is in May 2019 already. They are holding them every year from now on.

Yea, that is true, they announced that some time back that it'll be a yearly show in May.

Congrats on the new content. Looks like you had a good time.

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