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Fuji X-T3 / X-T4 sticky topic

Andrew Reid

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4 hours ago, Andrew Reid said:

SPEEDMASTER F0.95 is a sharpness monster wide open. It's Leica-rivalling.



And yes that crop is a 1:1 crop of the 4K image, ISO 1600.

Classic Chrome, noise reduction not needed.

Who needs 8K?!

What’s going on the lower left corner? Honestly looks like fake dof. It’s sharp in the middle of the blur.

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43 minutes ago, Mattias Burling said:

Being able to snag a cheap X-H1 is definitely my favorite part of the X-T3 being released :)

And what it might mean for the X-H2.

How cheap the X-H1 will be?

If it won't go much lower than 1000euros, the X-T3 is a vastly superior camera for 1549euros only, and brand new.

This is a landmark camera in the long history of Fuji, it will stay relevant for at least half a decade from now.


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A top display is pretty much a must for most pro photographers. One can live without it but its a pita.

But on the Fuji X-T3 I dont agree that its such a big deal that the camera becomes irrelevant. Thats sounds like quite an exaggeration imo. Because with Fujis manual controls you can still see and adjust the settings without it.

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You look at a top display to see ISO, shutter speed, exposure comp... Well those are clearly visible from the top of the camera because they are physical dials on the X-T3, so the top LCD is more a nicety than a must-have here. I do prefer the ergonomics of the X-H1 but they are both nice to be honest.

Got the battery grip as well, it feels like a mini 1D X II with that attached.

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The X-T3 has BluetoothLE for remote control and file transfer as well as wifi.

It remains to be seen how this is implemented in their app but once it is then its not beyond the bounds of possibility that some enterprising soul can replicate it to knock together a top display for it that sits in the hotshot using this small and cheap ESP32 board with integrated OLED display if anyone really wanted one. 


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