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Is it really coming?! The LX100 II?! August 23?!


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That will be nice.

Hey, anybody remember the days of getting the news first on launch day and all the excitement of a surprise.

All that with plentiful information on the day, even some reviews and features.

It's a shame that somebody working inside Panasonic, is undermining the company by leaking info.

We're so used to these rumours sites now. But I think the leaks need to stop.

LX100 II - hope it maintains a fast zoom, rather than go prime. No scrub that, I hope it is full frame like the RX1 :)

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I'm excited for the specs that Vitaliy posted, but I have a sneaking feeling that while this will be a good camera, it will still be far from hitting the potential this camera size/niche of the market has for an incredibly popular milestone-type camera, that's good for vloggers, adventure/nature types, travelers, street photogs, etc. With the market shrinking it only seems logical to try to sell to as many of these little niches as possible.

Give us something that's just a little bit bigger than the LX100, but has:

-a flip-out screen, OR a tilt-only screen that flips up over the top BUT with a relocated hotshoe so an appropriate small mic, like a VideoMicro, doesn't block it.

-a slightly ruggedized body with some rubber coating/bumpers. Not so much as to make it bulky, but just enough to protect against small bumps, and make it secure to hold. Like the "Active" Samsung Galaxy models, which basically have a mid-size protective case built into them (but not to the level of the huge massive Otterbox cases).

-the lens needs to go just a little wider. 21 or 22mm equivalent would make the camera so much more appealing to vloggers, as apparently 24mm is just a little uncomfortable to selfie-film with. If it could do this while staying fast and still going out to 70mm, great, otherwise I would prioritize speed over tele reach.

-make the filter threads and material around the front lens element from steel, to allow for magnetic filters that easily click onto the front of the lens. I'm assuming that this body size would not have space for a moveable internal ND, so this allows for a quick and relatively painless filtering option.

-make a matching dedicated hotshoe mic, like the MS2 you came out with for the GH3, but that connects via the hotshoe- no cords. It needs to be small- VideoMicro size or smaller- and it needs to flip over to face backwards so that vloggers can narrate during shots (picture how the SmallHD Focus flips over).

-a bit bigger battery would be nice. USB charging/powering is a must. I know normal USB won't supply enough current to charge and run the camera at once, so make the camera compatible with the QuickCharge protocol, which lets a QC charger send more than 5V (9V or 12V, I believe). I believe USB-C allows for.more current as well, so maybe that's a more modern option.

-mic jack- put it somewhere where it will never interfere with the screen or the mic itself. Maybe on top of the body? Or on the front?

-stick with 12MP, or lower- keep those pixels big. Keep the oversized sensor and the MAR cropping.

-steal a page from BlackMagic and design the grip and button layout to also function well when held "backwards" in selfie grip. If there's a joystick on the back it should be positioned so you can use your index finger on it to move the focus point when in selfie grip.

-use the position sensor on the screen (that tells the camera to flip the image when the screen is turned/flipped forward) to trigger a selfie mode, where buttons reconfigure for selfie grip, maybe focusing distance is limited to less than 3ft unless a button is pushed, etc. And definitely allow the user to configure what this triggers.

-don't be afraid to offer a non-standard video resolutions, to allow for higher frame rates while keeping over-HD res, especially if 4K60 isn't doable. A 2560x1440 60p mode would be just as good for most people. Or if 4K60 works, give us 2.5K100.

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43rumors is saying now that "the resolution will increase".

This means that probably the current 20mp 4/3 gen sensor will be used. If the same lens is used (which I think is probably the case - don't see Panasonic spending resources to a newly developed lens, and Fuji take the same path on X100 line), the resolution would be 15mp. Maybe changing the sensor / lens distance a little bit to achieve 16mp (remembering that the LX100 lens did not cover the whole sensor).

Do not see IBIS in the camera too, only lens stabilization. Flip screen, probably. 4k60 is possible, but probably limited (5 ou 15 minutes), maybe 4k30 and 24 could be extended to 30 mins - overheating and no-canibalization issues. For the same two reasons, probably a big crop when in 4k mode (which would be very silly, but since the Canon M50 did it...). And unfortunately, the same sequential field EVF.

Hoping A LOT that I'm wrong (since I'm very interested in it, still have my LX100), but don't see Panasonic spending too much resources in the new version - and yet, depending on the price point, could be a very tempting camera even with the above restrictions.

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1 hour ago, Márcio Kabke Pinheiro said:

don't see Panasonic spending too much resources in the new version

I see this statement a lot, but hearing Panasonic saying that they KNOW that people WANT an update for the LX100, who's to say that they actually won't be delivering. Price might go up, like Sony's RX series, but I def am more confident we'll see a good update to an already great pocket camera.

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The lens is also the same so that would mean no ND filter.  It looks like the only change we will see is the update to the 20mp (16mp effective) sensor and a more current processor.  My bet is that it will not get 4k60p. 

This could have been done 2 years ago.

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46 minutes ago, Márcio Kabke Pinheiro said:

Unfortunately looks like I was right, if these pictures from Nokishita are real (they used to be VERY reliable): there was 2 changes on the body, the grip is different and (finally) one of the top buttons is now programmable. NOTHING ELSE was changed. ?


Disappointed they at least didn't put an articulated screen on it.

The lens is already very nice as are the ergonomics so maybe they don't need to change it but after 4 years... You'd expect more creativity.

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Has that ever been done? 4 years after a camera release an almost exact 1:1 exterior recycle? I saw this earlier today and I'm hoping that it's fake. The 'LX100II' on there sure doesn't look very Panasonic-like. The sensor plane symbol now is white rather than grey and the 'FILTER'-button is now a functionbutton. The grip seems to have less bezels for more of a flat top and bottom, also tapering in more towards the right edge of the body. But in order to compete in this market they needed to do more than basically swapping a sensor and processor. The G7XII and RX100M5 and their successors probably make for more enticing purchases. What a wasted oppertunity for Panasonic if true.

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1 hour ago, Andrew Reid said:

Disappointed they at least didn't put an articulated screen on it.

The lens is already very nice as are the ergonomics so maybe they don't need to change it but after 4 years... You'd expect more creativity.

+1 here for the articulated screen. Maybe it is a touch one now, at least.

I think that the lens is somewhat murky in the corners, but you can't do miracles at this cost. Guess that it will be a 20mp sensor, and afraid that they use a crop instead of oversampling for 4k. No hopes for 4k60 fps too, looks like a VERY restrained upgrade.

But with updated engine / colors, more resolution for stills, maybe a touchscreen and some more internal enhancements, could still be interesting if the price is right. But was a missed opportunity.

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Specs as leaked by Nokishita:

Effective 17 million pixels Low pass filterless 4/3 type high sensitivity MOS sensor (total number of pixels: 21.77 million pixels)

It corresponds to "multi aspect" which can be taken with the same angle of view at any aspect ratio of 4: 3, 3: 2, 16: 9 and also with aspect ratio of 1: 1

LEICA DC VARIO-SUMMILUX 24-75 mm / F 1.7 - 2.8 lens

3.0 type Approximately 1.24 million dots Touch panel LCD monitor

Approximately 2.76 million dots equivalent EVF

Spatial recognition AF using high-speed, high-precision spatial recognition technology (DFD technology)

"4K 30p video" "4K photo" "focus select" "focus synthesis"

Time shooting enabled exposure up to 30 minutes

Add Fn button to total of 10 (5 Fn buttons, 5 touch Fn buttons)

In addition to conventional monochrome, "L. monochrome" "L. monochrome D" newly installed in photo style

In "monochrome" "L. monochrome" "L. monochrome D", it is possible to select graininess expressing the texture of film photographs from weak / medium / strong

Wi-Fi · Bluetooth 4.2 installed

USB charging compatible

Size: 115.0 mm x 66.2 mm x 64.2 mm

Weight: 392 g (including battery, memory card), 350 g (main body only)

Color: Black


Looks like a Gx9 repackaged in the LX100 body / lens / evf.


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Putting it like that sounds like you're giving it a bit too much credit. It's more like a LX100... with a touchscreen, USB charging and new sensor/processor, which is... a bit lame if you ask me. I'm disappointed they didn't do more with it. That's not what 4 years of learning and listening should look like. Guess they're pulling a Canon here playing a segmentation game like that...

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