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“The Middle Path”: A Lumix GH5s Short

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This video proves that GH5 "S" is not only a low light camera, but a lowlight sea MONSTER. It also works underwater, as the scene gives us obvious clues to this feature. Also the use of boats sug

Let's ruthlessly dissect and analyze Neumann's first comment of 2018: First of all, let's look into his first sentence, why did he write "Happy New Years" and not the more common "Happy New Year"

I'll make sure to do a side by side with the UM46K when I get the GH5s.

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5 minutes ago, Juxx989 said:

Geez with all this great low light tech it seems to have created an aesthetic problem for me... Blown out street lights and signs seems you have to try your best to keep light sources out of your shots or strange as it  may be ... Use an ND filter @ night  ?

welcme to the new word

Lower the ISO to 3200:)

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I  see how they are using these ISO's to prove that the GH5s is great in low light. But I hope this does not start a trend.

I agree with Jon, how light do you go at night? I always loved it more toward the darker side because of the suspense, scary side of it, making you look harder at it to spot things, on and on.

But  admit this camera is going to make it tempting to go higher.  But I won't like it unless it is more for Documentary stuff, etc., seeing things we have never been able to see before.

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4 hours ago, DBounce said:

Not under 12800... highest ISO was 12800, as per the posters comments.

Well, isn't it the same thing...? LOL (under means up to a certain value as much as to say a teenager is under 19 or a camera under $10K can cost anything 'under' $10,000 included... I must confess certain posts fully puzzle me :-D)

And no, the ISO12800 comes directly from the OP's video description. Wanna be picky? Let's be 100% accurate then. Under 100% is too little ;-)

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I have not seen any GH5s video shoving more DR than GH5 when using lower than iso3200. Also I dont see any difference in DR GH5s iso2500/iso3200.

GH5 base iso is 160, GH5 200. Maybe their actual iso readings are not comparable. In DXOMARK test GH5 actual true iso is much lower than GH5 indicated iso in screen.

Is the GH5s image brighter with same exposure/iso than GH5?

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1 hour ago, IronFilm said:

No need for IBIS here:





You won't see many GH5s in productions like this. This is a showcase, made specifically to promote GH5s. Of course you don't need IBIS if you are using a gimbal and a dolly, but why would you use a GH5 on a shoot like this, where only the daily cost of renting the rig is much more expensive that the camera's price? Why on earth would anyone make a custom set with expensive lighting setups, cranes & remote controlled gimbals to shoot with an MFT camera which hardly delivers 12 stops of DR in a compressed format?

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2 hours ago, IronFilm said:

I'd say a teenage is "under 20"

David, my English pops up as foreign language so maybe non-native English may explain it? I guess under-X competitions bring that inaccuracy or misunderstanding?


Hey BTW perhaps other English speakers can join for a hand to someone always willing to improve and learn :-)

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