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  1. LG tv's internal YouTube supports hdr only for 2017 models
  2. Native iso's when using vlog-l and hlg,are listed as 800 and 5000 at Panasonic's website.. Also,ex-tele x2.1 for FHD..
  3. ANd neumAnn filMs has secOnd vlog online..Ready to Play His vlog In a Couple of seconds...???
  4. I'm pretty sure it's already 16-235 in gx80/85 by default
  5. I'm pretty sure I've read at the advanced manual that evf is locked at 60fps and the monitor is user selectable at 30 or 60fps..
  6. @ibd Interesting! So you managed to have unlimited recording to your European gx80 switching it to Australian region?(without 4k-30p)
  7. Works with my GX80 firmware 1.2!!! Thanks!! BTM So is there possibility to alter hue on the fly (like sharpness-contrast etc) or only by altering the number in the command as you say?
  8. Tried that... unfortunately same results... The popup message I mentioned earlier,is a link which drives me to the latest imageapp at play store... So for now ,only help from me ,is the returns of the 2 commands BTM asked in previous post... Sorry -:(
  9. Guy's,it's been over an hour I'm trying to connect gh4 with image app...I don't know wtf is going on,but there's no way I manage to connect...I tried NFC...with qr code..WiFi direct...restarting both phone and camera....no fu@*ING way to connect....it has been a while from my last attempt to connect but everything was ok then..don't know what has changed....something that I've never seen again,is that all of the times there was a message popping up,that said I had to connect to www.panasonic.xxxxxxxxx to verify...I tried both yes and no...but same result..no connection....
  10. BTM_Pix GH4 2.3 When i open your first command i get this "ok1.3GH4tele-normaltele-fastwide-normalwide-fasttouch_command_autooneshot_af_enablesetting_play_sort_mode_enableaf_size_change_pinch" and for the second command i get this.. cam.cgi.webarchive EDIT on handshake i get this "err_non_support" then i hit back-connect it says ok but it doesn't show any text
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