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Shooting 5K on the Panasonic GH5 with the new 'Open Gate' mode

Andrew Reid

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I really don't see anything that can compete with the GH5. For about $2000 + the cost of a speedbooster you have a incredibly power tool that is mobile AND has excellent in body stabilization.  After renting the GH5 and seeing the 400mb codec and not the 5k open-gate...I look at my canon gear with contempt.  All except for the 5DMK3 but only due to the magic lantern team.

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25 minutes ago, Don Kotlos said:

@Andrew Reid Do you think you can put in a word to the Panasonic team for baking in LUTs? It will be amazing for quick turnaround projects, with much better color control than Cinelike or picture profiles from Sony. 

Not that they haven't made an excellent product as is... 

This is a very good suggestion.

LUT folder on the memory card.

Menu on the camera to select them.

Job done.

8 minutes ago, Vesku said:

How can you enjoy these 5k videos? i think no computer can play those smoothly.

Once converted to 5K ProRes they're smooth as butter.

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1 hour ago, Don Kotlos said:

HEVC doesn't play ;)

But yes I agree it will be nice to see whether the new Kaby Lake CPUs with supposedly hardware decoding of 10bit HEVC actually work. 

Pascal GPUs will decode HEVC like butter, provided you use the right program for playback. The default Windows 10 video app will decode 10 bit 8k 360 video without even breaking a sweat.

But Premiere Pro does not take advantage of that.

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1 hour ago, silvertonesx24 said:

But Premiere Pro does not take advantage of that.

Yep that's why we need the hevc files so we can test what works and what doesn't. Resolve also doesn't use HW decoding while FCPX does. No Pascal there so we need the CPU support..

5 minutes ago, AnotherDave said:

How much better is the final resolution of 5k 200mbps vs 4k 400mpbs?

I wouldn't imagine that there would be a huge difference.  Plus isn't it 8bit?  Or is it 10bit?

I don't expect much difference in quality. The intraframe highbitrate codec should offer an advantage in high motion scenes (waves) , heavy grades or low light shots. Both are 10 bit.

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