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  1. I really like how Panasonic is giving us things like this. Thank you Panasonic. Seriously.
  2. The big question for me is can a camera company compete and survive when competing with a diversified electronics company and all the economies of scale and research dollars needed in so many different areas of expertise? Nikon still makes great cameras, but I do wish they would get serious about mirrorless. Maybe they need to team up with Samsung for this.
  3. We just completed a 3hr/3part documentary here at work using Resolve. It's definitely up to the job now. There are still some issues, but overall it's there. Panasonic's color is now extremely close to Canon if you like the Canon look. It's much harder to get Sonys to look like Canon. I wouldn't hesitate to use a C200 and GH5 on the same shoot.
  4. I noticed something else as well. What's with this DR graphic. In this picture they try to paint the Panasonic as having lower DR than the Fuji, but when you put them side by side that are almost exactly the same. I find this lame at best.
  5. Canon does happy pleasing colors well. I don't think there is debate on that. Personally, I like the color science of all the manufacturers, except for the current Sony look coming from their consumer products. I'm sure you can get good color from those as well, with work.
  6. I'm no Canon Fan Boi, but what they lack in resolution they make up for in color science. They have discovered the magic sauce that Sony would and SHOULD pay Billions for.
  7. Now 43rumors is saying the G80 will have 4:2:2 8bit while the GH5 has the previously announced 4:2:2 10bit. Looks like a nice A/B cam duo to me.
  8. yep, battery life sucks with IBIS. As far as stills, the AF is great on the GH4 and the Image Quality is fantastic. If you take bad pictures with the GH4 it's your fault, not the camera. Is it perfect? of course not, no camera is.
  9. Heat isn't much of a Panasonic Problem, they've always been great with heat dissipation. I'm actually more concerned with Battery Life than Heat. The GH4's battery life is so great I will be disappointed if the GH5 suffers in this regard.
  10. it's going to do 4k/60p 10bit 4:2:2, according to the newest leaks. Right now I'm one happy camper. Still no mention of Dual OIS/IBIS, but I'm pretty sure that'll be in there as well.
  11. it'll have IBIS, this is their flagship camera, IBIS and their Dual OIS feature is on lower end cameras and it's a must on their best.
  12. Sounds like it'll do 6k in bursts at 30fps. That's fine by me, I'm most interested in 10bit 4k internal. Give me slightly better DR and 1 more stop in low light I'm good to go. (the time between the GH4 and now should manage that with ease.
  13. Looks like you'll be getting that and more.
  14. A full readout of the sensor, no matter the resolution at 4x3 would make one heck of a tasty anamorphic camera.
  15. I'm not sure jpg has a 10bit mode, but what I do is grab sills from video, if the video is 10bit than the stills can be 10 bit.
  16. I've been wondering the same thing. I keep my GH2 around for it's 1.86 crop and it's superb image quality. I haven't seen anyone try the wide speed booster on it.
  17. Panny's pretty good with heat dissipation. No issues really. I would hope they can manage 10bit 4k with no restrictions.
  18. 10bit V-Log internal with 5-Axis OIS, Count me in. That camera would keep me happy for several years, at least.
  19. fast wide lenses aren't cheap, but they are worth it.
  20. It's gonna have dual SD slots I'm sure. Agree on the LUT preview. This would be a killer feature.
  21. OH YEAH!!!! just what I was waiting for.
  22. Waiting patiently for the GH5 announcement. Dual OIS, better slow-mo, and I'm getting one. I have a feeling Panasonic will give us a few other neat surprise features, it's been a long time since the GH4 came out.
  23. The GH series of cameras are just fun to use. The plucky GH2's image still excites me all these years later. The GH4 is the camera that really made the GH a professional tool. Panasonic listens to users and gives us cool things. To me that deserves some loyalty. I'm looking forward to the GH5, but I'm not convinced I'll buy it until after some reviews come in. I'd like to see them offer something neat like programmable rack focus. The post focus feature they have now is halfway there, and it would be a fun feature to play with and perfect. I'd use it all the time.
  24. The fact Dual IS was on and you could still get maybe 2 hours continuous is impressive. This camera really has me interested.
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