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  1. better solution is gh4r not gh5 2.3x recropped to 1080 captured in 10bit on shogun. more or minus with speedbooster 0.64 even 0.54 for bmmc or 2x multiplier. bye gh5! isnt your time. gh4r rocks! why? cos is the truth. buy used gh4 an a7s with shogun! 2,3×2×2×600 =5.520mm other story with a6500 with natural zoom! hahaha but someone can say "oh no is f12" too dark! wroooooooooong! the moon is like a lamp! try with a cellphone and see how low set automatic aperture
  2. thank you mr caldwell, then the formula is right... 1.33x1.33x1.33 why i must compress more vertical image after 2,40:1 in potplayer (not real 1.33x adapter ratios ?) ? and yes i know/have your speed booster (shorten....) but why if i cross and not stack (+) two anamorphic adapter the image is perfectly 4:3 but is more crisp than a wide angle adapter? why no one make dual anamorphic adapter with single focus? if i stack slr magic with isco anamorphot the image is more sharp and i don't lose autofocus ! why ? thank you in advance
  3. why post a new firmware and after remove without say a motivation? some days ago on panasonic site...
  4. hi what the proportion for 4:3? 1.33x1.33x1.33 ? and why if i put 2.40:1 proportion the footage seems too high? are the adapters not 1.33x ? slr magic and ag la 7200 and why if i cross the adapters the image is perfect and as frontal speedbooster not like wide adapters? p.s. i can autofocus on camera with this adapters.
  5. ciao. now i have the 0.64x and no hit the shutter filter in still and is way better than 0.71 but vs pal 4k photo mode in 0,58x without any aberration !? mmm its a hard comparison. and top for 4:3 and less for anamorphic
  6. remove update firmware in body for all lens with one for single lens is not cheat?! wow after driftwood to panasonic this is like v-log payd. w driftwood. first of all why limit to some models ? second ALL is common this story. and last but not least... why change lens if i have lens from my first gh1 that can work!? only if have more body anyone can find common solutions
  7. thank you for reply but this is the experiment. sigma 10-20 shoting photo 4:3 with same speedboster (x0,71), add lenshood, on gh2 vignetting (lens hod in photo) in gh4 no lens hood, then differen cropo factor right? and with 0,64 more lenshood, forcing my x0,58 bmpcc hacked adapter without block on camera socket more lens hood.
  8. history repeating like V-LOG GH4 hi, can someone help me ?! where is the v1.3 gx85/80 firmware ? the panasonic hoax for the last dual-is firmware, to force sell of new lens (why a 2011 lens upgrade says about DUAL IS ?! ). Have someone donwloaded at th right time ? can share with us ? forcing NTSC to PAL make gx80 (eu) record time Limitless, also the firmware make DUAL IS for MANY MORE LENS than official Panasonic Upgrades PLEASE UPLOAD !!! GX80/85 FIRMWARE see this : https://www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/4023388
  9. HI, but if i put a speedboster 0,64x to a gh2 "gilf" i have a a full frame for still and video ? if i rember Andrew says the crop fator to 1.86 then 1.86 * 0.64 = 1,1(9) etc.... i've done and NONE repeat NONE collision with internal filter ! NOOOOONE with mechanical shutter! ciao.
  10. hi to everyone, and thanx to mr. Caldwell for reply and explanation. at this time only photo 4k 25p crop works well with sigma 18-35 f1.0 :p yess f1.0 (some weird crop starts by panasonic ?) and all the anamorphic format 4:3 3:2 1:1 e 16:9 and also after firmware download removed and closed-new firmware my speedboster 0,58x ef-bmpcc can auto focus hihiihi p.s. v2.40 firmware have only few copyright improvements , than dont update if you want jaylbreak your adapter in future
  11. hi psoetio, i ve noticed that less than f1.8 make a very tiny glow effect on highlights , that i like and after some CC, seems more natural. i use speedb. for limiting crop factor, and not only for aperture, but i can say surely that speedb increase resolution of full frame lens, on gh4 sensor. the weird thing is that some aps-c lens can be fully reduced on gh4 without vignetting like my sigma 10-20, but have some minor cromatic aberrations on higlight that isn't presents on standarg MFT speed booster, but not for quality of adapter, but for image circle of the lens. the tokina have more fring
  12. direct link http://www.metabones.com/download/of/MetabonesAppV1.5a.exe or by site v1.55a accept all and click to download bye
  13. thanx for reply, but i want to explain some points. *** NO NEED UNLOCK TRICK TURNING 1 PIN LENS TO CW FROM EOS MOUNT TO REMOVE ERROR FROM GH4 DISPLAY *** *** ONLY USE CAREFULLY WHEN INSERT THE ADAPTER TO GH4 - FIRST EOS TO METABONES AND AFTER GENTLY - METABONES TO GH4 *** *** MAKE AT YOUR RISK AND USE ONLY WITH ELECTRONIC SHUTTER ON *** 1) no electrical damage to eos lens or gh4. the mainboard is the SAME as MFT only the right firmware make difference (poor selling politic) 2) the adapter is mine, no one have gifted to me then I risk my money. 3) infinity focus issues of nikon g are nu
  14. with electronic shutter only some signs on plastic in front of sensor, but ef lens without error and optical stabilization on.
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