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RX100 VS GH3 How much better is the dynamic range in video mode on the GH3?


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Hi i am wondering about buying a GH3 it will be used for landscape/nature footage but i am uncertain about how much better the GH3 dynamic range in video mode is? I know that the GH3 is superior in photo mode but how much better is it's dynamic range in video? The GH3 and a decent lens is a large investment and i want to know that there will be a big different.


I want a smooth organic image quality. I have seen alot of sample footage and yes the GH3 is much sharper and certainly superior bitrate compared to the RX100. But i am more uncertain about the dynamic range.


Would be nice if maybe someone can make a dynamic range comparison between the RX100 and the GH3. With the best possible settings on both cameras.


I own a RX100 which is certainly a great camera. The GH3 is interesting but i have not been convinced yet that it will be worth the cost.


Dynamic range is very important but i can't afford the cost of the BMC with lenses and accesories.


I would really wish for a camera of the size of the RX100 which would have the dynamic range of the BMC in it's video mode. I hope it will happen some day.


I have also been looking at the canon HF G20 and G25 cameras but am disappointed that they still are 1080i based cameras. The panasonic SD900/X900/X920 have even smaller active sensor size then the G20/G25 so they are out of the question. I have the SD600 (which is 3xcmos and 1080p 50fps) and the dynamic range certainly is limited and kills all chances of the organic quality i want to see.

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Maybe the D5200? It's quite a bit cheaper and can certainly do 10-11+ stops of dynamic range with some of the profiles out there, that you can load into it. Just about on par with the BMCC in prores
S35 sized sensor, so it's even larger than the GH3
Rx100 has more dynamic range than my GH2, subjectively, and GH3 has a smidge more than the GH2 from reports, but not a lot more
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D5200 dynamic range is pretty good
Nikon D5200 + Nikkor 14-24 2.8


Nice clip was a flaat profile used?


Yes the D5200 seems interesting. I just wonder how much better it is then the RX100 in video mode.


If anyone can do a comparison where the best settings are used for both cameras it would be great.


It's sad that it is missing 50/60fps modes. But it's great that it seems to be a world camera capable of

both 25 and 30fps.


I want to buy something where i see major improvement in dynamic range but still not cost a fortune.


I heard on another forum about D5200 having some issues with FPN Fixed Pattern Noise also. But maybe

not all D5200s are affected.

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He probably used the inbuilt neutral profile which is about 10+ stops of dynamic range. The various Flaat profiles go up to about 11+ stops.
From what I know the GH2 has 6-8stops, and GH3 is a 1 maybe 2 stops better

I would say the D5200 trounces the RX100 on dynamic range and high ISO low light performance. D5200 is pretty clean up to 6400 ISO, thanks to the better and much larger sensor.

RX100 has a pretty good stabilizer in active mode, which I don't think any of the Nikon VR2 lens can match, but I could be wrong :)

D5200 has a fairly cinematic/filmic look to it's video output. Thanks to it's very low levels of aliasing and moire, and smoothness. Better resolving ability and codec than the RX100 as far as artifacting goes.

RX100 has an advantage with jello, but can get quite a lot more aliasing. Haven't noticed too much moire though. Looks more electronic and video too me straight out of the camera

Download this guys original clip on Mediafire and look how smooth and organic the video looks

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Also it does 50/60fps but only at 720p

More raw clips for download here


Ok i wonder if there is moire/aliasing in 720p mode?


Maybe also wait for more tests from D7100 to see if it has any benefit in video mode.


I am hoping someone will make extensive test between RX100, GH3 and D5200.

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Only Andrew has all 3 :)

Andrew did mention more aliasing in 720p

Why not have both the RX100 and D5200 or other camera?
RX100 for when you need small and discrete, and bigger cam for absolute quality and high ISO performance, plus better lenses


One more advantage of keeping an RX100 on hand is that you always have a macro lens.  Most DSLR lenses don't focus nearly as close as the RX100 at 28mm, so it can be a lifesaver if you need an insert shot of words on a page, etc.

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D7100 vs GH3 - D7100 has the same sensor as the D5200. Gh3 has more clinical detail, Nikon has nicer colours, cadence and dynamic range

Since kit lenses are used here, it is most likely the GH3 lens has additional sharpening and processing as we know :)



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Kit lenses don't have 'additional sharpening'


I'd say the GH3 won hands down in that test, I don't see any evidence of better colour or dynamic range on the D7100.


Those shots test resolution more than anything else really. The GH2 would have looked even stronger.

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I recall seeing a test that showed Panasonic lens have lens correction and extra sharpening on the GH3

They taped over the len contacts and the difference was pretty evident.


I see better colour on the D7100 footage - GH3 has that pink look.

And looks harder and harsher to me, more clinical/sterile

That backlit shot has better DR on the D7100 to my eye


D7100 was better motion cadence IMO


All a matter of tastes I suppose

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Thanks for posting anyway.


The magenta cast to the GH3 footage is user error... He can change the tone and white balance manually.


This myth about the GH2's limited dynamic range... 6-8 stops... WHAAT?! I've tested it vs the GH3 and it actually has a wider dynamic range with the hack!

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I prefer the GH3 footage, I use one though maybe that's why.. Or is it?


The D7100 footage looks really soft, and while I agree that the GH3 footage can look "too sharp" (Is that really even a thing?).. I also don't like my footage to look like that which is why I shoot at -4 sharpness which still looks great and I'd stay would still be crisper than the D7100 footage.


I think the GH3 has better DR too, maybe I'm wrong but if you look at the brightest part of the water in the second shot it looks to me that the Gh3 is definitely capturing more detail than the D7100.


I also prefer the colors from the GH3, however I'v never liked Nikon colors.. When I was doing photography before I got into video I ended up selling my 5D2 and bought a D700 for the job I had working with another photographer using Nikon gear, using the same gear just made it a lot easier (I was second shooter so it made more sense for me to change, plus I wasn't as heavily invested in the system) The D700 was an excellent camera, I loved everything about it EXCEPT the colors.. I don't know what it is I just prefer colors from Canons and I think the Panasonic is a lot closer to a Canon than it is to a Nikon (vivid mode jpgs from Lumix cameras look very close to RAWs from my old 5D2, 5D2 always had deep and rich colors) this part is just preference though, some people prefer Nikon colors. As soon as I stopped working with that photographer I went back to Canon that's how much I hated the Nikon colors lol.

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D7100 vs GH3 - D7100 has the same sensor as the D5200. Gh3 has more clinical detail, Nikon has nicer colours, cadence and dynamic range

Since kit lenses are used here, it is most likely the GH3 lens has additional sharpening and processing as we know :)



it look like white balance shift for gh3 

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The D7100 footage looks a little more overexposed




They sound different enough, so I decided to keep both sets :)


Haha it is indeed, just playing ;)


I use PMC myself, Focals are to bright for my tastes, but I like the Opals.

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I don't know on which resolution you guys are viewing the comparison video of the D7100 and GH3, but on my 27" 2560x1440 monitor the GH3 destroys the D7100.


The only thing that is better on the D7100 is the color, as the GH3 has a bit of a magenta cast over the image. That might be a user-error or a WB problem, but in the end it is very easy to color correct that.

Everytime the D7100 image 'kicks in', I feel like I'm going back in time to the softness of a Canon 7D / 5D. It is nowhere 'HD' and the lack of detail is disturbing to me. Everytime the GH3's image kicks in, I'm like 'aah finally, crispness'. :)


Furthermore I see no increase in DR from this video, although it is not really a good setting to compare that. Honestly, after watching several D7100 / D5200 video's, I haven't seen anything that makes me understand what the fuzz is about...

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