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  1. I've already the gh4 and I must buy either one very soon (12-35 or the lx100) but i want the sharpest. Does someone has the gh4 with 12-35 and the lx100 to make a 4k video comparison or advise about it ?
  2. I have not seen this comparison yet so I decided to test it out.   I tried to match the shots and then colors as closely as possible, setting the look with the raw footage (starting from BMD Color Space) and then trying to conform the AVCHD to it. The severity of the grade was moderate:   5D Mark III (Raw DNG)     FS100 (w/ Frank Glencairn's G-Log Ultimate)     And here is where the codecs really show their differences:   5D Mark III     Sony FS100    
  3. Last week we bought the BMCC MFT stepping up from compressed DSLR dslr filmmaking to the delightfulness of shooting raw. While doing some bmcc research i came across the comparison test 'Some Like It RAW' by Ryan E. Walters. He basically compared the Arri Alexa, BMCC and Red Epic in three short tests: IR filtration, Low-light and overexposure. I found the results quite useful and certainly contributed crossing the threshold and purchasing the bmcc.   Without giving away the results, I asked myself how you guys think about the bmcc image sharpness. Many filmmakers/DP's seem to find the bmcc image a tad too sharp. Personally, i love the out-of-the camera sharpness and prefer to sharpen it slighty myself to give it that 'punchy' image (though not too sharp).   Here are the videos:   http://vimeo.com/60008926   http://vimeo.com/60271810   http://vimeo.com/60870866                                       .  
  4. Hi i am wondering about buying a GH3 it will be used for landscape/nature footage but i am uncertain about how much better the GH3 dynamic range in video mode is? I know that the GH3 is superior in photo mode but how much better is it's dynamic range in video? The GH3 and a decent lens is a large investment and i want to know that there will be a big different.   I want a smooth organic image quality. I have seen alot of sample footage and yes the GH3 is much sharper and certainly superior bitrate compared to the RX100. But i am more uncertain about the dynamic range.   Would be nice if maybe someone can make a dynamic range comparison between the RX100 and the GH3. With the best possible settings on both cameras.   I own a RX100 which is certainly a great camera. The GH3 is interesting but i have not been convinced yet that it will be worth the cost.   Dynamic range is very important but i can't afford the cost of the BMC with lenses and accesories.   I would really wish for a camera of the size of the RX100 which would have the dynamic range of the BMC in it's video mode. I hope it will happen some day.   I have also been looking at the canon HF G20 and G25 cameras but am disappointed that they still are 1080i based cameras. The panasonic SD900/X900/X920 have even smaller active sensor size then the G20/G25 so they are out of the question. I have the SD600 (which is 3xcmos and 1080p 50fps) and the dynamic range certainly is limited and kills all chances of the organic quality i want to see.
  5. [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WNrctjyPqxs"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WNrctjyPqxs[/url]
  6. [color=#222222][font=Helvetica Neue', Arial, Verdana, sans-serif][size=4][background=rgb(255, 255, 255)]I'd like to propose a collaboration: If forum members (or forum watchers) are able to submit clips shot with ten or more different anamorphic lenses, we'd have the most comprehensive anamorphic shootout on Vimeo. If we are able to put together shots from twenty or more anamorphics, this thing would be a definitive one-stop video for anamorphic footage comparisons [i]anywhere[/i]. To keep things cohesive, we need a common element. Something standardized, readily available around the world (as this is a very international community) and inexpensive:[/background][/size][/font][/color] [center][img]http://www.longislandpress.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/41GrnPg_1.jpg[/img][/center] So start shooting those Coca-Cola cans! Close ups, wides, dutch angles; portrait shots, action shots, landscape shots; people drinking from it, spitting in it, playing with it, crushing it, recycling it, putting out cigarettes in it -- anything you want. I'll try to include something from every clip that I receive, but please keep it clean (i.e. suitable for work). Some guidelines:[list] [*]Please make sure to use a standard 12 fl ounces/355 ml Coca Cola Classic aluminum can like the one above (or as close to it as you can get) [*]Limit the footage to one minute or less per anamorphic [*]Include original audio (no music, please) [*]No grading [*]White balance for "Shade" (or 7000 Kelvin) [*]Please stretch them to the correct aspect ratio [*]ProRes 422 codec is preferred [/list] So that proper credit can be given, please also note:[list] [*]Your name (or your handle if you'd prefer) & location [*]Camera used [*]Taking lens used (with aperture) [*]Anamorphic lens used [*]Any diopters used [*]Vimeo page (if you'd like me to link to it) [/list] Send me a private message if you have a clip to submit, and I will tell you how best to get it to me. [b]Please submit by 12pm (New York time) on November 1st[/b] so that I can start the edit. This could be a neat little collaboration and I hope that it is, but it's really up to you guys. I hope to get a lot of messages!
  7. [color=#7b8084] I mostly film snowboarding and have been considering investing in a dslr of my own as I have been filming with them for a while. I do take some photos but I mostly film 90% of the time. [/color] [color=#7b8084] The new 650d looks amazing (with all the new features that I won't mention as I assume you know all about them), however would the 60d or even a 7d be any better for filming? I know they have a few advantages like improved weather sealing, but when it comes to filming what core advantages will the 60d/7d have over the 650d?[/color] [color=#7b8084] I hope this doesn't seem a stupid question, I just can't work out where the benefit would be spending the extra money.[/color] [color=#7b8084] Cheers[/color]
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