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  1. Sounds like Samsung are really trying (though this has been apparent since the camera was announced). I applaud the attitude.
  2. Uuuu, music? I do that! -ish... Here's one of my more cinematic-y tracks (albeit with it's a bit thematically specific what with the electronic elements in the background). Been trying to get my style to be more visual-friendly lately.
  3. Considering that the mirrorless scene has been all about The Battle of the Formats and The Lens Mount War for some years now, Canon better come out with something impressive if they want a serious bite. By now everyone's probably invested in one lens mount or another and that makes the target audience way more rigid from the get go.
  4. Too bad about the stabilization. Wonder what sorcery is inside the Olympus system that enables it to stabilize through a hurricane.
  5. Thanks a bunch for the replies! Very reassuring and helpful. @jase Splendid vids! Thanks for posting 'em! GX7 it is. Now the blasted wait begins. Ship Faster! I've had nothing to shoot with for Weeks! AAaaa!
  6. W...what's wrong with criticizing a manufacturer's shortcomings? Even if it's not the end of Canon, even if the 1DC is a great camera (for the price of a car). I... don't assume many would still pick a 5D Mark3 over a GH4 when the former looks "out of focus" in all image quality comparisons. The 5Ds became a standard in enthusiast videography because they were good at the time for a fairly affordable price. Now Canon is more or less dead (in terms of exciting new things) in that same segment (No...not talking about the 12.000$ segment). Why would you not state that from the top of y
  7. Good Day! I'm new to the site and new to video work, but I've been lurking around the forums and Review Articles for a while now, trying to figure out what camera I should pick. While totally new to serious videography, I've been doing photography and very light video on the side for about 6 years, so I wouldn't say I'm blind to the more enthusiast thresholds of acceptable quality. With that in mind, I've narrowed it down to two models. Well... one. Two. Maybe just one. Possibly two. GX7. Or GH3. Currently I'm heavily leaning towards the GX7 as: - I assume focus peaking
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