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  1. Hi fox ! This is my last edit, a short film about freestyle snowboarding. A beautiful day in a marvelous park (La Clusaz) with the two killers Matteo Cuny and Nicolas Palladio. Top of the pop, we finished with a beautiful sunset. So glad and happy to have shot this. Comments are welcome dudes! Some pics of the session can be found here : http://www.switchmag.fr/decouverte/2015/11391-session-park-a-la-clusaz-matteo-cuny-nico-palladio.html
  2. Hi everybody, I've some questions about grading. I've made a little test on my GH3, just to find the right way for expose my shots in order to correct and grade it correctly. First I denoise my shot with Neat Video, the I correct - if needed - with fast Color Correction and finaly I grade with FilmConvert and sharpen a little bit. My question is simple : Is it the right order ? The good way ? Thanks for your feedback The test :
  3. This short edit is a test of how do I need to expose my shots with the GH3. It was also a great opportunity to see how the weather sealed body is impacted or not by the rain. I've used only two lenses : Olympus 45mm 1.8 (with Vari ND) and Canon FD 35-105 f3.5 with RJ Lens Turbo. I've recently shot FMX and I've found that the Canon FD and the Panasonic kit lens (14-42) give some moire on the image. So this test was also made for checking moire with this two lenses. I find that the GH3 need to be expose for highlights, shadows keep enough details and can be recover in post. Be careful with t
  4. First try shooting FMX, not very easy ... Happy by the way, a nice afternoon in my big friend Julien's backyard. Goog vibes and atomic riding from a passionate guy. Go on dude, you're on the right way ;-) Shot & Edit: Julien Miscischia Camera: Panasonic GH3 Codec: MOV 50mbps IPB 1080@50 PAL Lenses: Olympus 45mm 1.8, Panasonic 14-42mm OIS kit lens, Canon FD 35-105mm 3.5, Helios 135mm 2.8 with Fader ND Profile: Natrual -5,-5, 0, -5 Edit and grade: Premiere Pro CS6, After Effect CS6, FilmConvert Music: Sleepless (Fakear remix) soundcloud.com/fakear/sleepless-fakear-remix soundcloud.co
  5. Thanks Inazuma. All the portrait shots (+ nature shots) have been done with the Olympus 45mm. Riders actions (tricks) with the Canon 35-105mm and close-up bike while he go with the 135mm 2.8. Hope it will help you.
  6. Here's what I want to see if it's hacking : Focus peaking High frame rates in ETC NTSC/PAL switching Zebras Magnify while recording Sound adjustments while recording Keep settings after change of mode ALL I full hd @ 50p/60p Higher framerates CineD profile
  7. Hi folks, Here is some footage shot with : Olympus 45mm 1.8 Canon FD 35-105mm 3.5 Helios 135mm 2.8 (m42) I use the RJ Lens Turbo FD to m43 with the 35-105. Pretty happy with this 3 lenses, really good for the price. Just in search of a good wide angle.
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