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  1. I am looking for a decent m42 > E–Mount adapter.. I am having trouble justifying the $200AUD price of the Novoflex adapter when several of my Zenit lenses are worth less than $100... Are there any good alternatives? I know I can get a Lens Turbo II for around $180, but I am also interested in an adapter with no optics. Thanks. Oh, and if anyone has a Novoflex m42 > E–Mount adapter that they want to sell shoot me a message.
  2. Andy, did the Tokina RMC lenses ever come in M42 mount? Also, what would be the best Tokina RMC zoom set? (Wide, Standard, Tele) Did the Russians ever make any decent zooms? Also, are their any great Chinese lenses?
  3. Who cares? Even if they have 4k (they won't....... Is anyone ACTUALLY expecting this?.............. lol) they will still be underspecced and underfeatured compared to the mirrorless competition and wrapped up in awful for video DSLR ergonomic.. >2015 >Needing to use a Z-finder Nothx
  4. /p/

    a7S colors?

    I absolutely love the a7S and am eagerly awaiting an updated model with IBIS (and HOPEFULLY 4k)! I am still not completely happy with the colors that I personally can get out of the camera though.. Other people seem to be getting better results and I am still stuck with the green/magenta color cast.. Now that the camera has been out for quite some time.. Any tips on getting the nicest looking image/colors straight out of the camera? I like shooting flat but generally avoid Slog2 and use PP6.. Thanks
  5. Yawn, I couldn't be less interested. The video specs will be underwhelming (is anyone actually expecting anythibg decent from Canon? Lol) They are notorious for protecting their Cinema EOS line so this is going to be underspecced for video with the same shitty for video DSLR form factor and complete lack of decent video functions.
  6. Don't hold your breath.. And is a camera having 24p really a reason to create a thread in 2015? They are so far behind in the race it has been clear up until this point that they aren't even racing at all.. Which is frustrating because they make great cameras (love the E-M1 controls) have the best IBIS on the market and make great lenses. Unfortunately I have a feeling that other companies are going to adopt IBIS (and get Olympus level results) before Olympus get serious about video.. Panasonic did it poorly with their GX7 and SONY are going down the same path with the a7 series, 2 companies that already do infinitely better in video Don't get me wrong.. I would snap up an E-M1 with decent video capabilities.. OR an NX1 OR GH4 with Olympus like IBIS.
  7. I hope the NX2 comes with IBIS for my set of Russian lenses (thanks Andy)
  8. Why make a thread about this? This would have been far more impressive and thread worthy had Andrew disagreed with the 99.9% aboit Canon and had been right... Instead of (Andrew, AND LITERALLY EVERYONE ELSE SHOOTING DSLR VIDEO was right about Canon........)
  9. I have a Sachtler FSB-4 and the stock alumium legs that it comes with.. Going to be selling it shortly but it has been really decent.. Another option to the ace.
  10. Why bother spending even 5k on a 1Dc with all it's regular DSLR flaws and lack of functions when SONY and other manufacturers will undoubtedly come out with other internal 4k cameras this coming year?? And you kept comparing the NX1 to the 1Dc, listing the pros of the NX1 vs the 1Dc and even argued the point over on Cinema5D (even with the price reduction your original points of pro NX1 are still relevant) to only buy one a week or so later?? I think you'll regret the $5,000 purchase before mid next year.
  11. So EOSHD gets around 250k views per month?
  12. Not very exciting I am afraid, not only are they late to the party (is "better late than never" really a reason to be excited?) there is also no chance that Canon will offer anything with specs that will cannibalize C series sales...... So we will get a better late than never Canon mirrorless with underwhelming/outdated specs.
  13. Why not actually make some sort of petition or something? I doubt one phone call will do very much.. The good news is that with such a fast firmware upgrade Samsung seem to be pretty on the ball with listening to what people are saying..
  14. ​>choosing a high megapixel apsc sensor over a lower megapixel FF sensor for stills
  15. That's a pretty epic firmware upgrade.. Genuinely impressed with Samsung. I'd buy this camera IF it had IBIS.. But unfortunately.. As appealing as the image may be, even with 4k I 1. Like shooting handheld 2. Don't want to buy Samsung lenses and 3. Don't have any Canon IS lenses to adapt (not even sure if it can adapt Canon lenses anyway).. I DID buy E-Mount lenses for my a7S since it doesn't have IBIS.. And while I love the a7S I am eagerly anticipating a version with internal 4k + IBIS for my manual lenses. Still really impressed with Samsung though, like their philosophy and hope they keep pushing forward.
  16. The comments are on the Cinema5D NX1 Lab Test, avoid the comment section as it's cringe worthy.
  17. Lenses like what? Why couldnt you just adapt some vintage glass?
  18. I just shoot in PP4 for the best skin tones
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