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How I got scammed through "Ebrahim Saadawi"


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You see, Ebrahim, where are you going with such excuses?

Put them away! You're not at school! No excuse for your absence. Go to your classes, ill or not! That's what you need to say to yourself : )

They are absolutely right. What proofs you've given to guarantee to the dozens eyes on you that you'll honour your word?

Again, it is up to you (in the hands of whom?) to do the right thing BUT until the last shot. I hate to repeat myself, to requote old songs. Do we have any other chance?



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33 minutes ago, Ed_David said:


I'm extremely excited for his excuse tomorrow of why his mother couldn't deliver the package, or that the package was mailed to the wrong place and now he has to track it down, or some other great genius lie he'll come up with.

And I'm sure ES is very excited that I'm going to get not myself, but the entire community on here to instagram his friends and family.  I will give a VIDEO tutorial of how to do it on your computer.

I feel like if 20 people contacted me about my friend about him owing $1000 to people in an international scam, I may actually start to believe the person telling me this.


I'm also going to ask my friends at anonymous to start helping.  They may laugh at me, or they may think it's pretty funny to f* with ES.


We will see ES what they will do.  



Mansoura Post Office 8AM to 6PM - http://www.egyptcodebase.com/en/Mansoura

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I have to say all this drama has been a refreshing change from the constant posts about motion cadence recently :)

The idea of a short film about this is also interesting. We could each shoot a scene for the film. And the constant changing of locations etc in each scene could be tied into how the protagonist has a multiple personality disorder or something.

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18 hours ago, PannySVHS said:

A video would rather clarify questions of identity.

Is amusing how we don't trust photos these days, as they can so easily be photoshopped, but would believe video. 

One day soon in the near-ish future the day will arrive where we won't even believe videos! As it will be too easy for the common man to fake them too. 

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1 hour ago, Django said:

Except the problem goes much deeper then this petty scam.. see the bigger problem is this kid has been compulsively lying to everybody in just about every forum post for the past 3 years. He's given false advice to possibly hundreds if not thousands of people (if you include lurkers). That type of behaviour is pretty unforgivable, he may have led people to loose thousands in wrong gear investment choices. The kid is an extensive compulsive liar and for that alone he certainly shouldn't be given a free pass to further contributions. The worst part is he is very convincing with his arguments which are often well thought and informed (he probably spends all his free time watching and comparing camera gear footage, reviews, vlogs  and knows a thing or two about film stock thanks to grading with film emulations etc) and he enhances his conviction with casual mention of his decade spanning career in high budget film/TV/production work, name dropping Alexas, film stock and all kinds of bogus info to add credibility... Let me just illustrate you this with one example, a single post by ES with his Saadawi Senior Media empire CEO / hospital ER physician/ Senior PhD Radiologist hat on, giving advice to a hesitant C100 buyer :


Reading that post, so full of what we know now to be phony analysis of a lot of gear, takes the credibility of the entire forum down a notch. And his continued excuses are not surprising at all. 

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So, Ed has been the most prolific poster on the subject matter. The negotiator. I think everyone must respect the word he has given.

On Ebrahim, don't you see all of you the kid has trouble to deal with certain aspects of reality or life?

What do we need? To call a psychiatrist and ask opinion on his behaviour? BTW, on this collective rage against him too, why not?

Isn't Timotheus physician? Anyway, take a look on his input:


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Anonymous loves catfish scammers very much.

I think ES will be a fun target for them, especially how easy he will be to destroy


This is DeLorean.  Don't know if this video is fake.

Anonymous hates scammers, con artists and people who trick, lie and deceive people of their money.


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Guest Ebrahim Saadawi

Okay occurred to me I will give my mother my national ID and they will send it by my name I believe. I hope that pleases and takes the mother scam thing off the table!. So to you, It'll be effectively me going and sending the lens. 

58 minutes ago, IshootbeforeItalk said:

I had hopes for you @Ebrahim Saadawi, now you pay the price.

Tomas. Please keep your hopes for one more day. less than 24 hours. All I ask. Could you? 

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1 hour ago, bamigoreng said:

Mansoura Post Office 8AM to 6PM - http://www.egyptcodebase.com/en/Mansoura

ES sent the message at 8:50am EST - my time.

Egypt is 6 hours ahead of New York, NY

3pm ES sent the message saying it was closed.


He still had 3 hours to send the package.

3 hours.

He could have gotten a nice lunch, called up a friend, and maybe wrote a little in his journal and still got it there in time.







Anonymous, Mr ES, anonymous.

You have surely heard of this group, right?

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1 hour ago, mercer said:

With the light of this info, I predict Ed will make a rash decision in 3, 2, 1...

I for one have been been advocating for some restraint and have been criticial of Ed in the past in how he delt with ES. I am a flawed person and have made mistakes so it is easier for me to empathize with people who show the same and I am often willing to give the benifit of the doubt, put myself in their shoes and think about what I might have done. 

If it was me being handed a second chance to make things right and even very generously been handed money to pay off my debts there is no way I would not have made it to the post office to ship the package, come hell or high water I would have been there before they opened banging on the door to let me in. If the link about the post office is accurate then there really is only one logicial conclusion.

Ed it is your call, you will recieve no more critizm from me on what you decide to do (within the realms of social media anyway). At this point he knows full well what he can expect from you and he is making his choice.

Ebrahim if I were you I would play your next moves very carfully.

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